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Eager to know more about events at our school? Then you have come to the right place. We are the new Blog Squad and are here to keep you updated with all the important information you might like to know.

In January 2017 the Blog Squad expanded to include 5 new members.



 The Festive Fair of Christmas!!

On Thursday 8th December we asked some people questions about the atmosphere during the Christmas fair, where an abundance of activities were held.

‘This is a brilliant chance for the children to finally understand Christmas and the occasion seems magical when they come and sit on my knee although sometimes they may cry, this is a great experience and everyone is happy.’ Santa and the elf.

Gloria and Rod said “it was very nice and festive.”

Swineshead Silverband announced that “it’s very nice to share the Christmas fair with you and to enjoy the exquisite decorations and the stalls are amazing.”

Mrs Flatters said “I would come again and it’s a really nice atmosphere.”

The Lighting Up Assembly

On Thursday 1st December, a momentous occasion, we commentated the beginning of advent through the tradition of lighting the school Christmas tree.  This was an inspiring event to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, every student took part in this utterly pleasant occasion, and each felt honoured.

‘It was an honourable moment and it will never be forgotten despite the nerve-racking faces that stared me in the eyes and smiled at me gloriously. Christmas is my favourite time of year because Jesus is celebrated with loving occasions.’ Ruby

‘I enjoyed the moment and my teddy is soft and friendly. I love Christmas because Santa comes and we get to give and receive gifts, I am pleased I did it.’ Freddy

‘I would love to do this again I would give the event a 10 out of 10 experience and will light up the faces of everyone in the school, I like Christmas because it is the birth of Jesus and we get to exchange gifts.’ Vilte


Remembrance Service


On November 11th (Remembrance Day) Year Six held a Remembrance service in memory of fallen soldiers. We had a special guest named Mrs Ransome who came on the behalf of Poppy Appeal. At the end of the service two members of the blog squad interviewed Mrs Ransome and Mrs Brackenbury to find out their opinions on the service.


“It was terrific and a lovely experience,” Mrs Ransome.


“On behalf of the Governors, I would like to say Thank You for a wonderful service as always,” Mrs Brackenbury.




On Thursday 3rd November, we invited parents and carers to join us for the afternoon where we would be showing off our skills.

One of our first tasks together was to interview Mrs Richardson and Miss Sharples to see how they both felt about the recent news of Mrs Richardson's new job. It was very nerve wracking but we managed to ask all of our questions sucessfully. You can read both the interviews below. 

Interview with Mrs Richardson


Q. Ice breaker- what is your favourite biscuit?

A. Anything with chocolate

Q. How do you feel about leaving and starting something new?

A. I have mixed feelings. I love this school and will miss it terribly however I am excited for my new job.

Q. What are you most proud of throughout your time here?

A. I am proud of joining the federation together and the nursery, because unlike other schools there are more children to bond with and build on their learning.  

Q. Is there something you will particularly miss?

A. I think I’ll miss the children and staff mostly because they’re what built up our school and created a federation.

Q. Do you have a favourite teacher?

A. Mr Richardson

Q. What is your best memory here?

A. There have been far too many to choose from. But I think anything that involved working with the children has to be the best.

Q. What is the best event the event that you have been a part of during your time here?

A. I have been in many events at this school, but I think I really enjoy the leaver’s assemblies. Even though it is a sad time, I really enjoy the passion and the effort that children put into the performance.

Q. Which school do you think is your biggest accomplishment?

A. I couldn’t possible choose, both schools have achieved great things. I’m most proud of joining both schools as a federation.

Q. What is the one thing you want to do before leaving?

A. I would like to spend time in every class bonding with the children and spending as much time as possible with them.

Q. What do you see in a good executive head?
A. I think a good executive head should have commitment, drive to achieve, enthusiasm, unique ideas and to know most things about education.

 Interview with Miss Sharples

Q. How do you feel about Mrs Richardson leaving?  

A. Part of me is sad but also pleased and excited that she gets to try something different.

Q. What do you see in an executive head teacher?

A. Someone who wants to provide all round education for all pupils. Also someone who is fun and enthusiastic, who is innovative and values and listens to the children.

Q. How do feel about having someone new?

A. I am feeling excited to see who it will be and what new ideas they will bring to the school

Q. Do you think there will be any changes after Mrs Richardson has gone?

A. A new person may bring new ideas so there will be some changes, but I’m sure they will be positive and fun.

Q. How will you manage the school without her?

A. I know the school, the children, and the staff very well, and I’m lucky to have such a great team working together.   








Keeping our community safe

Our Junior Police Community Support Officers have been out patrolling with PCSO Neil and PCSO Esther. They used the speed radar gun to check the speed of cars travelling in front of the school. Then helped to patrol the no parking area during pick up time. Our JPCSOs even issued their own speeding and parking tickets to drivers travelling in excess of 30mph, and to drivers parked in the no parking area.


Christmas at St Thomas' 

The period of Christmas is a magical time that all of our children can enjoy. On the first of December we have a Light Up assembly where the whole school gathers in the hall to light the Advent candle and turn on the Christmas tree lights. The oldest and youngest children in the school officially switch on the lights obviously after an energetic countdown from the whole school! It is a wonderful experience and really marks the start of our Christmas celebrations.

Our Beautiful Altar with our Advent Wreath


Remembrance Service 11th November 2015

Today Year 6 led the school in our annual act of remembrance.

 Remembrance Day

Today, on the 11th November, year 6 showed their respect by taking part in a remembrance assembly. Initially we sang “I vow to thee my country”, then Paige gave a brief introduction about what Poppy Day is. We shared poems such as “In Flanders Fields” and “Poppies”, which made me feel quite sad but hopeful as it subsequently explained how children can stop war. At 11 o’clock on 11th of 11 2015 we stood for a two minute silence and then I said a prayer.


Following the assembly a few of us had the privilege of going to a VIP meeting with our special guest, Squadron Leader Mark Hassan from RAF Wittering and the governors. The five pupils and I had the time of our lives asking questions such as ‘What are your medals for?’; ‘Why do you enjoy what you do?’; ‘What was your proudest moment?’; ‘How long you have be working for RAF?’ Amazingly all the questions were answered and to top it all in addition we got a cookie each!

Shourn Harber



Let the night time fun begin!

On the 12th November key stage one held a night themed event. Enthusiastic parents and children came to take part in the various events after school.  Staff and pupils were dressed as nocturnal animals and the highlight of the evening were the owls, which we could hold and stroke.

There was delicious hot chocolate to drink, gooey marshmallows toasted on the fire and yummy sparklers made from breadsticks dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles.

As well as that, we did colourful chalk pictures of fireworks on the playground, hunting for nocturnal animals in the reflective garden and story telling under the tree in Amber's garden.

Everyone had a fabulous time.

"A lovely opportunity to come and share in learning with my child. I enjoy seeing her in her school environment."

"Its been good. The best bit was the marshmallows and the chocolate sparklers."

"I liked the dressing up!"

"I enjoyed looking at the owls and stroking them."

"Great to enjoy the garden, while taking part in the animal hunt."

"Its been good to have the different activies in different locations and to walk from one to the other. Especially the owls."



 See more photographs in the gallery.



Interest Week 2015

Year One: 

We learnt lots of facts like: "An Emperor Penguin can grow taller than a metre stick" -Gerrard

"The male Penguin balances the egg on his feet and keeps it warm for 65 days without eating a thing" -Vladislavs

"Penguins are great at swimming and they love to slide on the ice on their tummies as it is easier than waddling!" -Zachary

Year Three:

"This week has been the best week I've ever had because I have never learnt about Egypt and I have found out lots of interesting things including how Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun."- Chloe K

"The best part of this week has been using pastels to blend the sunset and to show light and shade on the pyramids, I have understood how to show light and shade with different media in Art."-Dominic

"I have enjoyed all this week, I loved using my line dancing skills to a different genre of music!"-Chloe

"Learning about mummification was gruesome but great! I particularly enjoyed learning the song and actions to make it more memorable!"-Zane


Day 1:  Tuesday 18th November 2014.

 I woke excitedly as today was my adventure to London. The bus was a double decker. Eventually, we arrived at the Harry Potter studio. We couldn’t wait to get inside. Once we were inside, our groups were free to explore the magical world. It is here that we saw Aragog dangling from the ceiling, Hagrids eight legged friend. Back on the coach for the next leg of the journey to our hotel. To end the day we watched Harry Potter. 

Day 2

I was awaken by  Mr Shawley  telling us ‘it’s time to get up’. After breakfast we got back on the bus and set off to the Art Gallery at Trafalgar Square ,’’I didn’t really like it.’ Outside we saw various dancers, who were performing head spins and dance moves to music.

Once again we were back on the bus. This time,  for a sightseeing tour around London. We saw Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. The highlight of my trip to London was the visit to the Lyceum Theatre to watch the Lion King. Actors were dressed as the animals.

 Last day [day 3]

 We walked around the corner to the National History Museum. Where we saw a huge dinosaur skeleton and had a go on an earthquake simulator. Before going back to the hotel collect our bags and start the long journey back.


By Jake Percival 6S


Activity week

Day 1 Tuesday 18th November

Beginning school at 8:50 am raring to go for 3 days of fun with Mrs Bell. Activity one was to create the three wise men holding either their Gold, Frankincense or Mere. We were creating it out of mod-roc. The problem at the start was thinking of a strategy to stop arguments being caused because of people not knowing what to do. Our first idea was to split into three groups. My group had the idea of having a cutter so they would cut it into strips then someone would put the mod-roc into the water so it would stick onto the wire the wire was the body of the wise men. Finally we would have one person to stick it onto the wire. The other two groups took tips and did what we had. But the making of the bodies with the wire was the most difficult part in my opinion.

Tuesday afternoon

At the start of the afternoon we had permission to go on the laptops and create a PowerPoint based on what we like (our interests). I chose Manchester United because it includes my hobby which is football and they are my favourite team. Also my family are footballers just like me. After that, we went to year three to support them in a lesson of PSHE and their task was to be able to work well in a group. So what they had to do was create a bridge going across a table and be able to hold one David Walliam book in the time of twenty minutes. They only had certain objects like 20 pieces of paper a glue stick and a roll of tape. As their time finished they had sat down around their bridge patiently and silently as the book was placed on the bridge. It lowered a little bit but it didn’t tear; the year threes were successful.

Day 2 Wednesday 19th November

To start with half of the class wanted to finish off the three wise men. Whilst the other half wanted to have the freedom of doing what they wanted on the laptops. I wanted to go on the laptops so I could finish off my PowerPoint. Eventually we finished that; Joseph, Armandas and I created a PowerPoint all about rappers. By that time we were on the coach to go to watch Hairspray.


Waiting in the office with Miss Heighton. With our heart pounding up agains our ribs, waiting for the bus to arrive so we could go to the High school quicker.  When it did park next to the school gate we raced to it and set off. Eventually after a long suspense of traffic we got there and before you could say Hairspray the first part had finished. Part two started with sorrowful music as the main character was in prison (Tracey). But at the end of the performance she got her reward. As we got back on the coach Armandas, Joseph and I were discussing the performance with each other and we were all surprised about how amazing the singing, dancing and acting was.

Day 3 Thursday 20th November

Not having the option this time we painted our wise men. Then in the afternoon we had golf in PE (physical education) with Miss Hunter. During that lesson, we learnt how to put and chip the ball and then we took both of our skills into consideration. We did that because we were attempting to hit a target with a ball that would stick to it and if you hit the target then you would earn a point for your team. The end score was not a shock as my team won 12-11 to my team and we were victorious.

Written by Joe Melson

My Journey to London

Day 1 - Tuesday 18th November 2014

Rise and shine, it was the big day! We were going to London and I was sitting on the carpet eating my breakfast and watching my sister open her presents. Then I set off to school at (6:20am!)

On day one, we arrived at school at (6:30) with our luggage and bags, waiting in the classroom to go on our great adventure to London.

Firstly, we went on the bus. The bus picked us up at our school so we said our goodbyes to our parents. After that we went to pick up Wyberton at their school and then we set of for our little holiday.

With joy, we sat in the bus for at least 2 hours and sang loads of different songs and spoke to our friends. Rebecca and I sat at the front of the bus and we saw lots of trees, fields and people. Then  Rebecca, Connor, Nojus and Iwere playing, ' who could spot Harry Potter World' first we both won as we saw it in the trees hiding.

At 11:30 we arrived at Harry Potter world, it did not take us long to get in because we was filled with joy and excitement. We stood next to a massive Christmas tree it did not  take long to queue up- we were in! In no time. Our excitement was unbelievable; we skipped, as fast as we could, to get into the Great Hall. Inside, we saw all the costumes of all the characters and the food and the flaming pudding. The next section, we had to find all 6 stamps to put in to our passport; we found all of them. Then I went on the animated car with Rebecca, Lily and Libby, it was really cool - I knew I was going to have a great time with my friends..

After that we went back to the hotel we had to carry our luggage all the way to the 4th floor because we weren’t allowed to use the lift, so that felt like forever. Then we got our clothes, food, wash bag and everything else out. We were getting hungry, so we had a lovely tea: I had chicken, rice, ham and cheese and then we went to watch the first Harry Potter film made - The Philosopher's Stone - we sat in our PJS on our cushion because the floor was hard. After that we went to bed and had an early night ready for the following morning.

Day -2 Wednesday 19th November 2014 

We woke up early in the morning to go to the Art History Gallery but before that we saw Trafalgar square, then we went into the Art Gallery but then we found out that we were in the wrong section for it, so we had to walk to the proper placeand climb up 30 stairs. It was so tiring to do that;  then we walked to the end and worked our way back. Owen, Hadleigh, William and Charlie loved some of the photos in the Art Museum. We had to do a quiz about Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet and William won 20 house points because he answered the entire questions.

Trafalgar squar:, there was a massive tower were all of us sat and took a photo of all of us on it and then we were allowed to explore Trafalgar square; we saw a blue cockerel and we sat on this long tall tower and took a year 6 photo from ST.Thomas school and then Wyberton did before we went back to the bus. Mr Shawley told us that we allowed to watch a street dance and a comedy. Then we heard that the bus was stuck in traffic because there had be an accident, so we had to walk to the bus - it was only across the road and then we had a sandwich, crisps, chocolate and a bottle of water.

After that we went on a bus tour with Mark, all around London; we saw Big Ben, London eye, Buckingham Palace and statues. He promised us he would take us to see the Christmas lights before the Lion King performance, so he did but he took us home first for tea:  We had, fish, chips and peas.

The big performance: The Lion King, I sat near William and Lily; it was really amazing. All the characters, costumes and the setting was epic. I went to the gift shop it was very expensive to buy something so I did not buy anything. Later we went back to the hotel and went to bed. Libby, Rebecca and Lily was awake listening to me talk excitedly about the day!

Day 3 – Thursday 20th November 2014

In the morning, we had to take our luggage into the boys room. We went early in the morning to breakfast I had ham, baked beans and some toast. We walked to the National History Museum, we saw loads of cool things in there like dinosaurs, sea animals and insects After that, we went to have our lunch and buy some bits from the gift shop. After we picked up the luggage and put it on the bus.

We travelled back to fantastic Boston; when we got home we sat in the hall waiting for our loved one to come and pick us up.

By Kelsey Ingamells 6S

My journey to London

18th November 2014 6:30


On day one we arrived at school at 6:30 with our luggage and bags, waiting in the classroom to go on our great adventure to London.

Firstly, we went on the bus. The bus picked us up at our school so we said our goodbyes to our parents. After that we went to pick up Wyberton at their school and then we set off for our little holiday.

Following this, we sat in the bus for 2 hours and sang lots of different songs. Finally, we arrived at Harry Potter world, after a long journey. Before we went into Harry Potter world the staff there gave us all a passport so that we could try and find different points of interest. When we went into Harry Potter world we were given the chance to see all the amazing sets and props that they use in the films. We even got the chance to go in the car and on a broomstick.

We all started to get hungry, so we went to eat lunch. During lunch, fake snow descended from the sky, it was magical – like real snow! After lunch we went in the Harry Potter gift shop and spent some of our money. Sadly, the first part of the tour was coming to an end. We all started to head back to the bus to have our journey to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel we all ventured up to our rooms. However, since we weren’t allowed to use the lift we had to drag our suitcases up four floors of stairs. Once we arrived at our rooms we started to unpack, whilst having music on.

After we unpacked we went down to dinner, which was chicken, peas and rice. Then we went up to our rooms and dressed into our pjs ready to watch Harry Potter before we went to bed.


When we woke up in the morning we dressed ready to go down to breakfast. After breakfast we went to the Art Gallery in Trafalgar Square, and we were able to see lots of beautiful, famous paintings. The famous people that we were looking at were Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet. After that, we wandered around Trafalgar square and saw statues and people break dancing.

Then we went back on the bus and had some lunch while having a sightseeing tour around London. The sights we saw were London eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and famous statues. Then we went back to the hotel and played in our rooms until it was tea time.

Once we had our tea we went to the theatre and saw the fantastic Lion King. It was amazing.

Mark our bus driver took us to see all of the magical lights, and then we went back to the hotel and to bed ready for a bright and early start in the morning.


On our last day we walked to the National History Museum, and were amazed to find out lots of interesting facts. However, our great adventure started coming to an end.

So we headed back to the hotel and started to pack. Once we had packed we put our luggage and bags on the bus and went on our journey home. As soon as we arrived home we saw our parents waiting for us at school which was a lovely surprise. I couldn’t wait to tell them what we did, however I didn’t know where to begin.

This is my blog about London

By Libby Tollins