The new Primary Curriculum has brought about many changes in the teaching of Science. Some of the main changes focus on the Biology element of scientific learning.  In keystage 1 there is a much greater emphasis on children being able to identify and name plants and trees in the local area. Autumn is the perfect time for you to help with this at home; as the leaves fall from the trees, along with the conkers and acorns take the opportunity to look at the different shape and colours and identify which tree they came from. There are some fantastic resources on the Nature Detectives website to help you do this. Go on a walk and see what you can find!


Come back to this page for update on the learning that has taken place in school and things you might like to try at home!


If you have a background or job in science, we would love to hear from you. It is always handy to have a bank of people we can call on to help bring science learning to life. In the past we have had radiographers, nurses and dental nurses come and talk to children. If you think you can help, use our contact page or nip into school and see Mrs A Smith.