We are very lucky at St Thomas' to have access to a variety of equipment to help us deliver the new Computing curriculum in line with the new Primary Curriculum. The curriculum has changed significantly as the technological capabilities of our children have advanced in the 'tech-savvy' world they are growing up in.  At St Thomas' each year group has a set of iPads for use by each class, we have 60 laptops in school that are used to teach the computing curriculum and to be used througout other areas of the curriculum to enrich learning.

First and foremost in our teaching is e-safety, giving the children the knowledge and confidence to use technology in a responsible manner and to flag up any concerns they may have. It is paramount that children become responsible users of technology both at school and at home.

Every teacher, and some of the teaching assistants have iPads too, this enables them to make assessments and keep a record of pupils learning.  These are used to take photographs, film footage and record sound bites.

Programming is key to the new curriculum, exploring the use of algorithms and the process of debugging to make things work.  We are lucky to have Purple Mash in school, a fantastic online resource for Computing and enriching other ares of the curriculum through technology.

If you have any questions as parents about e-safety and how to help your child at home, please see Miss Clarke or Mrs Riglin.


Digital Leaders

We are pleased to announce the election of our Digital Leaders! Congratulations!

The role of the Digital Leaders is to support the teaching of Computing within the school, as well as to help promote E-Safety. This term they have already been very busy delivering and E-Safety presentation to parents and 4S. They have also designed some great posters for the laptop trolleys and I-pad cases explaining safey rules for their use.