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Sports News

Announcing new class names linked to our sporting skills. Each class across the school researched, produced speeches and performed them within their classes before carrying out a democratic vote. These sporting names were shared in Celebration Assembly. Please look at the class pages to find out more.

New season, new hockey team

hockey  hockey

Mrs Morris and Mrs Webster were delighted with the first outing of the hockey team. The children worked hard on the pitch and off it - reflecting on their performances and deciding where to improve on. After losing the firstv three games, the children managed to defend strongly and Toms and Callum understood how to attack the goal. After this they managed two draws and one win. They all worked hard and are eager for the next tournament.


Horse Riding

During Sports Fortnight, some of the children had the opportunity to go horse riding. The children learnt about the horses’ feeding regime, how to take care of the riding equipment and discussed the different grooming brushes. The children put their new learnt skills into practice and had a go at tack cleaning and grooming. Throughout the riding activity all children demonstrated excellent PMA, even though they were a little bit nervous they never gave up.

Rutland Water

Some of year 5 and 6 had the fantastic opportunity to try a range of water sport activties.  Putting our school sporting values into action in new situations, we worked in teams on a variety of challenges. Building rafts, racing kayaks and playing games on paddle boards were all part of the fun!

                                                          Football Training at Boston United - Sports Fortnight

As part of our sporting experiences during Sports Fortnight, we had the opportunity to take part in a training session with Boston United. Afterwards, we were lucky enough to have a tour of the Stadium where we learnt lots about the history of the club.


Javelin Workshop - Meeting Goldie Sayers

We have been very lucky to have been invited to participate in a Javelin throwign workshop lead by British Olympic Athlete Goldie Sayers who won a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. Ten children from years four and five participated in the workshop who saw them develop their javelin throwing skills, before having a chance to talk to Goldie herself and of course have a photograph.


Ice Skating- Sports Fortnight

As part of our second week of sports fortnight, the children had the opporutnity to visit Planet Ice in Peterborough.  They were able to ice skate for two hours and realised how tiring it can be!  The children showed great resilence and many children no longer needed the penguin supports anymore!  We had a few falls but they got back up and tried again!

Multisports Trip - Sport fortnight

As part of sports fortnight some children went to Peter Paine sports centre in order to take part in a variety of sports. The children were applying tennis skills,running skill, dribbling skills, hula hooping skills and balancing skills in order to complete a a variety of races. The children then applied their throwing and catching skills when taking part in a netball themed team game.

 Gymnastics - Sports fortnight

As part of sports fortnight some of the children went to Boston Gymnastics Academy. The children started by taking part in various warm up exercises and stretches. They then split into groups and had a go at using the various equipment. One group were practising their balancing skills whilst walking along a balancing beam. Another group were using the bars in order to sing and lift them selves up. The last group were completing and obstacle course consisting of the application of balancing skills, dribbling, jumping, running and hopping.


 Tennis Club- Sports Fortnight

As part of Sports Fortnight, some of the children went to Boston Tennis Club and had the opportunity to learn and develop their skills of tennis. After having a rigorous warm-up, the coaches taught us the required skills, including how to hold the tennis racket properly, using forehand and backhand strokes, having a rally and serving. Excellent leadership was demonstrated by the children in how they supported each other, along with competition and a brilliant PMA in order to improve and refine their tennis playing.

 Rounders hits out in Upper Key Stage Two

Year Five and Six linked together to show off their striking and fielding skills. They had to work hard against the other schools. Using all their strength and resilience they battled hard through all of their matches. Mrs Webster commented, 'Although we did not win any matches in the tournament, they certainly displayed character and sportsmnanship.'



Game, set and match


The wonderful children in Year Three and Four went off to represent lower key stage two in a tennis tournament. Considering they haven't had much experience in tennis, it was brilliant to see how the sportsmanship and competition came into action. Some of the children returned with medals too including first place! Well done all. Let's hope to see you at Wimbledon sometime soon...




0-0 Final Score

The school Football Team competed in a match against Tower Road Primary School last Friday. The overall score was 0-0 unfortunately. However it was really close. On both teams the defence was tight and effective with the attackers. Everytime, the attackers were closed down and shots couldn't be made. Well done to Jack, Max, Harry, Femmi, Jake, Callum and Rylan. A super effort and demomnstration of our sporting skills in action. Written by Harry and Jack Y6

Gymnasts compete in Liverpool

At the weekend, two of the school's gymnasts represented their club when they travelled to Liverpool to compete on a variety of disciplines. Both girls, who enjoyed the experience and came away with a variety of medal winning positions on the bars, beam, vault and floor have written about their experiences for us all to read. Please see below. We are all very proud of you.

liverpool gymnasts

 Swimmers claim silver

Miss Clarke, Mrs Morris and Mrs Chalk had the priviledge to watch the swim team in action Saturday evening. The children had to race against other children from other local schools in a variety of races. It was incredible to see the competiitve element displayed in the children, aswell as them cheering for one another and praising the team for whatever position they had finished their race in. Front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke were the swimming strokes displayed on the night and then a conclusion of relays. It was tight on points all the way through and we had to wait right to the end of the evening to find out we had just missed out on 1st position.

''Wow - Sascha swam as fast as a torpedo,' exclaimed Maya Year 4


Throughout the school children have completed a range of sporting activities within their year groups.  Activities promoted teamwork, having a positive mental attitude, developing leadership, encouraging competition and provided the perfect opportunity to participate in some healthy living activities.




The Hockey Team back in action

Friday night, the team returned to Surfleet for the lcoal tournament. Keen to improve on their third place position from before Christmas, they quickly got stuck in. Amy, who picked up the ball and showed how she could easily head for goal with her skills narrowly missed sveral chances. Liam, who was new the team successfully managaed to score a cheeky goal. Femmi showed the other schools how he could use his skills to score past them repeatedly, but was sure to pass it around his team mates. After winning 5-1, 4-0 they were defeated in their final match. The sportsmanship shown throughout was a real credit to them all. An overall second place position was obtained. Well done to you all.

hockey in action

 hockey in action

hockey in action  hockey ina ction

Wyberton and St. Thomas' mix up

netaball  netball

Exciting times were had last Friday. The Dame Sarah Storey class mixed up with Y3 from Wyberton in their House teams to play a game of netball. The children showed a great PMA to support one another and problem solve to work towards the goal. Several exceptional shots were made and scored, while defensively the childen were very successful. It was fantastic to see the children working together and gaining so much.



Gymnastics comptition brings in a haul of medals

Twenty-seven children from within the federation participated in an exciting competition on Sunday in  Horncastle. Performing a floor sequence and a two valuts the scores were then combined to calcuate their totals. For many of them, it was their very first competition and a unique experience. Every child performed their routines with strength, poise and determination. Although some nerves crept in, everyone completed their jobs successfully. As their coach, I was extremely proud and impressed with how they individually performed but was dazzled by their sportsmanship towards each other. I am pleased to announce that the following medals were awarded.

Under 11s

Femi (Level One) - Gold

Kelton (Level One) - Silver

Maci (Level Two) - Bronze

Mixed Team - Bronze (Tallulah, Morgan, Callum and Leon)

Under 9s

Isabel (Level Two) - Gold

Lucy (Level One) - Bronze

'Wow - this is incredible. I was terrified but I can't wait for the next one,'

explained Lauren.

'She did that routine so well. She looked so tight all the way through,' stated Maia.




vaulting  vaulting

vaulting  vaulting

valuting  vaulting

floor routine  floor routine

floor routine floor routine

floor routine 


Sports skills afternoon

Over the last two weeks it has been fantastic to see the children participating in a variety of activities linked to our sports skills. There were a variety of activities including oreinteering, team building, trying to get from one place to another and following instructions blind folded. The children, who were all so enthusiastic commented about how much leadership they had to use aswell as PMA.

'This was a little bit scary for me, as I have not been blindfolded before. I had to trust in others and myself.' Alex Y3.

'That was hard work. Using the elastic bands to move the cups was tricky. We really ahd to work together.' Sophie Y5

blindfold activity 

spprts skills



 Interhouse Competition takes hold of the school

Linked to the sports that each year group have been learning about, the children took part in small sided games representing their teams in order to score points. It was fantastic to see the children displaying their problem solving skills with the focus of tactics and moving into space.

'I had to use an overhead pass to make sure it reached my team. The defenders were very good,'

Shared Demi Y3



Football Match

 St Thomas' vs Kirton Primary School

Following a lot of hard work in training, St Thomas' was ready to play against Kirton Primary School.

The team captains shook the referees hand and the game began.

Starting off really strong we were passing the ball around the pitch and we closed down on goal. However, Kirton's goalkeeper saved out shots. Continuing with a good rate of play we had more opportunities to open the scoring board, but every chance we had we were denied. Soon after out last chance of the first half the referee blew his whilstle for half time.

With Mr Melson giving us a comforting team talk we were raring to go for the second half keeping to the same tactics as the previous half.

Shortly after the second half kick-off, St Thomas' won a throw in. A long ball was thrown towards Femmi's head and he was able to direct it over the keeper to put St Thomas' in the lead.

The goal seemed to spur us on to play even better football and we were winning the majority of our duals. Jake intercepted the ball in midfield and following a skilful dribble took a shot on goal which brought the score to 2-0.

With the game nearly finished, St Thomas' pushed for one last goal. In fact, with Callum on the ball in the penalty area he passed the ball to Femmi who scored his second goal of the game!

Final score 3-0 to St Thomas'.

A great game and good team spirit.


Hockey Team Debut

The Hockey Team arrived at the pitch at Surfleet eager to impress and gain experience of playing matches. The chidlren worked beautifully and did not disappoint. The first game saw Leo and Femmi link brillaintly together and hit the back baord twice to ensure a 2-2 draw against Weston Hills. The second match saw Roxana working tirelessly with Tyrell to get the ball playing towards the goal. It was so close on so many occassions, but it wasn't to be. Against Gosberton Academy the game resulted in a 0-0 draw. Hungry for more goals Amy and Egiddas against St. John's, kept making neat and elegant touches in order to get the ball to Femmi. Eventually after falling 1-0 down the children scored 3 more goals - the game resulting in a 3-2 win. Although it was a heavy defeat for the final game, alot was learnt.The children rotated on and off the pitch including in a variety of positions, showing excellent sportsmanship throughout.

Cuba - who perservered through the cold to make some wonderful tackles commented,

'This is an amazing experience. Some of the players are fanastic. I love that we are trying to get better. I can't wait to train for the next competition.'

Mrs Morris - the coach left feeling proud and excited for the future tournaments.

hockey team


Children from Year 5 and 6 were selected to represent the school in a tournament against other lcoal schools. It was an exciting experience that saw many balls crossing the try line and a series of fantastic passes. Using one of our sporting skills of PMA (positive mental attitude) the children perservered throughout and battle hard to narrowly miss out on the top spot. It was so very tight and the children although bitterly disappointed about finishing second, gracefully accepted defeat and thanked the players and umpires at the end.

'We were so close. We thought the whistle had gone and it was a draw, but sadly not. We will win it next time round,' explained Femmi.

second place tag rugby

       tag rugby   tag rugby

Y3 and 4 mix together for success 

A selection of Year 3 and 4 boys and girls entered a football tournmant against other local schools. The children showed off their sportsmanship and competitive nature to finish a solid third place. Mrs Webster was impressed at the energy levels the children demonstrated and ensured that the ball was passed around successfully. It was lovely to hear them praising the winners 'Wyberton school' too.



Sportsmanship   Leadership   Competition   PMA   Problem Solving    Healthy Lifestyle


I enjoyed skipping and running each day with my class. - Lily 1M
I enjoyed going to Peter Paine and trying different activities. - Henry 1M
Boston United was lots of fun because I got to play football against my friends. - Harry 1M
Gymnastics was really exciting because we had to use our bodies to turn from seal into a snail. - Mazie 1M

I enjoyed the closing ceremony because I loved the dancing. - Matthew 1A                                                       The opening ceremony because we waved our Indian flags and saw the pretend Queen. – Lyla 1A                      I liked the javelin and throwing it towards the Sky to go further. – Libby Jo 1A

I really liked doing the gymnastics trip. It was really fun. You got to swing on the bars and practise jumping. - Dixie RK                                                                                                                                                                     I showed endurance when running. I did not give up. - Freddie RK

My favourite part of Sports Fortnight was running the mile and meeting Callum Johnson. I also enjoyed an opening and closing ceremony. – Blake Yr 3                                                                                                       My favourite part of Sports Fortnight was going on my school trip to Rutland Water. - Abigail Yr 3                         My favourite part of Sports Fortnight was meeting Callum Johnson; he was very interesting and running a mile a day. - Poppy Singer Yr 3  

I was really excited when I visited Miss Glasel's gymnastic hall because there was lots of equipment. - Emaan 2S
At gymnastics, I had fun swinging on the bars. - Lillianna 2S
I enjoyed going on the multi-sports trip and showed endurance all the way through. - Joshua 2S  

I really enjoyed the gymnastics because I could walk on the beams backwards. - Sophie RW                                I liked joining in with Hula Hooping because I could do it really fast. - Gabija RW

I really enjoyed Sports Fortnight as it gave me the opportunity to try a umber of different sports and develop not only my sporting skilss but also my understanding of sportsmanship. - Neila 5H                                                    I really enjoyed completing the Mile a day as I could feel the benefits of exerising every day and I could clearly see my fitness improving. - Kitija 5H  




On Thursday reception have been doing Yoga!


Year 2 have been practising their pass and hit skills in hockey and then played a mini game where they had to tackle and score.


Wow what a splash we have had into our sporting weeks!
For the next two weeks our children will be participating in various sporting events daily, there are trips for Kayaking, Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics, Football, Multi- Sport and Tennis along with daily P.E sessions including walking or running a mile a day. The children will be learning about various athletes, and will also be meeting a gold medalist!







Monday 27th June
Today Year One learnt how to throw a javelin properly and they also used their maths skills to help them record how many sporting activities they can do in one minute.


Monday 27th June - year 3 and 4 are working on a closing ceremony dance extravaganza, but is top secret!

Today RK used the hula hoops. We practised rolling the hoops around the playground using control. We also practised passing them to our partners. Each time the children were successful we moved back a space to challenge ourselves. Reception also had a go at twisting the hoop around us.



The children really enjoyed African Dancing. They created their own sequences and enjoyed the costumes.


Reception and year one completing their one mile jog!


This morning, Y6 planned and carried out their own investigation on how exercise and heart rate are linked. They came up with their own investigation questions, planned and carried out their investigations and decided upon a conclusion. They worked as a team to consider variables and how they would ensure a fair test was carried out.


Today we were lucky enough to meet a Commonwealth Gold Medalist 'Callum Johnson'. He came into school with Father Steve and spent time with each class answering questions about his sporting career.




Today year one used their maths skills to help them time running races.


Today the children went to Peter Paine Sports Centre and participated in numerous activities including bench ball, throwing, circuits and relay.



We had lots of fun learning Tae Kwon Do.



Year 3 used their Maths skills to help them time different sporting activities.










Following this terms inter-house sports matches this terms winners are.... Canterbury. Here are the house captains collecting the trophy on behalf of their house. Great work Canterbury!

League Match v Boston West


St Thomas’ played their 1st match of the season against a strong Boston West side.

Playing in the new blue and white kit St Thomas’ started well with only a couple of good saves from the keeper denied Kyle and Harry from scoring. With missed opportunities Boston West started to impose their game and started to work home goalie Freddie, but he was unable to keep the ball out as Boston West opened the scoring. St Thomas equalised within minutes from a skilful run from Harry ended with a precise cross for Kyle to tap home.


Half time St Thomas’ 1 Boston West 1


The away side started the brighter and again took the lead, a quick break saw Freddie with little chance as the forward struck home number 2. The goal galvanised St Thomas and the hard working Harry , Luka and Josh started to turn the tide, Jimmy smashed home from outside the box before late on Jake reacted quicker than the keeper to slide home the winner. St Thomas’ 3 Boston West 2


Boston & District Tournament


St Thomas’ entered the competition alongside 13 other primary schools looking to progress into the County finals.

1st match was an even affair against Hawthorn Tree with the keeper saving well from Kyle, the game ended

0 – 0


Next match was won 4 0 vs Boston West and final group game an emphatic 9 nil win vs Park. The goals from both games came from Kyle , Harry, Jimmy, Luka, Josh and Jake.


Winning the group meant playing Boston West in the semi Final and narrow 1 nil win secured the win with Harry’s determined header being the difference.


This set up a final against Carlton Road, having not conceded a goal all through the tournament St Thomas’ were in confident mood. A cool chip put Carlton road in the lead before that man Harry equalised with a low drive into the bottom corner, an injury to Jake disrupted St Thomas’ rhythm , and the hard working Carlton Road scored late on to win the game. Congratulations to them in the next round, and a big well done to St Thomas’ on becoming runners up.


Reported by Mark Melson November 2015