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Summer Term newsletter

                                    Term Six: Traditional Tales

Welcome to our last term in Reception! We have had an exciting start to the term. 

Pizza Hut:

On Tuesday we had our trip to Pizza Hut. The children had the chance to make a pizza and the children had a selection of toppings to decorate their pizza with. The children also had the opportunity to eat from the salad bar at Pizza Hut. Here are some pictures from our trip...



Sports fortnight:

Today we held an opening ceremony for the beginning of our sport fortnight. In reception we have chosen to study the country Portugal. The children decorated a flag to represent the Portuguese flag. Over the next two weeks we will be learning all about the traditions of Portugal and most importantly about their love of the sport football. Here is a picture of the children at the ceremony...






Term Five: Adventures

This term our topic will be adventures. The children have started with learning focused on Space. The children have learnt about other planets in our solar system and have started discussing facts about the plants as well as facts about the sun.


During our Literacy lessons we have been reading the story of Whatever next. The children have then thought about what they would pack to take to space and why. The children were then challenged to design and label their own rocket to go to space in. Here is our wow wall demonstrating some of our fantastic writing.


Sporting afternoon: 

This week reception took part in an exciting sporting afternoon as a cohort.

Activity one: The children were taking part in relay races in small teams. The children had to demonstrate our sporting values of 'competition', 'P.M.A', 'team work' and 'leadership'.

Activity two: The children were challenged to pass a hoop around a circle whilst holding hands. The children had to apply their problem solving skills in order to pass the hoop without breaking the circle and without dropping the hoop. The children had to demonstrate our sporting values of 'problem solving', 'competition' and 'leadership'.

Team Building: Friday

 On Friday the children took part in various team building activities focused on space. See our pictures below...


Reading morning:

Thank you to all the parents who attended our reading morning. It was lovely to see children sharing their love of reading in our classroom.


Team Building Friday:

This week the children engaged in three more team building activities. The children had the opportunity to make pizzas with Miss Williamson, build dens with Miss Jeffrey and plant sunflowers with Miss Kelly. The children had to apply skills developed over the past few team building sessions in order to work as a team and share ideas




Term Four: Disney

This term our topic is focused on the amazing Disney stories and films. During this term we will focus a great deal on the different settings of these stories. 

The Jungle Book

This week we have been learning about the jungle, in line with the Disney film 'The Jungle Book'. The children have learnt about the climate of the jungle and have also learnt about the different animals that live in the jungle. The children even had the opportunity to meet Mrs Doherty's pet snake Red...


Poetry Week

This week at school it is poetry week. Our class poem is the rhyme 'Hey Diddle Diddle'. The children have been working in small groups tp perform the poem. On Friday we will find out which group are the winners for our performance poetry competition. 

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Shrove Tuesday

Today we have been learning about pancake day and why Shrove Tuesday is an important day for Christians. 

Happy Pancake Day from Reception.

Ash Wednesday:

Today during our Collective Worship some children from key stage one were chosen to have an ash cross drawn on their head by Father Steve. Father Steve discussed with the children how it is now the season of Lent.



Disney Day...


Today the children came dressed up as their favourite Disney character and took part in a Disney themed day. The children took part in a PE lesson based on the dance the waltz. The children also made cakes to eat at their very own tea party.

Term Three: All around the world

Spring Newsletter (click to download)

In term three we will be focusing on the world around us. We will look at the weather, different climates, different countries around the world and different plants and animals that live on earth.

Noah' Ark:

We have started the term by reading the story of 'Noah's Ark' from the Bible. After reading this story we have then focused our Literacy lessons on thunderstorms and flooding. The children have been challenged to think of wow words to describe thunderstorms and flooding...

During our PSED lesson we discussed the word 'compassion' and how Noah showed compassion when building the ark. In addition, we have started to apply our knowledge of the dimensions of music in order to discuss what a thunderstorm or a flood may sound like.



In Maths we have been subtracting! The children have been using objects in order to take away. The children have even started reading and writing subtraction number sentences...



In Maths we have been focusing on shape. The children have been learning about the difference between 2D shapes and 3D shapes. The children then tested to see which 3D shapes slide and which 3D shapes roll. The children discussed the properties of these 3D shapes including their vertices, faces and edges.



This term for science we have been exploring different materials. The children have developed their vocabulary regarding the properties of different materials. We have focused especially on materials that are waterproof. The children have carried out an experiment to test which materials are waterproof. 



This term in P.E we have been focusing on the topic of gymnastics. The children hae been using their bodies to move in different ways e.g. Crawling, running, skipping. The children have also explores different jumps and different rolls using the safety mats in the sports hall. Also, Reception have started running a mile for part of their P.E lesson. The children have discussed how when running a long distance theyr must jog in order to preserve their energy. 

 Our Projects:

Here are some examples of our amazing projects... Thank you to all parents/carers who helped with these.


Term Two: Festivals

In term two we will be learning about different festivals. Over the course of the term we will focus on Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas.


To begin the term we have focused on Bonfire Night. The children watched a fireworks display on the interactive whiteboard and then discussed what the fireworks sounded like and looked like using wow words. In Literacy we then focused on writing these wow words using our phonics. We had a go at writing words including; pop, bang, sparkle and crackle. In Maths we have focused on finding one more. In relation to our focus on fireworks the children had a go at finding numbers hidden on rockets and stars and then had to find one more.

Usain Bolt:

We have also had a very exciting decision to make in Reception. The children have had to decide which sportsperson they would like to represent the class. The children selected Usain Bolt. The children were so inspired after watching clips of Bolt that in P.E we had a go at taking part in some sprinting races...


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Speeches Day:

On Tuesday 8th November we took part in speeches day. At the beginning of the day the children watched a clip of the Queen giving her speech at Christmas. The children identified how the Queen sat facing her audience, sitting up straight and using eye contact. The children also identified how the Queen used a loud, clear voice and also used full sentences to communicate with her audience. Once the children had watched this we then showed the children a video of the fireworks rhyme, 'Remember, remember the 5th November'. In small groups the children practised saying this rhyme as a speech. The children then came together and practised this as a whole class. See pictures below...


Capacity and Money...

 In Maths we have been focusing on capacity and money. The children have been beginning to identify different coins and have also started combining coin amounts. In addition, the children have been exploring different capacities including; empty, half-full and full.


It's beginning to look a lot like winter...

The children have been focusing a lot on Winter. The children have been applying their phonics when describing the beautiful changes that occur during winter. In addition, the children have been learning about places that are cold including the Arctic. The children have also thoroughly enjoyed carrying out investigations surrounding freezing and melting and been discussing the differences between solids and liquids.



This week we have started focusing on combining amounts and addition. The children are beginning to combine two amounts of objects and have been introduced to addition number sentences. The children have been applying vocabulary related to addition, including; add, total, equals, altogether and combine.


Events and Visitors in Term Two...

Reading Afternoon:

Thank you to all the family members that attended our reading afternoon. It was a great opportunity to share books and join in with story time...


Trip to the Cinema:

On Friday we were very excited to be going to the cinema to watch the film 'A Muppets Christmas Carol'. The children were extremely well behaved and we had a fantastic time with year one and year two. We arrived back at school and had time to reflect on the message of the story and how it is important to treat people with respect and to show compassion to others, which are extremely important core values in our school.


Term one: Autumn and Myself & I

Reception have started the term by focusing on the topic of 'myself & I'. The children are focusing on what they look like and with support from an adult have painted a self-portrait. The children have also been discussing where they live and who they live with, labelling members of their family. The children have had lots of time to explore the different areas of the classroom and have even taken part in short maths and literacy lessons. Here are some pictures of Reception during their first few weeks at school...



Since settling into Reception the children have begun taking part in lots more lessons. In Maths we have started to focus on ordering and recognising numbers to 20 as well we beginning to find one more and one less of a given number...


In our Literacy and CL lessons we have started focusing on a different book each week. During the week we will read the story as a class, discuss the main characters and the events in the story and will focus on rebelling the story using a variety of story-related vocabulary. 


In our Topic lessons we have been focusing still on our topic of 'myself and I' and have moved onto learning about people who help us. The children have been focusing on firemen in particular and we have been very fortunate to have a visit from some firemen with their fire engine. In addition to our topic of 'myself and I' we have also begun looking at the seasons and what it is like in Autumn. The children have even been learning about hibernation and what animals do during autumn.


In Music we have been using different body parts in order to create different sounds. During our topic of body percussion the children have discussed the noises they can make with different parts of the body and what instruments these noises relate to.

Our topic in P.E has been 'games' therefore the children have been learning the importance of finding and using space correctly. In addition, have been focusing on following instructions when taking part in various games and activities.



Events and Visitors in Term One:

Grandparents reading morning:

This term we have had lots of visitors in our classroom to do some reading, during our grandparents reading morning. The children throroughly enjoyed showing around their grandparents and parents and introducing them to the learning they have been doing this term.


Fire engine:

This term the children have also discussed what they would like to do when they grow up. As a class we have discussed the importance of certain jobs and people who help us in the community. The children also had a visit from some firemen and their fire engine.


Autumn adventure:

Following on from our topic of 'myself and I' we have now moved onto autumn. The children have discussed how the weather changes during autumn and the colour of trees in autumn. The children have also started looking at how animals go into hibernation in autumn. To continue our learning surrounding autumn we invited the parents in to explore some autumn activities in our outdoor area.