Welcome to RS's class page!

We are loving the Autumn season in reception. We have been looking closely at the season and the different wonders that it brings with it by exploring our outdoor area.


We have also been looking at the importance of everyone being different and what an exciting world that makes.


Reception Autumn Newsletter

We have had such an exciting start to the term, this term we will be looking at the topic of 'All About me'.

We have been thinking about all the different things which we are going to try to do all the time at school. So together we made a class promise.


As part of our topic we have painted our self portraits and we have created a collage using 2D shapes pieced together to make our houses.

Some children also stood infront of the class and talked about their family and who different people were.

In maths we began by creating repeating patterns with paint, we are moving onto counting and matching an amount to a numeral. In Literacy we have been working on writing our name and learning new sounds through Read Write Inc. We will be using the Read Write Inc phonics program daily to introduce new sounds and rhymes to help us write sounds.

We have also visited our Reflective Garden, we talked about how we behave in the garden and what it can be used for. We also though about what he word 'Respect' means, some children also shared with the class how they felt about starting school.

'I feel proud that I came in today by myself'

' I felt scared but now I am very happy'