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Summer Term newsletter


Reception's sporting activites


Today Reception had a busy morning taking part in African dancing and completing the Challenge 20 course. In the afternoon some children visited the Boston Gymnastic Academy and used the different equipment.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Today was Reception's first class assembly and what a brilliant performance it was. All the children did an amazing job at singing the songs, reciting their lines and using clear voices throughout. The Reception staff are very proud of them all. Thank you again to all the parents for helping the children learn their lines and for providing the lovely costumes!









Sports Fortnight


During Sports Fortnight the children will be learning all about the country Portugal. It has been a fantastic start to the week as the children all created their own Portugal flags and took part in active maths. At the end of the day the children joined the rest of the school in the opening ceremony. This fortnight there are lots of different sporting activites taking place such as cheerleading and African dancing.


Father's day Reading Morning

On Friday it was the Father's day reading morning where the children enjoyed listening to stories read by family members. It was a fantastic morning and lots of families came into school to take part in this event.

Father Steve's visit to Reception

On Thursday the children had a visit from Father Steve who came to read a bible story witht he class. The children also talked about the core value endurance and linked it to other parables from the bible.


Reception's Pizza Hut Trip 

What a fantastic day Reception had at Pizza Hut! The children really enjoyed their visit to the restaurant and were all able to create their own pizzas using different toppings. It was lovely to see so many children trying different vegetables on their pizzas and exploring a range of salads and pastas at the salad bar. All the children were very excited and were happy with their finished products which they got to take home at the end of the day. Below you can see some pictures of the children making their pizzas. 



Term 6- Traditional Tales 

We are now onto our last term of Reception and we have lots of exciting learning coming this way! During this term we will be focusing on lots of Traditional Tales and beginning to explore character descriptions and retelling stories. This week we have been reading the story Little Red Riding Hood and the children were thrilled to learn that somebody had been in our classroom. Reception have had to take on the role of detective and explore the different clues both indoors and outdoors. In our writing sessions, they have written detailed police reports about what they have found and made wanted posters describing The Big Bad Wolf.                                    


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For our class assembly the children will be performing the story Jack and the Beanstalk. They have been working very hard learning their lines and singing the songs. We are looking forward to performing it to you all. Thank you to all the parents who have helped their child to practise their lines during half term.


In Maths the children have continued to solve different addition number sentences and problems and some children are beginning to use their knowledge of counting in 2s. 


This term we will also be going on our school trip to Pizza Hut to learn more about food and different ingredients. During week 3 it will be our Sports Fortnight where the children will be learning all about Portugal and taking part in football and other exciting sporting activites. There will be more information about this at a later date. 

Making pizza and planting sunflowers



Today Reception took part in more exciting activities which included den building, making pizzas and planting sunflowers. All the children especially enjoyed creating pizzas using the different ingredients and discussing how they help keep our bodies strong. In the afternoon we will all take part in a picnic and get the opportunity to taste them.



Fun Friday

Fun Friday will be taking place every week! This is when all the children will take part in a range of team building activities and develop working as a team and sharing ideas. This week the children took part in a problem solving activity where they had to transport water from one side of the playground to the other. The children used drainpipes and crates to create a pathway for the water but were extra careful when fitting them together, as they did not want to lose any water on the way.



Other activities that were available for the children to take part in was creating Van Gogh style sunflowers using a range of printing technqies and baking rock cakes.


St Thomas' Reading Morning

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who joined RK in the reading morning on Friday. It was a brilliant event and was lovely to see so many children excited about reading. Below are some pictures of the morning and the activites that the children took part in.


Term 5- Adventures 

The Reception team would like to welcome back all the children and hope you all had a lovely Easter. Our topic this term is Adventures where we will be looking at Space, dinosaurs, pirates and superheroes. We are very excited about all the new learning this term. This week we have been exploring space and reading the story Whatever Next! The children have enjoyed packing for their journey to the moon and we have had some incredible writing about what they would take and why. Some children have used the conjunction `because` to explain why they would take certain items. 

During this week we have also taken part in another sporting afternoon. For this the children had to model all of our sporting values. One of the activities included working as part of a team to transport a hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands. This was at first very tricky but with lots of practise and team work the children mastered this activity. It was really lovely to watch the children encourage their friends to keep trying and not give up. The second activity involved the children taking part in relay races outside. 





Today the children had the opportunity to develop their ball skills by beginning to play hockey. The children used the hockey sticks to practice dribbling and controlling the ball. They then worked in pairs to pass the ball to each other using the push pass. The children really enjoyed using the hockey sticks and will have the chance to develop their skills further next week by hitting the balls into goals.






Reflective Garden



Today Reception visited the Reflective garden and discussed our core value Compassion. All the children shared the times they had shown compassion to their friends and families and why it is important. We touched on the story of Easter and why we need to continue to show compassion to each other like Jesus did for us all. 

Disney Day 

What a fantastic day Disney day was yesterday! All the children looked fantastic in their colourful costumes. We took part in lots of Disney linked Maths and Literacy activities and in the afternoon the children took part in a dance lesson. For this, the children had to work in pairs and counted three steps to the music. We started walking forward and backwards and then progressed to dancing around the room. The moves were all performed to the song Beauty and the Beast. 



Our Easter arrivals!



The school are very excited about our new Easter arrivals! Reception have been given the opportunity to look after the eggs and wait for their arrival. Today Reception prepared the boxes for the chicks with food and water and discussed what was needed to help them grow and keep them safe. This afternoon the children observed the eggs starting to wobble and a very small crack appearing. Hopefully tomorrow our baby chickens will have made their arrival! This week we will begin to discuss what happens during Spring time and why eggs and chicks are a religious symbol of new life.


Poison Apple Experiment






The children took part in an exciting poison apple experiment. We all first made prediciton about what we thought might happen when Miss Kelly added her magical potion. They enjoyed watching how the apples changed colour and became frothy and fizzy. After we had some amazing independent writing and drawings of the apples.

Performance Poetry Week 

What a fantastic week Poetry week has been! The children were very excited about performing their poems to the class and KS1. They have all worked incredibly hard to recite their poem and practise the actions. The children enjoyed showing their parents at the after school event on Friday. Thank you to all the parents who were able to see their performances! 

World Book Day! 


What a fantastic day World Book day has been! All the children's costumes were incredible and we all enjoyed taking part in lots of reading activites and performing our poem!  The children are very excited to know who will be performing in the KS1 poetry assembly tomorrow! The group will be revealed first thing tomorrow morning. It has been very hard to choose the winning group, as all the children have worked very hard on their performance.


Ash Wednesday 

Today the children took part in a special Ash Wednesday collective worship. Children were chosen to have the symbol of the cross on their forehead to symbolise the beginning of Lent. They discussed how Lent is an important time in the Christian calender and the children gave examples of what they would give up for Lent. 



Poetry Week 

This week the children will be learning the rhyme `We went to the Animal Fair.` They will be working in small groups to perform their poem using props and expressions. The children discussed how to perform their poems and that they must speak clearly in order for their audience to hear them. Poetry week started with an exciting performance of `The Owl and the Pussy Cat` by the Reception staff. The children will be performing their poem on Friday morning. 



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Pancake day 

Reception enjoyed learning all about pancake day today and were very excited about telling their friends about what topping they will be having on their pancake after school. During classroom worship the children learnt all about why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday and what we could give up for Lent. After the children all had ago at pancake flipping. 


Friday 24th February: Big Write

Following on from yesterdays visit from the snake, the children were asked to label and write some descriptive sentences using their sounds independently. Reception staff were blown away by the quality of writing and vocabulary used by the children. Below you can see some of the children's fantastic work!




Term 4: Disney

This term the children will be focusing their learning on the stories of the famous films by Walt Disney. We have started the term by looking at the film The Jungle Book. During our lessons we have been comparing the similarities and differences between the jungle and other habitat and identifying the different animals that live there.

On Thursday we had a very special and exciting visitor come to stay in the classroom. The children all got to meet Red the Corn Snake and made sure they were quiet and still when he came out to say hello. All the children asked some super questions such as what does he eat? Where is he from? Does he have any toys to play with? How old is he? Below you can see some photos of the children greeting him.




Term 3: Sporting Afternoon

This week the children had the opportunity to take part in two team building activites. These activities involved the children working together as a team to complete different exercises. The first game that RK took part in was `Perfect Partners`. This game involved the children being tied to a partner whilst taking part in aerobic exercises. The aim of this game was to not drop the skipping rope during the activty, but also work together to ensure the movements were completed correctly and safely. All the children demonstrated sportsmanship and problem solving skills. Some children were challenged to demonstrate leadership skills and lead the class in the exercise.


The second actiivty involved the children working as a larger team to throw as many bean bags over to the other team's side in the limited time. The children really enjoyed this activity and were very competitive.



In P.E this term the children have been working towards running a mile. The children have shown resilience each week and are trying to beat their class record.




Week 5- Safety and floating and sinking

This week the children have been learning all about how to keep safe in Literacy lessons. All the children have tried to write their own rules and sentences about why it is important to stay safe when crossing the road and why we must not talk to strangers. The children have shown great understanding and enthusiasm and have created a super safety display in the Reception shared area. In choosing time, children have been using the zebra crossing, road signs and bikes to apply their knowledge of how to cross the road safely.


Also in choosing time, the children have set up their own Chinese restaurant using a range of resources. On this table the children created their own menus using their sounds and served their own dishes using a range of food. On the carpet all the children have been using 3D shapes to create their own towers. This has supported their maths learning and children are becoming more confident identifying them and describing their properties.

In Science the children have been learning about floating and sinking. The children enjoyed predicting which items would sink and which items would float. Children have become confident explaining their answers in full sentences and using the correct vocabulary to describe the objects that have sunk and floated. Next week the children will be challenged further to try and create their own ark to carry animals across the water. During this activity the children will have to make boats using a range of materials and shapes.



Term 3- All around the world 

Spring Newsletter (click to download)

Reception staff would like to welcome all the children and parents back and hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  

What a fantastic and busy start to the new term. Over the past two weeks the children have been learning all about subtraction and are beginning to solve subtraction number sentences using a range of practical equpiment. All the children have shown great enthusiasm and are aware that our numbers are getting smaller. Activities have included playing subtraction skittles, using spagetti and Cheerios and playing lots of games using dice. Below you can see some pictures of our skittle game, which we played in the outdoor area. 


"We start with 10 and then we take away 5. The answer is 5." 

In Literacy, the children have been applying their phonics skills to create their own weather potions. This involved using our scientist role play area and reading lots of different recipes. The children did very well working as a team and recognising digraph sounds. They also discussed the different types of ingredients they would need to make a type of weather. 


"We can't put cold into our potion because we are making the sun. Its very hot the sun." 


The children have also been using the outdoor area to create pathways for water using the crates and drainpipes. The children had to work together and ensure the drainpipes fitted well together and were at the correct angle to transport water. During choosing time activities have also included ordering numbers and creating lots of different weather pictures using different types of media. 




Sporting Afternoon


Today the children took part in a sporting afternoon, where they had the chance to play `Balloon Bonzana.` This afternoon allowed the children to develop their sporting skills and work together as a team. The class were split into groups and they had to use different parts of the body to transport the balloon from the start of the line to the end. During this activity, the children discussed the sporting skills used and how it is important to show good sportsmanship and leadership. Everyone enjoyed this activity and are now looking forward to playing this game at our Christmas party this week.  

Reception's Cinema Trip

Last week the children had the opportunity to visit Boston West End Cinema to watch The Muppets Christmas Carol. Everyone was very excited about their first trip out of school and enjoyed the film. All the children could explain what happened in the story and are now more excited for Christmas.


Winter Wonderland

This week the children have been learning all about the Artic and the animals that live there. They have also been taking part in an ice investigation, exploring the changes of  ice and describing how it feels using wow vocabulary. The children enjoyed this activity and were predicitng what may happen to the ice if we hold it in our hands for a minute.

Also this week the children have had the opportunity to explore lots of activities during child initiated. This has included using the small world Artic animals and creating their own narratives. Some children were able to sort the different animals into the correct habitat. On the maths table, children have been exploring money and sorting into the correct cups. Some children were beginning to make different amounts using a range of coins. It is also the time of year when children begin to make their Christmas cracts. This year Reception are making peg angels to attach to the Christmas hoop. The children have been working very hard, using their painting, folding and sticking skills to create a fantastic representaton of an angel.



Speeches day

On Tuesday it was Speeches day across the school. The children in Reception focused on reciting the rhyme `Remember remember,` and presented it clearly to their audience. In Literacy, the children watched a speech presented by the Queen and discussed what a speech is, how to present a speech and why speeches are important. The children did a brilliant job at brainstorming their ideas on speeches. Some children were able to explain that when you give a speech, you must look at the audience, speak clearly and slowly whilst using full sentences. They also enjoyed listening to the Queen's posh voice and formal vocabulary. At the end of the day the children presented their rhyme using actions and props.



Autumn Term 2

Welcome back and we hope you had a lovely half term! Reception have had a busy couple of weeks in school and have taken part in lots of exciting activites!

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In P.E, the children were given the opportunity to pick a class name after a sport's person. During our P.E lesson last week, all the children watched a number of sports individuals take part in their chosen sport. The children were amazed by the skill and strength that Max Whitlock showed during The Olympics games and voted for him to win. This led to the children wanting to learn gymnastic and explore the equipment in the sports hall. In P.E, the children discussed why it is important to use the equpiment safely and use it in the correct way. The children also showed great resilience when crossing the different benches and everyone used their arms to balance. When the children reached the end of the equpiment, the children had to jump safely onto the mat. All the children used straight arms when they had finished their jumps, similiar to Max, to show they had finished their routine.  


In Maths, the children have been learning about shape and learning about their properties. Some children have also been exploring trickier shapes such as hexagons, octagons and pentagons. There has been lots of practical activites and the children are becoming more confident recognising and name the shapes correctly.



Reception's Autumn Adventure! 

The Reception staff would like to thank all the parents and family members who took part in our autumn adventure yesterday. The children really enjoyed your visit and had been very excited all day. Everyone enjoyed the exciting activites both indoors and outdoors, especially the messy pumpkins and painting table. It was fantastic to see all the children showing their family members how to make an autumn tree using the printing technique. This is an activity that has been a focus this week and we have been talking about how the environment changes during this time of year. We hope you had a brilliant time too! 

This week the children have also been investigating hibernation and what some animals do to prepare them for the cold winter months. In Maths, the children are continuing to explore numbers and values and some have begun to add one more to a group of objects or a number. 



Next term the children will be learning all about Celebrations and how other cultures celebrate events. This will be a busy term as the children will be preparing for The Nativity and making their Christmas crafts and cards. We will also be exploring shapes and money in maths and using our toy shop role play area!  


Our learning this term! 

This term in maths the children have been practising their counting and number recognition to 20. The children have used a range of counting resources to support their recognition of numerals and exploring more and less. This has included using numicon in the jelly tuff spot and trying to create new amounts using a range of numicon pieces. 


In Literacy the children have been linking their writing to a range of stories. This has included looking at the story Pumpkin soup and exploring the texture of pumpkins and describing what they look like. The children have enjoyed using their sounds to label the pumpkin and also use a range of tools in the pumpkin tuff spot. 



In Art, the children have been using paint and exploring colour mixing. The children first started by exploring warm colours and mixing two colours to make orange. Everyone enjoyed this activity as they were able to use their fingers to print the colours on a flame outline. As well as this, the children have continued to practise their printing technique by creating their own autumn trees using appropriate autumn colours. 





Reception's Fire Engine Visit!

Reception have been learning about fire engines and people who help us! Over the past couple of weeks, we have taken part in lots of exciting activites, such as labelling a fire engine with our set one sounds, putting out sound flames with water and trying to rescue Fireman Sam's cat! This week we were very lucky to receive a visit from Boston's Fire Service and get the opportunity to take a look at a real fire engine! We learned all about the different tools that are stored on the fire engine and the different ways firemen help people. Below you can see some of the photos of the children with the fire engine.

All the children were very excited about the visit and got the chance to sit inside the fire engine and hear the siren!






Welcome to RK's Class Page

Welcome to RK's class page! The Reception team would like to welcome you to St Thomas' Primary School and hope you all had a lovely summer! RK have already had a fantastic first two weeks of school and have taken part in lots of exciting learning!

This term the children will be learning about families and people who help us. This topic started this week with the children creating their own houses using different 2D shapes and also painting self portraits. The children explored different colours and identified different features of their faces.


In Maths, the children have explored different patterns and had ago at creating their own repeating pattern. The children enjoyed this activity as they got to use different shapes and colours. Some children had ago at creating their own animal patterns using stripes and spots.

At the end of this week, the children had the opportuntiy to visit the Reflective Garden, where the children listened to a story and explored the different areas. The children discussed how the garden should be treated and why it is a quiet and calm place.