I enjoyed skipping and running each day with my class. - Lily 1M
I enjoyed going to Peter Paine and trying different activities. - Henry 1M
Boston United was lots of fun because I got to play football against my friends. - Harry 1M
Gymnastics was really exciting because we had to use our bodies to turn from seal into a snail. - Mazie 1M

I enjoyed the closing ceremony because I loved the dancing. - Matthew 1A                                                       The opening ceremony because we waved our Indian flags and saw the pretend Queen. – Lyla 1A                      I liked the javelin and throwing it towards the Sky to go further. – Libby Jo 1A

I really liked doing the gymnastics trip. It was really fun. You got to swing on the bars and practise jumping. - Dixie RK                                                                                                                                                                     I showed endurance when running. I did not give up. - Freddie RK

My favourite part of Sports Fortnight was running the mile and meeting Callum Johnson. I also enjoyed an opening and closing ceremony. – Blake Yr 3                                                                                                       My favourite part of Sports Fortnight was going on my school trip to Rutland Water. - Abigail Yr 3                         My favourite part of Sports Fortnight was meeting Callum Johnson; he was very interesting and running a mile a day. - Poppy Singer Yr 3  

I was really excited when I visited Miss Glasel's gymnastic hall because there was lots of equipment. - Emaan 2S
At gymnastics, I had fun swinging on the bars. - Lillianna 2S
I enjoyed going on the multi-sports trip and showed endurance all the way through. - Joshua 2S  

I really enjoyed the gymnastics because I could walk on the beams backwards. - Sophie RW                                I liked joining in with Hula Hooping because I could do it really fast. - Gabija RW

I really enjoyed Sports Fortnight as it gave me the opportunity to try a umber of different sports and develop not only my sporting skilss but also my understanding of sportsmanship. - Neila 5H                                                    I really enjoyed completing the Mile a day as I could feel the benefits of exerising every day and I could clearly see my fitness improving. - Kitija 5H  


On Thursday reception have been doing Yoga!


Year 2 have been practising their pass and hit skills in hockey and then played a mini game where they had to tackle and score.


Wow what a splash we have had into our sporting weeks!
For the next two weeks our children will be participating in various sporting events daily, there are trips for Kayaking, Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics, Football, Multi- Sport and Tennis along with daily P.E sessions including walking or running a mile a day. The children will be learning about various athletes, and will also be meeting a gold medalist!







Monday 27th June
Today Year One learnt how to throw a javelin properly and they also used their maths skills to help them record how many sporting activities they can do in one minute.


Monday 27th June - year 3 and 4 are working on a closing ceremony dance extravaganza, but is top secret!

Today RK used the hula hoops. We practised rolling the hoops around the playground using control. We also practised passing them to our partners. Each time the children were successful we moved back a space to challenge ourselves. Reception also had a go at twisting the hoop around us.



The children really enjoyed African Dancing. They created their own sequences and enjoyed the costumes.


Reception and year one completing their one mile jog!


This morning, Y6 planned and carried out their own investigation on how exercise and heart rate are linked. They came up with their own investigation questions, planned and carried out their investigations and decided upon a conclusion. They worked as a team to consider variables and how they would ensure a fair test was carried out.


Today we were lucky enough to meet a Commonwealth Gold Medalist 'Callum Johnson'. He came into school with Father Steve and spent time with each class answering questions about his sporting career.




Today year one used their maths skills to help them time running races.


Today the children went to Peter Paine Sports Centre and participated in numerous activities including bench ball, throwing, circuits and relay.



We had lots of fun learning Tae Kwon Do.



Year 3 used their Maths skills to help them time different sporting activities.










Welcome to our new Adventure Park!

Our children are thoroughly enjoying PE warm up sessions and break times on the equipment.

Jak 'It's amazing! I love playing on the zip wire'

Evita 'I enjoyed working with the Sport Captains learning how to climb on the pick up sticks'

Our PE curriculum

The PE curriculm is very exciting for children. The Olympic Legacy is evident, particulary with a focus on competitive sport. Our aim is to make sport an integral part of our school, with the implementation of more and more after-school and lunch time sports clubs we are hoping that children will take part and enjoy sport even more.

At our school we also want children to experience sports outside the norm. This is what we are hoping to achieve this year:

Year 3 - PGL trip for the day.

Year 4 - Skiing

Year 5 - Rock Climbing

Year 6 - PGL day trip in the Summer Term.

Click on the links below to see what your child will be learning this year with the new curriculum.

Long Term Plan


We've completed our inter-house and cross-federation competitions for Term 1 with the winners to be announced shortly...

The children worked exceptionally hard to apply their sporting skills and showed a vast amount of team spirit when completing the competitions.

A special thank you to the Sports Captains who successfully organsied the events. We look forward to the next round.