Respect             Compassion     Resilience  

Fellowship          Trust


Black History Week

To introduce our Black History week and celebrate our theme of diversity, old and new members of the shcool council worked together to create an assmebly for KS1 and KS2. They carefully chose a Bible story and put together a script with a drama that would convey the message, we should always be kind to one another no matter what our differences. This was their first time in front of an audience this year and although they were very nervous, they performed well and enjoyed themselves! 



Respect, compassion,  endurance, fellowship and trust are our school’s core values, and so are fundamental to the way our school operates. These form the foundation on which we perform, work and conduct ourselves.

As they are all equal in  importantance to each other - they are taught side by side as well as singling them out at certain times of the year.

Challenging Sterotypes through Fellowship

On Monday Mrs Riglin led our Collective Worship.The children were able to discuss what fellowship meant to them and how they felt they were able to demsonstrate love, care and thoughtfulness to others. We learnt that all of us are unique in every way and that lots of us have a variety of skills and interests. The school decided that we should get to know someone before making an assumption. Before concluding  with a prayer espeically written by Chloe, the children watched a video - observing children working with the elderly.


Being called by God

Reverend Jane led a special Collective Worship today thinking about Jesus' way of life and how he managed to get others to trust in him. The children heard the story about Jesus and the fishermen. The children learned how Jesus wanted to tell others about God's work. He wanted them to have a relationship with God. He encouraged Peter to go back out to fish. Although Peter was reluctant, he eventually agreed. James and John joined them and they took their boat out into the middle of the lake. Jesus told them to throw their nets out into the middle of the lake. Suddenly the boat began rocking with the weight of the fish. It was at this point they decided to become fishermen of people.


Trust Collective Worship

'Love the Lord with all of your heart, soul and strength,' Luke 10:27

Miss Sharples led a lovely Collective Worship thinking about where trust comes from and how we can demonstrate in trust. The children listened carefully and suggested ways they felt others demonstrated trust. Miss Sharples explained how if you start with a place of love you will make that choice to respect towards others, belongings and yourselves.

Church School Council interview local MP Matt Warman


Both School Councils within the Great Oaks Federation had an exciting Friday morning. Basing themselves in the library at Wyberton, children and staff welcomed the MP Matt Warman. Very quickly Holly, Poopy, Thomas and Charlie explained how they had run their campaigns and produced their own manifestos too. Matt was impressed with the ideas and how successful they had been. He is very interested to see how the winning party carries these ideas through now. After this, both Councils had the opportunity for a question and answer session. There were some very thoughtful questions posed from boths schools.'

How long does it take to write a manifesto?'

Well the local ones is a much simpler task because you know the issues and what the problems are. I then have to convince the government that Lincolnshire requires this money. Centrally - we work together and think about national issues. These can take up to six weeks.

Why did you pick your profession?

I used to write for the paper. But all I was doing was writing about issues and I wanted to change things. I recognised that hard problems would take longer to fix. As a child i thought I might be a train driver  and writer.

Who has inspired you?

My family have always inspired me but supporting and shaping me. My dad grew up in the war and did National Service. One of my teachers, like my father was keen to instill how you help your family and others. Finally, Peter Lilly, a MP. He was absolutely dedicated in explaining ideas to convince others to engage with your ideas.

As always the pupils were an absolute credit to the schools with their behaviour, engagement and presentational skills.


Bishop Nicolas comes to visit

The children from St. Thomas' and School Council from Wyberton welcomed Bishop Nicolas into the Collective Worship. It began with the choir (who sang beautifully) led Mr Ford and then Father Steve introduced him to the school. Using the theme of 'Trust', Bishop Nicolas shared a story about a sheep escaping from the field and discussed with the children what they though the shepherd would do and why. It was a very thought provoking worship and the children, staff and governors were thrilled to meet him.

bishop visit

bishop visit 


Pentecost explanation by Father Steve

Father Steve carefully and enthusiastically explained the meaning and story behind pentecost.




St. George remembered

The children were shown and taught about how Saint George's day is celebrated across the world including in countires such as Malta and Canada. They learnt that he had been born in Turkey and had been a soldier.They discovered that the emperor at the time was quite narrow minded and very mean. He did not like Chrisitians. One day he ordered George to kill ALL the Chrsitians in the area. However, although he was a strong soldier, he was also very strong minded. He refused and said no to the Emperor. So the Emperor tried again but this time tried to bribe him with money and land. But George refused again. As a result of this George was killed on 23rd April. People around the world admired George's bravery and became Chrisitans because of him. (Copyright Wikepedia)



Maunday Thursday experience

foot washing

Children and staff were taught about the moment Jesus washed the disciples feet. All the children reflected upon the moment he did this and thought about the symbolism of this. They were fascinated how he demonstrated and taught the disciples how no one is more important and that we should all treat each other equally.


Hosanna to you all


A vibrant and exciting Collective Worship led by Father Steve and Reverend Jane to celebrate Palm Sunday. Using a reporter style format the children were interviewed as if they were there and part of the event. The whole school proudly waved their palm crosses as they sang including on the procession out of the hall.

New knowledge for children at St. Thomas'

Children had a wonderful experience which led to some interesting reflections and thoughts. Entering to some Indian music, the children explored the meaning of the festival of 'Holi Mohalla'. The children were shown and taught how the festival is celebrated and why. Through talk partners and reflection time the children thought about how they could be bold, brave and if they would be prepared to challenge view points.Children and adults left the Collective Worship thinking about how they would put this in place. A year 5 pupil concluded the worship with a spontaneous prayer.


Year 5 have been thinking about why people follow Jesus.

Palm Sunday re-enactment in the Reflection Garden

Palm sunday acting  Palm sunday acting

As part of Year Three's RE lessons leading up to Easter, the children re-enacted the story of Palm Sunday before writing newspaper reports about the event. The children waved palm leaves, shouted and cheered for Jesus who was led in by the donkey. The children reflected about what it was like to see or be a part of the parade.

'I tried to imagine what it would have been like if I had seen Jesus for real,' explained Leon.



Can you find the display in school to answer the question?

community links

Julia (Y3) duirng her PSHE lesson on ' Values' thought very carefully about when and where she uses values and if she sees them within our community. Look in the hall to see what she thinks.

St. Thomas' visit Boston Stump for Womens' Prayer Service

Wow - what a spiritual and reflective experience for Year Five, the school choir, staff and two of the Church School Council members on Friday 3rd March. As part of the World Womens' Prayer Service which had been prepared and written by ladies from the Philipenes, the children listened carefully to some strories about the lives ladies lead in the Philipenes, which included Jesscica and Eden reading. Inbetween these stories the choir from our school and Federated school Wyberton beautifully sang - aided by the very wonderful Mr Ford and finally there was opportuniity for reflection time, something that the children particpaited in very well. The school recieved a lovelyy email thanking the children for their hard work and success as well as many posiitve comments from the public and Mayor on the day.

'Oh my - I cannot believe i just read in this magnificent church. The Mayor just spoke to me and said I was amazing!' shared Eden


Pupil Voice plan and lead Collective Worship


The Church School Council during one of their meetings demonstrated to the Chair of Governors how they design, plan and prepare their Collective Worships for the school. After hearing the theme and thinking about the meaning of the value, the children then searched the Bible for an appropriate story. Eden and Jessica asked the children about which parts they would like to play and the children demonstrated what they would do. They decided it would be more appopriate to write their own prayer linked to trust too.

Dear Lord,

At the end of my life lay me down to sleep,
I pray to God,

My soul to keep.

Let us know,

how little or small,

God will watch over us,

keeping us tall.


collective worship  collective worship

Ash Wednesday Service

Father Steve visited the school today, to lead KS1 and KS2 in an Ash Wednesday service. After reflecting on the significance of Shrove Tuesday (yesterday) and te meaning of Lent, the children were taught about the burning of the palm crosses that are turned into the ash for this traditional Christian service. In KS1 and 2 one child from each class was selected and they recieved the cross on their forehead.

ahs wednesday  ash wednesday

Poetry Week - Teachers take the lead

To launch Poetry Week, Mrs Smith set the staff the challenge of performing a poem of their chance to model to pupils the high expectations, fun and enthusiasm that can be had with poetry. Everyone worked very hard to show their creative sides and deliver an exciting and eye catching performance. 

poetry 1  poetry 2

poetry 3  potery 4

poetry 5



Reverend Jane visited the Dame Sarah Storey class to share the story of Abraham from the Bible.  The children had to think about 'trust'. They learnt how God kept asking Abraham to move, travel and set up a new home. They discussed and suggested how he may have felt. 'I think he would have felt confused and worried,' suggested Ollie. 'I believe he would have been emotional,' explained Lucy.  They learnt about new words of descendants and hospitality. The children expressed ideas in various voices while trying to imagine the reactions of Abraham and Sarah


.reverend jane


Faith expressed that, 'He would have been puzzled.' 


Digital Leaders explain E-Safety

digital leaders

 To further educate the children in our school, the Digital Leaders led a very informative assembly to identify the need for E-Safety and taught the children ways of keeping themselves safe. They used videos, images, questions and props to do this successfully.

'Do not give any personal information anyway, including photographs and names,' shared Morgan.

Exciting Links made with Ghana

Children in Year Three will be writing letters to find out what achool and life is like out in Ghana. They will think about questions they would like to ask and information about our school that they would like to tell them. It is an exciting opporunity to learn about a different culture and way of life. We look forward to receiving letters back to share with the rest of the class.

Church School Council evaluate the effectiveness of

Collective Worships

To ensure that all elements of leadership are secure in their understanding and expectations of Collective Worship, the Church School Council took the lead in the drop-ins and obervations of the effectiveness of Collective Worship this week. In pairs using forms  the same as the Senior Management team, they wrote down their findings and fed back to staff or children. They completed this confidently and successfully and ensured they gave a development point.


Chinese New Year Celebrations

Miss Sharples led a very interactive Collective Worship today educating the children about Chinese New Year. It began with some Chinese music, children generating questions they wanted to find out, exploring Chinese artefacts and listening to information. It concluded with Nikola in Year 6 sharing a spontaneous prayer refelcting on the awe and wonder and culture that Chinese New Year brings to lives all around the world.

'Lord of all Creation, let us help and think about other cultures.

Let us reflect about how we all celebrate in our own ways.

Help us to think about the facts such as the lucky colour of red and how it can teach us so much.'


chinese new year

chinese new year  chinese new year


Wow - what an impressive Collective Worship!

The Church School Council took the lead in planning and leading a whole school Collective Worship. With the inclusion of talk partners, drama and reflection time the children delivered a very exciting and interesting Collective Worship. The children were gripped by a very impressive performance and sang beautifully too. The Chair of Governors and Head Teacher delivered feedback to the pupils and commented on the thoughtfulness and confident delivery. Well done.

Collective worship  collective worship

collective worship

Children take control of Collective Worship in the classroom

collective worship 

collective worshipcollective worship









It was a special morning at St. Thomas's today as different members of the class planned and delivered a Collective Worship. Using a new resource called 'Flippin Praise' the children were able to lead prayer, Bible stories, hymns and refelctions confidently and in an interesting way. We are all looking forward to more of this.

'I think we should say the Lord's Prayer now as we think about God,' explained Faithe.




Pupil Voice prepare to lead Collective Worship

The School Council have begun their rehearsals in preparation for their Collective Worship next week. The children decided what it should look like and what elements should be inlcuded.

'I think we need a picture of St.Paul up on the board as we lead in,' shared Lottie. 'Then we can quiz the children about who it is.'

'I would like to hold up key words for the children to repeat and learn new vocabulary,' expressed Lucy and Zachery.

'It is important to share a story, so the children can understand the meaning,' 'We should sing 'Shine, Jesus Shine,' because it comments about Jesus taking away the darkness,'

explained Jessica

'I would like to read a prayer. This is really important to end the Collective Worship,'

said Sam

We look forward to seeing them in action next week.

Church School Council begin their evaluation of Reflection areas

As part of the Church School Council Meeting today the children discussed what they felt a reflecton area should have to engage chidlren and allow children to reflectt upon their own behaviour and their own relationship with God. Keen and eager the children visited EYFS and Key Stage One to begin their evaluations. Some fantastic ideas were seen and the children even fed back to staff members about how they might further develop their areas.

reflection areas refelction area

reflection area   reflection area

The children were very impressed with the use of mirrors and questions to provoke thought and reflection. In Reception prayers the children had created are in a book that is shared daily. They were thoughtful and insightful. Some classrooms had special objects such as shells and pebbles that have been collected by the children for them to discuss and admire. The children also were impressed with how the outdoors has been used for spontaneous prayer too - Year Two were very pro active with this.

prayer book  


Fellowship through Year Six

Year Six have worked together to explore the meaning of 'Fellowship'. Through prayer, Bible stories and real life examples the children have desmonstrated an excellent understanding and have produced some high quality work for the whole school to read in the entrance.

fellow ship board


Key Stage One and Two were refelcting upon the value of 'Compassion' this week through real lfe stories and The Good Smaritan story in the Bible. The children explored the meaning of the word and quickly linked it to vocbaulary of ther own. Responses such as 'supporting others, caring, showing how, believing in others and mending things' were just some of the answers. It was wonderful to hear and see the children make links to various stories from the Bible that demonstrate compassion. Later inthe week we will look and reflect on the work of Martin Luther King and his use of compassion towards others.

'Dear God

We thank you for love that you show to us everyday.

Help us and remind us to think of others before we think of ourselves.

We are sorry for the times we have been selfish or unkind,

we will try to do better and put their needs first.'


(Faithe Year Three)

Copy right - iPost - Christian Post)


This week we welcomed Father Steve into school once again. He taught KS1 and KS2 about the meaning of Ephinay through a story that many participated in. The children were excited about the gifts that could belong to others aswell as reflecting about the gifts they would have presented to Jesus and why. An important Collective Worship that allowed the children reflection time and an opportunity to interpret another part of Chrisitanity.

collective worship

 'Has Christmas lost it's true meaning?'

Debate excites Key Stage Two

The curriculum at St. Thomas's is always exciting and thought provoking. The debating team took to the floor today to discuss and raise the issue of whether 'Has Christmas lost it's true meanging or not?' Year, Three and Six prepared their own arguements and shared them with the school. Both parties presented confidently and the team that suggested it hadn't, won.



Spontaneous Prayer during our farewell to Mrs Richardson

'Dear Lord,

We are thankful to Mrs Richardson for all she has done and supported us with over the years.

She always listened and supported.

We are sad that she is leaving but excited for her in her new adventures ahead.

Memories will stay with us forever.

We know God, you will continue to guide her and us forever more


Casey Y6

Christingle making happens at St. Thomas's


The whole school were given a huge treat today when people of the Parish of St.Thomas's came in and taught the chidlren the meaning of christingles and how to make them. It was lovely to see the children showing respect and compassion to our visitors and each other.

'The candle represents Jesus' light. It guides people.'

Ollie Year Three

Spontaneous Prayer during our Lighting up Collective Worship

'Thank you God for the light you send,

that guides us day and night.

Thank you that we are fortunate to have such caring teachers all around to help us think of you.

Please help us to make better choices while we are thinking of your light.


Kitya Year 6



 Advent - Peace Collective Worship

advent wreath


Don't be cynical the Sainsbury's Christmas advert is a seasonal miracle

(Copyright Sainsburys)

To begin advent at school Mrs Richardson led a wonderful Colective Worship linked to the importance of peace around the world. Using the advert from Sainsbury's 2014 the children in KS2 learnt about how peace appeared for a short space time even during war. The children read the quote from Pope John II-

 (Copyright Catholic News)




The children reflected that we can look for peace on earth, but it is up to use to bring peace to our own generation, especally during advent. 


Carol Concert in church

 carol concert  carol concert

Year Three led a beautiful Carol Concert at St. Thomas's Church to share the true meaning of Christmas. With readings and hymns the children confidently performed and were excellent role models for the school.


Father Steve pops in

father steve pops in

Year Six lead our Remembrance Service  

The staff and children were moved today with the quality, thought provoking, poignant messages and reflections shared by Year Six today. Reading out their poems and messages the children reflected upon the effiorts and service the armed forces provide or have provided in the past. Hymns were carefully chosen and the last post played by Miss Jeffries.





“Spiritual development is the development of the non-material element of a human being which animates and sustains us and, depending on our point of view; either ends or continues in some form when we die. It is about the development of a sense of identity, self-worth, personal insight, meaning and purpose. It is about the development of a pupil’s ‘spirit’. Some people may call it the development of a pupil’s ‘soul’; others as the development of ‘personality’ or ‘character’.”

Welcome to the Church School Council part of the site.

We are a group of around twelve willing volunteers who meet at least twice a week to help to keep the spiritual side of the school alive.

Our priority is the school’s collective worship. We start our worship when we receive a candle from each class at the worship table. This provides a calm focus on our journey to the hall and brings a feeling of spirituality and welcome to God. It is our job to choose the hymns and often to say the prayers. At least once a term, we take a whole collective worship, and we work closely with the church clergy who visit at least once a week to take the worship.

We are very fortunate to have our Reflective Garden, we use this during break times and classroom as part of our everyday learning, worship, prayer and as opportunities to be reflective, calm and to feel at one with God.

We strongly value our links with the church and so far this year we have had a number of special events; the clergy visiting Year One to recreate the Royal Wedding, Year Three Carol Singing at the church, Year Six visiting St Botolphs and other oportunities for the representatives from the church t work with our children to support their spiritual development and growth and understanding of their faith.  


Term Two

This term we are focussing on Christingle. Volunteers from the church have kindly offered to help each child in the school make their own Christingle. The Children’s Society will provide everything apart from the oranges. All children need to bring an orange to make a Christingle on Friday 12th December. These will then be a focus during our worship the following Monday, led by Church Schools' Council.

The whole school made Christingles and used them during our colective worship.

Terms Three

The Boston Bear challenge was announced. The children have to design a logo to advertise St Botolphs fundraising efforts in the summer term.

The children were given the opportunity during class time to design their logo and all entries were reviewed and the final design was selected by the clergy and congregation.

The winner of the Boston Bear Challenge was William. His design will be seen on advertisements for the challenge.

Term Four

 Term four, gave children the opportunity to look at Lent and  the Easter Story from different view points. Throughout the school children took part in learning a different element of the Easter story and the effect events had on different people.

The children received blessed palm crosses within their collective worship.

 As part of out church school ethos and the RE curriculum (set out in the Lincolnshire agred syllabus) we teach the children about other world religions and invite visitors to speak about other world religions and take the children to visit places of worship.

For an interfaith calendar go to

 Please click here for the weekly Church newsletters with information on the services for the coming week.


School Council 2016/17 coming soon - elections will take place at the start of the new school year.