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Mrs Morris and Mrs Bell

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After a busy and fun summer the pupils have returned with a brilliant working attitude and are looking forward to grabbing every opportunity provided.Mrs Bell and Mrs Morris are impressed with the enthusiasm and eagerness with which the children have tackled their work.


Year 6 Autumn Newsletter

Diversity Week Poetry




Wow- look at the talented poets we have in Year Six. They successfully used emotive and powerful language to engage the audience. After completion, they progressed onto performing the poems in front of an audience.

'Wow-those words made me feel like I had experienced it myself,' shared Martyna.

Diary writing as Jesse Owens

  diary wriitng  diary wriitng

As part of Diversity week the children researched into the life of the incredible and talented athelete Jesse Owens. After learning a great deal about his life and watching some video clips of him competing in the Olympic Games, the children tried to put themselves in his shoes and produced diary extracts about parts of his life. Imaginative and creative writing was displayed!

maths and history

While exploring sources of evidence and information about the war, the children have been analysing information from a series of graphs. They began by asking questions about what the graph may have been showing them.



Historical Detectives

history  history

In 6M, the children had to read, infer and deduce information from a variety of historical sources. In pairs they read and made notes - answering a variety of questions. They learnt a lot of information about the topic and will now be ready to complete a longer piece of writing about it next week.

'This is why I love History,' shared Maltilda


Welcoming grandparents for our reading morning

6M were so happy to see some grandparents in the classroom Friday morning. The children were excited to share some of our topic books based around the war and share the fun and love we ahve for words and text!

pshe work  pshe work

pshe work

As part of the PSHE lessons, the children have generated mind maps on the iPads to reveal their own ideas about behaviours.

Around the classroom

   french  RE dislay


Trust within Y6

Two pupils led class collective worship today, focusising on the value of trust. After asking the children to think and reflect, they read a small passage from the Bible (Jesus the Healer) to explain it in more detail. Then children came to the front ot try their trust out on others in the form of a practical approach. As ususal, the children sang beautifully and created a stunning prayer.

   colective wroship  collective worship

'I didn't know they wouyld catch me. It was a little bit scary to start with, but in the end I had trust she would catch me,' shared Saule.

Light - how does it work?

Using torches, cardboard and ther own ideas, the children worked hard to find out how light travelled. They soon realised about the direction it went in and the process it follows.

   light investigation  light investigation


War time dancing fun

   war tiem dancing  war time dancing

After listening carefully to the beat and rhythm of the music, the chidlren were given three steps to inlcude in their group routine. They rehearsed and performed to the rest of the class. From the smiling faces this was a super experience and one they can't wait to repeat next week. Well done Year 6!

'I made up a move linekd to the train sound and movement,' expained Jack.

At one with nature

 Nature drawing

nature drawing

  nature drawing


What a wonderful lesson in RE, exploring the school grounds, making decisions about what makes our world beautiful and then creating a piec of art to support these suggestions. The children worked hard to sketch and then with pastels create an image that has now been displayed in school.

'I just think we are so lucky that we get to see the the seeds scatter when you blow a dandelion. It's fascinating and so delicate at the same time.' Stated Abigail.

A visit from the clergy


To begin our RE lessons, we welcomed Father Steve and new clergy member Reverend Sue into our classroom. They reflected upon the holidays and the hghs and lows that they will experience this year. We learnt about a baptism that Reverend Sue led last week and how we all have to try new things to grow as a person.

Revising place value

place value  place value

Revsising the value of digits in numbers inside and outside the classroom, has led to some great discussions about the positions of numbers and how much they represent. The children have had to prove and justify if values and calcuations were accurate.

'The 0 is the place holder, which could also mean 0 of that number,' explained Callum.