Welcome to the Alistair Brownlee Class

"You've got to commit, commit, commit..."

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African Dance Workshop

As part of Sports Fortnight, Year 6 have participated in an African Dance Workshop, acquiring new skills and developing our understanding of African culture.

Challenge 20

In order to raise money for charity, we took part in the Challenge 20 today, where we completed twenty different sporting activities in a circuit. It was extremely hard work but we showed fantastic resilience and perseverance in order to raise as much money as we could for Cancer Research.


Sports Fortnight

The leaders of learning shared their projects on the amazing country of Lithuania today, which is our chosen country for Sports Fortnight. They made fantastic projects and conducted detailed research in order to share their understanding, helping us to create our own KWL grids.

Through the support of the leaders of learning and our own research, the class made excellent progress in their understanding of Lithuania- including culture, sports and geographical features. This will help us in becoming experts in all things Lithuanian!

Year 6 Residential 2017

We have recently returned from our fantastic Year 6 residential- here are some photographs from the experiences we had. Thank you to all children and staff for making the residential memorable. 

Welcome to Term 6- The Americas

This term sees our learning moving onto the exciting topic of The Americas. Check back soon for photographs and work from our final term at St Thomas'.

Church Schools Festival

Today at the Church Schools Festival, we were able to experience a spiritual day within Lincoln Cathedral, mastering our understanding of the Christian faith. We experienced a sense of community with Lincolnshire's Church of England schools and developed our understanding of religious experiences in a range of enjoyable activities. Well done to Femmi and Kitija for bearing the Lincoln Diocese's banner and also to Vilte and Rylan for sharing a reading from Corinthians to the cathedral's audience.


Good luck to our Year 6s during SATs week- we know they'll be great!

Coding with Flappy Bird

Year 6 have been showing mastery with their coding and programming skills this week! After creating their own algorithms and games on Kodu, they were given the task of applying this in a different context: to create their own Flappy Bird game! Lots of debugging was seen throughout the lesson, as well as peer-to-peer support.

NSPCC workshop

We were lucky to have a workshop by NSPCC volunteers today, exploring a range of ways to keep safe. Most of this focused on e-safety, raising our awareness of strategies to stay safe. The workshop was very informative and gave lots of points to consider and discuss. The volunteers were overwhelmed with our fantastic questions and comments too, showing our excellent understanding of personal safety. 

Welcome to Term 5- Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

Our new topic begins this term- Natural Disasters! We will explore hurricanes- learning what they are and their features- as well as creating a tornado in a bottle, developing our geographical knowledge of the 'Ring of Fire' and learning what causes earthquakes. Keep on checking back for our fantastic learning.

Easter Maths

Our Maths learning turned into Easter-related activities this week. We began by going on a mathematical Easter egg hunt, promoting our love of the outdoors. We also cracked a fractions code and worked collaboratively to solve Easter problems. Great work, 6H!

Imperial War Museum Duxford

We concluded our World War 2 topic with a superb trip to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. We applied our prior understanding of this period of time in order to understand the fascinating sights from the museum. We were lucky to speak to volunteers who, from their own experiences, shared what life was like in the war. All of Year 6 had a fantastic day being immersed in our learning, which was a lovely end to our topic.


We were thrilled to be visited by the chicks this week: awe and wonder enveloped our classroom! We took time to explore the lifecycle of a chick after holding them and learning how to care for them. We used this lifecycle knowledge, along with further interesting facts which we researched, to plan ideas for our Big Write next week. We will be writing from the viewpoint of a chick hatching… check our Big Write books soon!

We also spent time discussing the religious symbolism of the chicks and the hatching process (which we eagerly observed last week). New life is a key part of our Easter celebrations, particularly linking to the resurrection of Jesus. We reflected on this before continuing our research.


Poetry Grand Slam Winners!

After taking part in the class poetry performance competition, the winning group then competed against the other KS2 classes. We are delighted to announce that the scoring panel voted the children from 6H as the overall winners in KS2! Their performance was dramatic, articulate and particularly poignant, retelling Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 brilliantly. The whole class is very proud!

Here is the winning team in rehearsal and also in the Grand Slam, moments before winning:

Following on from this, we displayed all of our poetry work and learning from the week, ready to share with parents. Thank you to the parents who came and looked at the children's fantastic work.

We also took part in a reading exchange on Thursday, as part of World Book Day. Some of us shared our love of reading with Year 2 children- take a look in our reading area for photographs.

Ash Wednesday

For our Ash Wednesday collective worship today, we were joined by Father Steve. One child from each class was chosen to take part in the service, with an ash cross placed on their forehead. We focused on the symbolism and true meaning of this special event, leading up to Easter.


Poetry Week

This week moves our learning onto Poetry Week! The week began with the teachers performing their own poems, before exploring Shakespeare's most famous sonnet in class: Sonnet 18. We have started to learn the poem by heart, with leaders of learning modelling how to perform it to engage the audience. Friday will lead one of our groups to the poetry Grand Slam- check back soon for the winners!


Term 4- The Lion and the Unicorn

For our English unit this term, we have been focusing on the picture book by Shirley Hughes, entitled The Lion and the Unicorn. Set in World War 2, it tells the tale of Lenny Levi, who is sent to the countryside as an evacuee.

We explored the fascinating tale (linking to our topic), completing emotion lines to develop our inferences. We then planneddraftededited and redrafted a letter from Lenny to his mother, before publishing it. Here are our final pieces- look at our wonderful emotive language, punctuation use and mature writing styles. 



Spring Newsletter (Click to download)


Children today demonstrated their love of learning by spending some of their lunchtime competing against each other in a Scrabble game! Great spelling skills were demonstrated throughout the game, as well as some brilliant competition and P.M.A. Well done 6H!

Run a Mile

Showing our Sporting value of healthy lifestyles, we run a mile at the start of each P.E. lesson. Here we are on our most recent run, competing to improve our times.

Collective Worship

For our most recent Collective Worship in class, two children took on the role of leaders and focused on the importance of reflection. We all reflected on situations and sought to improve and learn from them, before a spontaneous prayer was said. We spent the time sharing how we learnt from mistakes and forgave others too.

Classification Connoisseurs

We became 'Classification Connoisseurs' in Science this week! We began by sharing our understanding of classification, before identifying the need for a certain, scientific classification system: the Five Kingdoms. We watched a video to support our understanding, before working in pairs to classify the living things. We then applied our learning to an online quiz.


For our gymnastics lessons, we began exploring how to use the apparatus to move in different ways. We travelled between them with a variety of movements, using different shapes, along with developing suitable balances.  Furthermore, we jumped from different pieces of apparatus accurately, ensuring the landing was controlled and safe.

Programmers of the Future

Already this term we have been developing our understanding of programming. We were introduced to the Kodu software, reminding ourselves of key terminology (such as 'code', 'algorithm' and 'debugging') and using it when discussing our work. We explored the software and some of us even began to design our own worlds, demonstrating excellent progress. There are definitely some programmers of the future in the class!

English- Drama

Our English this week was enhanced by using the shared area in our drama. We were exploring making cohesive links so, after watching a video clip, re-enacted the WW2 Blitz scene. Focusing on adverbials of time and conjunctions as cohesive devices, we narrated our role play to demonstrate the progress we made. The writing completed the day after was brilliant and showed our wonderful progress. Take a look in our books to see!


Term 3

Welcome back to the Spring term! Our topic this term is World War 2... we have already been showing our curiosity with questions which we have... take a look on our display to see them up close!

Christmas Art and D.T

As part of our topic of Roy Lichtenstein, we explored his work and artistic style to create our own self-portraits, using Ben-Day dots, for our 2017 calendars. A lot of hard work and perseverance was put into making the calendars look so amazing- everyone who came into our classroom commented on how good they were. Well done 6H!

For our Christmas cards this year, we applied our learning of Ben-Day dots and lines further to recreate the Three Wise Men. Mrs Bell was exceptionally pleased with the outcome and progress made by the class. Here is a sample of the cards- we hope you liked them!

Our Christmas hoop this year was decorated with quilled angels. The angels, which were quilled very precisely with a quilling tool, were intricately made. They looked stunning in the hall- well done! Here are two of the beautiful crafts:


Christian Parables

To enhance our R.E learning further, we used the beautiful mural in the hall to explore some Christian parables. We discussed the meanings and morals of Jesus' teaching, using role play and song to help understand them further. 


This year, we have mastered our understanding of the symbolism of the Christingle orange- we discussed this in detail in class before and after making our own version at this special time of year.


Sporting Skills

We had our first Sporting Skills afternoon on Friday- excellent progress was made with our application of our new sporting values. We reflected on how we demonstrated these in the challenges, showing fantastic PMA, sportsmanship, leadership and problem solving (as well as healthy lifestyle in staying active). Keep an eye out for our display in the Year 6 shared area.

Week 3

Super progress has been made by 6H in their understanding of how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. After applying this in a range of contexts and developing their mastery, some children also learnt how to use this learning in more challenging calculations (i.e. multiplying and dividing by 9, 99 or 999). 


Alistair Brownlee- New Class Name!

The new sporting name of 6H is now 'Alistair Brownlee' after in-depth research, persuasive speeches, debates and a secret ballot! Overall, we felt that Brownlee demonstrated many of our core and sports values (particularly compassion and sportsmanship), especially after we watched this link from the Rio Olympics, so we are delighted to be named after the triathlete. 

Speeches Day

Today focused on speeches and improving our vocabulary and oracy skills. We began the day by listening to the speeches made in parliament on the eve of The Great War. After unpicking the arguments 'for' and 'against' the United Kingdom’s participation in World War One, each child wrote their own speech to persuade parliament of their own view. Sophisticated terminology was used by all children, demonstrating an excellent historical understanding, alongside brilliant articulation and speaking and listening skills.

Week One

In English, we are focusing on War Game by Michael Foreman. We read part of it and watched a clip from the animation in our lessons, before beginning to present ideas for a balanced argument of: Should the soldiers have participated in the Christmas truce? The responses and ideas given were mature and sophisticated- well done! 

We used role play (as an officer and a soldier) to present our ideas. Brilliant articulation by all children was observed-  a developing use of conjunctions to help structure the points helped the responses to improve. View the videos on Mr Hawkins' iPad. 

Open Afternoon

As a lovely way to introduce our new topic, we invited parents into school for our Open Afternoon. Thank you to the parents who spent time in our class, helping to create our origami bauble boxes and our Remembrance Day baubles. These were beautifully hand-crafted to reflect on the symbolism of the poppy. Well done 6H- the task was challenging, but you persevered and showed great resilience. 

In P.E this week, 6H have been learning how to play basketball. They applied their dribbling and passing skills from other sports- look at the photographs below to see how! The next step is to develop more accurate shooting and tactics. 

Term 2

Our new topic is 'Battles, Bombs and Bullets' and it focuses on World War 1. We will start the term with our Remembrance Day assembly... check back soon for photographs and our work.

Take a look at the BBC website for a sneak peek of what we will be learning about!

Week Seven

To conclude our topic of the Ancient Greeks, Year 6 had a 'Wow' day, learning all about their culture through food, drama, warrior training and pottery. Take a look at the gallery for all of our photographs.

Week Six

Take a look at the wonderful displays in Year 6's shared area:


In English this week, we have been publishing our own myths. After drafting, editing, peer critiquing and redrafting, they were ready to be published- just like real authors. Take a look at the 'Myths' display in our shared area.

Week Five

Watch out Newton- there are some amazing scientists in 6H! Our Science lessons this week saw us investigating the colour of light. After making our hypothesis, we tested it using torches and prisms. We were flabbergasted to discover that light was made up of seven colours (which we now know is called the spectrum). Soon after this scientific breakthrough, some children made links to how rainbows are created. Before looking at refraction in more detail, however, we created colour wheels. By spinning them very quickly, it allowed us to observe how the seven colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) turned into white right in front of our eyes!

View our Science books for photographs and the writing about our investigations.

Week Four

Bonjour! In French this week we have been learning how to write in sentences to describe our town. We looked at adding adjectives when writing sentences starting with Dans ma ville il y a... 

Week Three

Our debating skills were put to the test this week in our Humanities lesson! After learning about the two ancient city states of Athens and Sparta, the children worked in groups to write a debate of which state was the most superior. Many convincing arguments were put forwards- showing fantastic progress in the children's historical understanding- but it was the Spartans who eventually won! Great oracy skills were used, especially with the intelligent counter-arguments put forward. Well done!


Week One

What an exciting term we have ahead! Our first topic of the year sees us travelling back in time to Ancient Greece! 

What do you already know about the Ancient Greeks? What are you looking forward to discovering from this fascinating period of history?


We have had a wonderful first week as a class, with so much commitment shown to learning from every child.

As an introduction to Ancient Greece, we went outside and found a range of sources (including images and artefacts) to begin to deduce information about the past. Terrell was an oracle of knowledge and, just by looking at an image of the famous wooden Trojan horse, shared everything he knew about the Trojan War!

Afterwards, we used our historical inquiry skills to research key dates and order events chronologically on a timeline.


In Science, we investigated past views of light and how we see. Did you know that the Ancient Greeks believed that the goddess Aphrodite lit a fire inside people's eyes, which is how they saw objects?

In our investigation, we discovered that light travels in straight lines. Fantastic investigative skills and observations were shown by the children throughout the lesson. Here is the investigation which helped lead us to our conclusions:








In R.E, we have spent time considering the philosophical question- 
What is beauty? The children shared lovely ideas and we decided that people might have different views of what makes something beautiful. Spending time in the Reflective Garden helped us to really think about God's creations and how they are all beautiful and unique. Take a look on our R.E display in the classroom and in the shared area for our pieces of art, sharing our interpretations of What is beauty?



Our new topic has begun this week- Natural Disasters! Already, the children have shown great curiosity with their learning and a thirst for acquiring new knowledge. We have started to explore hurricanes, learning what they are and their features. Soon we will be creating a tornado in a bottle as well as our own explodingvolcanoes, alongside developing our geographical knowledge of the 'Ring of Fire'. Keep on checking back for more!

The leaders of learning shared their projects on the amazing country of Lithuania today, which is our chosen country for Sports Fortnight. They made fantastic projects and conducted detailed research in order to share their understanding, helping us to create our own KWL grids.

Through the support from the leaders of learning and your own research, you made excellent progress today in your understanding of Lithuania- this includes the culture, sports and geographical features of the country. This will help us when we deepen our learning over the fortnight, becoming experts of all things Lithuanian!