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 The Eddie 'The Eagle' class

After discussing and debating which sports personalities would be good role models for our class, we decided that Eddie 'The Eagle' was the embodiment of our sports values. With his positive mental attitude, excellent sportsmanship and his determined nature in competition we decided that he would be an interesting and inspirational role model. His achievements in sport show us all how we can be successful with the right attitude. 


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Welcome to the page that will document our riveting adventure through this school year! We would like to invite you to peer at pictures and to catch a glimpse of our journey through our final year at St. Thomas’ Primary School. We love to learn, so take a look and see what we’ve been up to!

Our homework and spellings are sent home on a Friday, with the expectation that homework will be returned by Wednesday and that the spellings will be tested on a Friday.


Welcome to Term 5…. Natural Disasters!


Our new topic begins this term- Natural Disasters!  Looking at the range of natural hazards that frequent the world, we will be developing our geographical knowledge to understand some of the root causes of these events. We will explore hurricanes- learning what they are and their features- as well as creating a tornado in a bottle. In RE we shall look into the origins of Buddhism and customs of those who follow this religion… Keep on checking back for our fantastic learning.







Battles, Bombs and Bullets

Term 4




Building upon our learning from last term, in our topic we will move onto looking at the air craft of WW2 and the roles of women. In addition to this, we will be learning about the changes we will go through as we grow up as well as developing our love of learning in our poetry curriculum week.


We all cannot wait to taste our pickles when they are ready!





The design brief: Create a product, which has been preserved using a traditional method that could be sold at a WW2 enthusiasts’ convention. 




Poetry Week

This week moves our learning onto Poetry Week! The week began with the teachers performing their own poems, before exploring Shakespeare's most famous sonnet in class: Sonnet 130. We have started to learn the poem by heart, with leaders of learning modelling how to perform it to engage the audience. Friday will lead one of our groups to the poetry Grand Slam- check back soon for the winners!


Ash Wednesday

For our Ash Wednesday collective worship today, we were joined by Father Steve. One child from each class was chosen to take part in the service, with an ash cross placed on their forehead. We focused on the symbolism and true meaning of this special event, leading up to Easter.


Shrove Tuesday

Within our learning today, we looked at the reason behind the popular idea of eating pancakes. After discussing the reason why Jesus suffered in the wilderness - and how Satan tempted him- we looked into the early Christian practise of making pancakes and why it was significant. While some of us wrote prayers and poems, others researched and wrote about forms of asceticism in different religions.

Basket ball

In basketball we have been emanating the core skills of our favourite NBA superstars! We challenged ourselves to bounce a ball from laying to standing! We really needed to control the ball!

Running a mile


At the start of each PE lesson we have been running a mile in order to promote our personal fitness levels and to build our stamina for the games which we play. T


Term 3 

Spring Newsletter (click to download)

During this term, we are studying the Second World War and what life was like on the home front. We will be studying the Blitz and rationing - sharing in our class novel, 'Machine Gunners.' While studying Judaism, we will also look at the diary of Anne Frank - who she affectionately called Kitty - in order to write a biography.

Interhouse Tag rugby

After further developing our tactical play in tag rugby, we ended the term by competing in our house teams against one another. This competition allowed us to show our sportsmanship, positive mental attitude and a strong sense of competition. By playing in the tournament, we were able to show the progress that we have made this term. Form most of us, our communication during play has improved greatly. 





In music this term, we have listened to and appreciated harmonies. After listening to the flower duet we discussed how harmonies are made through different pitches. In subsequent music lessons, we have sung harmonies before moving onto composing our own.  Here we are following a three part score, singing ‘I’m feeling good’ by Nina Simone.


For our sporting skills afternoon, we took part in activities which developed our leadership and problem solving skills. As we are now in the Chinese year of the rooster, these activities were all Chinese New Year themed. We learnt how to use chopsticks in the jelly challenge, we attempted to help our partners build a paper rooster (even though they were blindfolded) and we attempted to ‘catch the dragon’s tail’. All of these activities helped us to build these sporting core values.


This term we have been mastering the rules of tag rugby and further developing our tactical play. Here we are in our inter-house completion which was managed and organised by our Sports Captains.

Rationing it out

In DT we have been given the design brief: ‘Design a product for WW2 enthusiasts using a traditional preserving method’. So, naturally, we explored different methods of preserving food by tasting a wide range of canned, pickled, dried and powdered foodstuffs that would have been commonplace in the 1940s. We then had a debate as to whether diets were healthier then or now. Following this,  we designed our own product and will be making them in the last week of term once we have budgeted and shopped for the items. 


Classifying living things




Mathematics Masters

This term we have secured our methods of long and short multiplication, mastering their application in many different contexts. We have enjoyed supporting each other in a learning community to be able to comprehend challenging multi-step problems. In maths, we have established a secure network of support amongst peers to support one another to master these methods, and this objective. 



Lest we forget

Term 2



Open afternoon

We opened our classroom to our parents, so that they could share in our learning about the significance, and importance, of the poppy.


Table tennis

Building upon our learning in Year 4, we have been perfecting the correct stance to play table tennis and the grips in which we hold the paddle. We have also begun to make connections between the game and mathematics, using our understanding of angles to try to deliver the best serves and returns, in order to score points.




Speeches day

In week 2 we listened to the speeches made in parliament on the eve of The Great War. After unpicking the arguments, for and against the United Kingdom’s participation in war, each of us wrote our own speech to persuade parliament of the argument we felt should have been supported at that time. 





In English we have written poetry and in History we have learnt about the horrors that soldiers faced during their time in the trenches. With a secure understanding of the importance of commemoration, after our learning during the parent open afternoon, we were able to deliver a respectful and solemn service to the rest of the school.



War Game

In English we have studied a text which reveals the joys that British servicemen enjoyed during the Christmas truce of 1914. As no truces followed in subsequent years of conflict we discussed whether the first truce may have had a detrimental impact on British service personnel. 


Roy Lichtenstein 

After learning about the Pop Artist Andy Warhol in Year 4, we have revisited the style with a focus on Roy Lichtenstein. After comparing the two artists and their use of colour, we have then used Roy Lichtenstein as an influence to create our own self-portraits, using Ben-Day dots. 



For our Christmas hoop, which is hanging on display in the hall, we used a quilling tool to create intricate angel decorations. 



 Solving mental calculations which involve larger numbers


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning and honing strategies to be able to calculate mentally with larger numbers.  Here we are, working as a learning community, solving mental division calculations!


This year, we have mastered our understanding of the symbolism of the Christingle orange, while thoroughly enjoying making them again!


Term 1 Going For Glory

During this first term in year six, we are learning about the Ancient Greeks, their life and their beliefs. In Science, we will be looking at how light behaves and through our topic we will look at the Ancient Greek's theories (and how these have impacted our understanding of light now).

Greek day

We took the opportunity to bring our topic to a great end on our Greek day. We baked olive infused bread and we even rehearsed the battle manoeuvres used by the Spartans. We created clay pots and devised a play in the style of the Greek chorus. 



Across The Great Oaks Federation, we enjoyed a football competition within our house teams. Great sportsmanship was showed by all and the competition allowed friendships to develop across the schools. 






Why is there suffering in the world?

We noticed that every day on the news there are stories of new terrible things happening in our world. We invited Reverend Jane to lead our discussion as we thought about why God allows suffering to exist at all. We were able to ask Reverend Jane about her opinion as a Christian, as we drew upon our knowledge of the fall.

Reading morning

We invited our grandparents to join us for a reading morning this term; we were able to share with them our passion for reading. This term, the class have been enjoying the Anthony Horowitz books as well as Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.


In Year Six, we have enjoyed reading a variety of myths from Ancient Greece, from Theseus and the Minotaur to the myth about Pandora and her box. Together, we have presented our myths within a class book, before we moved on to create our own mythical beasts after reading texts on different beasts…

Making masks

In order to worship Dionysus (the Greek God of entertainment) the Ancient Greeks performed plays. So that the vast audience could see the actors, masks were used to make the emotions of the character clear. We have designed our own masks based on the comedy and tragedy masks from ancient times. From this we have created a mask from paper; we have now begun to use Modroc to make a more durable mask.

The ukulele

We have learnt to tune a ukulele, which has given us the ability to play the ukulele independently. Since then, we have been reading the chord diagrams for C major, G7 major, F and A minor. The skill we are currently focusing on is the transition between chords so that when we play songs, there is a smoother change.

‘I play the guitar, but the different chords are still a challenge. The timbre of the ukulele just sounds more fun!’


Beautiful World, Wonderful God

During week 1, we reflected upon the beauty in nature and what we consider to be beautiful to each of us. While in the Reflective Garden, we chose objects which we considered to be beautiful. We then expressed their beauty in our art work.