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Year 5 Autumn Newsletter

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The Vikings: Vicious or Victorious?

For the whole of the Autumn Term we are going to be investigating what life was like in Viking times, making strong History and Geography links. Exploring the story of Beowulf in English, Sagas in Music and investigating ways the Vikings travelled to design and make our own Viking boats. We can't wait to share our new learning with you!

The love of Reading

Our first reading morning led to lots of fun within the classroom as we shared our love of picture books. We also completed comprehension challenges, a synonym challenge using the thesaurus and enjoyed discussing reading with our friends.


Over the term our learning in science will be all about materials, their properties and chemical changes. We are looking forward to exploring the new materials made when materials are heated and cooled.

We started our Science by exploring a range of feely bags, identifying the materials we could feel inside and describing them using the correct scientific vocabulary. Using what we know about materials and their properties we discussed what objects they are used to make and how they are successful.

People of Faith

Our RE learning enables us to learn about people of different faiths who have demonstarted their beliefs through their actions and service to the world throughout their lives. Our first lesson included us discussing why people choose to do good things and how it makes them feel.


Linked to our learning in RE, we have been thinking about the word 'love'. We have thought about the different ways in which we show love for others, especially how the people of faith studied have demonstrated their love of others, including strangers they have worked to help. This led us to reflect on the question 'What colour is love?'. We wrote our personal responses on hearts for display in our reflective area in the classroom.

What colour do you think love is? 



Place Value

We have enjoyed a range of activities to consolidate our exisitng knowledge about numbers and their place value, as well as extending our knowledge to know the place value of five and six digit numbers. Writing numbers in words and digits, creating the largest and smallest numbers from digit cards given to us, sequencing numbers, guessing numbers using the correct vocabulary and showing mastery through application to solve different problems. We have also made numbers using counters to see the value of each digit and used this method to begin to add and subtract powers of ten.




This term we will have PE on a Monday and a Wednesday. Monday is with Mr. Melson and is building on our prior knowledge of Tag Rugby, passing and catching the ball and learning the rules of the game.


Wednesday is learning the new skills associated with orienteering. Applying the school's sporting values of leadership, competition and problem solving, we will be reading maps of the school grounds, finding clues to reach an end goal.

Due to the rain this week during our lesson, we built up the skills of cooperation and teamwork to work together in competitive games of bench ball.