Welcome to the Gracie Gold Class- 5S


Having been inspired by Gracie Gold after reading about her last year, some of the class wrote particularly persuasive speeches to ensure the class voted for Gracie Gold to be our class sporting hero.  After reading about her we decided that the American figure skater was the right person for the job.

Image result for gracie gold 

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images       

Demonstrating our school sporting values of competition, positive mental attitude and healthy lifestyles teamed with our school core values of resilience, compassion, respect and trust, we felt she was ideal to be our role model.

Here is a photo of the door to our classroom. We love the way she speaks about being the best and letting go of fear.  These quotes really speak to each of us.

Summer Term 1

Welcome back to our final term of Year Five! We can't believe how fast the year has gone.

This term our learning is entitled 'Through the Decades'. We will be studying life in Britain since 1948, with a focus on each of the decades each week starting with the 1950's.

Classroom Collective Worship

Today our theme was Trust. Pupils planned and led the discussion thoughtfully. Using their prior knowledge they worked together to resolve scenarios, problem solving and negotiating suitable responses. We had lots of thoughts about the people we can trust and when it is safe to trust adults known to us. Our main conclusion was that we must always tell adults where we are going and we should never go with adults, even those known to us, unless it has been pre-arranged.

DT- Bread

To begin our new DT learning, we looked at a range of bread products from around the world. After identifying where they came from, we began to evaluate them using our senses.

Through the Decades

To begin with we looked at some key events in British History to see if we could sequence them correctly. We were surprised by some of them, notably the fact that Queen Elizabeth was crowned in this decade and is still our monarch today.

Alongside our History topic we will focus our learning in Music and Dance on these decades too. We enjoyed listening to some of the famous musical influences from this time, describing them and they made us feel.


In computing we have identified the key features of webpages and what makes them easy to navigate and eyecatching. Applying our evaluations of current webpages we will begin to create our own. Here we are setting up our colours and backgrounds for our pages and experimenting with different layouts for them to see which look best.

Sporting Challenge Afternoon

This term our sporting challenge afternoon focussed on teamwork, alongside competition and leadership. Working in teams of twenty and then smaller groups against each other we had a range of activities to work through. Evaluating throughout, our challenge was to work as a team to improve performance. These photos show one of the challenges, beat the ball. We had to pass the ball around the circle before someone could run around the circle. By evaluating and changing our game we increased the difficulty to ensure we could beat the ball. Our next challenge was to change the game to ensure the ball was passed around before the person had run around the circle. We agreed that running around twice, while the ball was only passed once ensured we were successful.

Spring Term 2

Welcome back to another fun filled term!

This term our learning will focus around volcanoes and forces in our topic and science work. We will learn more about volcanoes and what they are along with locating them geographically around the world. We will also spend time getting ready for the Christian festival of Easter and look forward to learning more about it from the viewpoint of victory.



This term we have continued to learn more musical notes, reading and playing them on our recorders. We need to continue to build up our knowledge of the different notes to begin to play simple songs from memory and when reading music. 

To complete our week of Easter celebrations we thought about others as we completed our Sponsored Bunny Bounce, with money raised going to Macmillan Cancer Care, a charity very close to our hearts as a school community.

Our 'Easter Maths Hunt' involved us consolidating our square and cube numbers. We found clues and applied knowledge of the four calculations to find the answers.



Easter Eggstravaganza!

Lots of fun was had as we celebrated Easter within school. Before a fun filled after school event we had a whole day focussing on the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar. Easter themed maths and art activities coincided with our RE teaching on the theme of 'Victory' within the story. Creating timelines for each of the main characters in the story, we explored who saw victory and when. We discussed the events that led to the victorious feelings throughout and  why they felt like this.

Our Easter artwork was based on the work of Clarice Cliff. After exploring the colours and style of her work we used this approach to make our own plates for Easter cards. Incorporating her colours and the black outline used we added in crosses and other images of Easter and nature to create our finished pieces of work.

Reading Fun

Another successful reading morning! We all love to have the opportunity to choose our favourite books to read with friends or visitors to our classroom. Some of us had mothers and grandmothers join us for our reading morning to celebrate Mother's Day.


Continuing our learning about forces we began to explore air resistance. Challenged to make a parachute that would fall the slowest to the ground, we explored different materials and a variation in the size of parachute to see which had the biggest effect to the time taken to fall. We had great fun dropping them from the tree houses in the adventure playground and timing each one.

We were so excited to have the chicks for the day! We remembered having the chicks hatch in reception and loved the experience once again. We carefully observed them and reflected on new life and its symbolism at Easter.

Inspired by the work of William Morris, we designed our own work in his style. Taking a square, we created an image based on nature that could be used to make a repeated pattern , just like he did. Using a lino tile and cutting tools we made a tile we could print from. We were really impressed with our finished pieces, which we then used to create cards.

Exploring forces in Science we measured the different gravitational pull of objects in Newtons, comapring it to the mass whihc we measured in grams.


After learning the different passes in netball and refining them, along with practicing successful passes, we put it into competitive games. We used the key skills of marking and finding a space to enable us to be successful, along with lots of application of our core sporting values.

World Book Day 2017

We all had great fun on World Book Day, dressing as our favourite characters, reading our favourite books and playing reading games!


We loved having visitors from lower down the school come to visit us to have stories read to them.

Ash Wednesday

Collective worship today gave time for reflection as we spent time recalling the significance of Ash Wednesday.Father Steve led the worship, as representatives from each class received the cross of ash on their forehead. 

Shrove Tuesday

Everyone enjoyed reflecting once again on the meaning of Lent and the reasons why pancakes are eaten. After some fun trying to flip them we then sampled some.

Performance Poetry Week

Working in teams, we were given the challenge to learn by heart and perform a poem to the school. Our theme was poems form British heritage so The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear was chosen. Each team learnt the poem, created props and performed it. After a vote, the best performance went to the final on Friday morning. We are very proud to say that our class came second in the competition.


After exploring the text and its meaning we began to create props to aid our performance.

In our teams we were given the lines ot the poem cut up to see if we already knew it or if we could use clues in the words and structure to put it in order.


Music Fun with Mr. Ford!

We had great fun being taught by Mr. Ford this week in music. Reading notes and using our voices, we were able to think about the notes written and how we used this information to help us when singing.


This term we focus on our aiming and receiving of the netball, using different passes successfully to complete competitive games. Our first lesson focussed on the different passes being performed wth accuracy.

Victorian Homework Projects

A big well done to everyone who completed their Victorian homework challenges, here are just some of them.

 Celebrating fantastic attendance. Well done everyone!

Spring Term 1

Spring Newsletter (click to download)

Happy New Year! We can't wait to see what 2017 brings for each of us.

A great start to the year was celebrating the attendance achievements of some of our class; a big well done to them and let's hope there are more of us with 100% attendance for the Spring Term.

Please see our newsletter for this term, a link can be found above and on the main letters page of the website.

This term our learning will focus on life in Victorian times. We will learn about the historical significance of this time and use this as our focus for poetry, texts in English and looking at the art of Victorian artists, namely William Morris. There will also be the opportunity to explore the work of Victorian musicians.

Who were the Victorians?

Our learning this term is all about the Victorians. Our first History lesson looked at the reasons why people moved from the countryside into the cities. After exploring some of the reasons we were given, we worked in groups to debate and discuss them, sequencing them by order of importance and how each point we were given would influence different members of the family to make their decisions. We were also given a list of things that happened during the Victorian period, after first being asked to sort them into those that happened in the Victorian period and those which didn't, we were shocked to find that the police force was founded then and now have a range of questions about this time that we will research and answer for ourselves.


William Morris

Our focus artist for this term is William Morris. After exploring some of his work and learning about his work in Victorian times, we have started to explore some of the inspiration for his work. Looking at the shape of leaves, collected from the playground, we produced sketches  so that we can begin to put together sketches of nature so that we can produce work in his style.



Gymnastics this term  is exploring the use of bridge shapes with our bodies, using the floor and apparatus children will work independently and in pairs to create routines that incorporate skills learnt before and refined bridge shapes. Our class sporting champions have enjoyed leading the warm ups for these lessons, using knowledge from clubs out of school to bring to share with peers in the classroom. It's a great opportunity to show leadership in lessons and the class have loved learning from each other.




Children showing bridges, front, back and side facing the floor.

A big welcome to Autumn Term in 5S. We have a really exciting term planned and can't wait for you to join us on our learning journey of discovery.


Autumn Term 2

 This term our PE lessons have focused on tag rugby. After being taught the key skills for a game, throwing, passing, catching, evading and teamwork, we applied these skills to a competitive game for our inter-house competition.



After learning skills for tag rugby, we then applied some of them in a different way, as we played competitive games of dodge ball. 










In French we have been learning to give directions. We learnt the key vocabulary and then worked in small groups to use it, giving directions to each other to correctly program a Beebot.

 Who Dunnit?

We arrived one morning to find a crime scene in our cloakroom. There was the outline of a body and a few clues; a footprint, fingerprint and a covering of glitter! We were quick to point our finger and used this opportunity for our Big Write, creating newspaper reports covering this crime. We're still not sure who was behind it, but luckily there have been no more dead bodies!


After exploring the life of Monet and looking at the things which inspired his artwork, we created our own sketches based on his work of things we thought he would draw today if he was alive. We explored the use of watercolours to mix different shades of colour and applied them to our work. After carefully exploring this medium of art, we created our own finished pieces which we used for our calendars to share with family at home.

As you can see we are all really proud of our finished pieces of work in the style of Monet.

We also used our water colour skills to create artwork for use on our Christmas cards. After exploring scenes of Bethlehem often found on cards, along with the shades of colour used, we created our own. Sketching shapes for buildings and layering them to create a busy hillside city, we then added colour and outlined them all in black. We were really pleased with the effect these created in our finished pieces.





After making christingles many times before, we engaged in fantastic recall and explanation with the volunteers from St Thomas' church. We made them, explaining the symbolism of each part as it was added to the orange. Next year our challenge is to lead this session using all of the knowledge we have built up over the years!

 Christmas Fun!

After a really busy term it was great to celebrate Christmas together during our party afternoon. We played games, danced, ate and had a visit from Santa. We particularly enjoyed the chocolate game and couldn't wait to roll a six so that we could have a turn! Our party took place on Christmas Jumper day so we all looked very festive as we celebrated and helped support charity too.





Phases of the Moon

After learning all about the planets and the solar system we have started to ask questions about the moon. We read about the moon being at its brightest and became intrigued into how the moon looks different each day. This week we have started to look at the moon each night and record what it looks like each evening. Watch this space for news on our observations!  watch here for more information about the moon. Read more about it here to help you with your homework.



We are all getting very excited as we prepare for Christmas in school. Instead of a chocolate advent calendar we have a kindness calendar. Each day we choose a number from the calendar and as a class try to complete the challenge. So far we have passed on a smile to as many people a we can and appreciated those who serve and help us by remembering to give thanks. We have really enjoyed the idea of doing something kind each day as it fits in with the teaching of the Dalai Lama we had been focussing on in RE. By doing this we are following in the footsteps of the People of Faith that have been our focus, trying to do something good each day, which in turn could begin to change the world! 

Can you do something kind today? 


During orienteering this week we have been setting our own routes for others to follow. Using blank maps of the school we have placed and plotted our own cones. Adding a calculation, including fractions .to the bottom of each one, we have built on our learning in Maths as we have worked as part of a team to competitively find our route first!

'Today in PE we havebeen using problem solving skills, applying our maths and showing sportsmanship.' Declan

'Our team showed PMA and didn't argue, we worked really well as a team to quickly set and plot out route on a map and then follow the map of another group.' Kacper

Travelling by Tuba, a talented duo, visited school this week too. We all loved listening to the instruments as we learnt about where in the world they came from. Everyone joined in enthusiastically and some of us had the opportunity to go and join in at the front. The different instruments created different moods and feelings which we described back in the classroom.

'I felt tranquil and relaxed as I closed my eyes, bowed my head and imagined myself beside the river in Africa.' Robert


'When I closed my eyes I felt I was meandering and travelling like a river, on my own musical journey.' Lauren R

'Listening to the instruments has inspired me to research and choose one to learn myself.' Tallulah


What another busy week! Starting with a Space Wow Day we experienced the Planetarium, orienteering and research into famous astronauts. Researching a little about the astronauts, we used this as our stimulus for big write this week. Writing as if we had just returned from our space mission, we gave our first public speech to the news channel, explaining what the journey and life had been like in the Solar System. Applying our orienteering skills, we followed the map to find key dates in space travel, we then returned with them to create a timeline, sequencing them. After looking at the Space themed art of Peter Thorpe, we then created our own work in his style using chalks and pastels.

'Going to the Planetarium  was a fun experience. It's like a giant dome with electronics to learn about Space. After we did some stargazing, we were told we would be able to see Venus and Jupiter that night, if we were lucky!' NN


' I really enjoyed going into the Planetarium to go stargazing. We learnt about the planets and their sizes, I was amazed to find out how big our moon was in relation to the dwarf planets like Pluto.' Lauren


'During Space Day I loved researching about different astronauts and the planets. I loved going into the Planetarium to learn about the different constellations. I was really eager to go home and look for the stars last night.' Lottie


'I enjoyed sketching the rockets and planets using pastels after exploring the work of Peter Thorpe.' Bethany

' I enjoyed doing the orienteering because I learnt different key dates about when people went into Space.' Tallulah 

The weather was on our side as we set off for the Illuminate Parade into Boston.  We had our fingers crossed all day that the weather would be kind!  Meeting together to form the parade with our friends from Wyberton school, we walked over the footbridge into town. Our lanterns looked wonderful lit up in the dark, night sky and we were all very excited to be a part of the project.  After walking into town we stood infront of the stage and waited for the countdown for the lights to be put on. Take a look on our gallery page for more photos. There are also some online on the local newspaper sites, can you spot yourself?

Friday saw our annual fundraising for Children in Need. We enjoyed a visit from Pudsey earlier in the week, then dressed up in our spots on Friday to raise money. Keep a look out in the news section for the total amount our school raised.

Art this term focuses on the work of Monet. We have learnt a little about him and chosen our favourite paintings he created. Sketching the outline, we then used watercolours to create the shades we needed to replicate his work. Looking carefully at the brush strokes we tried hard to create the texture he had.



The Wind Trio gave a great concert. Listening with care to the instruments we thoroughly enjoyed the musical treat. We are looking forward to our experience of the 'Travelling Tuba's' in a few weeks time. Which is your favourite musical instrument?


Our class assembly, presented to KS2 and parents, enabled us to showcase our learning about Space. We shared key facts about the planets, space exploration and our own reasearch. We also explained the learning we had done in class using fruit to represent the planets of the Solar System, and their size in relation to one another.

'We worked hard to prepare the assembly and I think it went really well!' Declan

'I felt scared at the beginning but I felt proud that I remembered my words.' Keira

'I felt nervous because I kept mispronouncing a word when I practiced at home. I got it right in the presentation though and really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with the school and our parents, I have loved learning all about space.' Lauren R


Welcome back after our half term break, we hope you had lots of fun, but also time to recharge your batteries ready for a very busy term 2!

This term our learning focuses all around the theme of Space. We will have lots of opportunities to learn key facts about space, work scientifically to test some of these theories and take part in a Space WOW Day with our friends from Wyberton School, this will include a visit from StarLincs Planetarium which we are very excited about.

Image result for space planets solar system

Can you name the planets? What would you like to know about space?


Geography this term will explore the journey and formation of rivers. Using maps we will identify and name the counties of the United Kingdom and explore some of the main cities and rivers that flow through them. We will look at land use and how life has been impacted by a places distance from a river. During this term we will also learn about the water cycle and be able to use the correct technical vocabulary to explain both the water cycle and journey of a river to others.

Image result for water cycle Image result for journey of a river diagram

People of Faith

RE learning this term continues to focus on People of Faith and their message for us today. Exploring different people who have an impact on the world, we will begin to explain who we feel has had the biggest effect. Looking at their key teaching, quotes and speeches we will use these to influence our own speeches during our Speeches Curriculum Day. Keep checking back for more information on this event!

Image result for dalai lama We were all fascinated by the quotes we read from the Dalai Lama. We really loved the words he used and the messages they had for us today to apply to our own lives. His thoughts on peace, love, kindness and happiness gave us a great opportunity to reflect on our own lives, the choices we make and how we treat those around us.

Here are some of our favourite quotes.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. 

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

In groups we were given some of the quotes of the Dalai Lama. Before knowing who had said them we reflected on the type of person that would have said these things. Looking at each quote we tried to order them from most to least important, a near impossible job, that many groups ended up with a pyramid or diamond sorting method!


Our PE days continue to be Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we will focus on Tag Rugby and Tuesday on Orienteering skills. We will also be building up our stamina for running as we prepare for cross country in the new year.

In orienteering we worked in groups to follow a route around the school grounds. using a map, each group had a specific route to follow finding different numbered cones. Each cone had a positive or negative number underneath. Using the numbers found in their order we had to find the number we would be on after adding and subtracting numbers. This was a great refresher for us all on our work on negative numbers from earlier on year five!

What is the journey of a river?

 Today we started our learning about rivers. After conducting some research, we were tasked to create our own journey of the river using classroom resources. Working in groups we created the journey including all of the key parts, upper course, middle course, lower course. Using the image of sauce, (source) to mouth we started to explain the story, or journey, of a river using the new technical vocabulary introduced to us. We're looking forward to learning more about rivers and the water cycle.

'I didn't know a river had a mouth. Making the journey of a river in the tray helped me to understand how it goes from upper course, through main course into the lower course. I think I can explain it clearly now using the new vocabulary I have learnt.' Kacper

Read all about it!

In English this week we have started to explore the key features of a news article. Identifying the key features seen, we have then focussed on headlines. Looking at the different types of headline, we looked at recent articles that used different approaches, pun, word play, rhyming and alliteration. After reading headlines we then decided if they were good or bad examples and how, if needed, they could be improved.

Fraction Fun!

 Maths this week has seen us revisit our learning on fractions. After recalling what fractions are, explaining them clearly to others, we were challenged to create our own fraction walls by working in groups. We have then used fraction walls to find equivalent fractions and simplify larger fractions.

Autumn Term 1


Vikings: Vicious or Victorious?

Our learning this term focuses all around the Vikings. Asking historical questions and conducting our own research we will answer the importnat question, Vikings, were they vicious or victorious? We may even think they were villainous, vivacious or venturous?

 Would you like to live in a longhouse?

How to Train Your Dragon will be our focus text in English. Using the film to describe characters and settings and help us learn a little more about life in Viking times. Do you have a favourite character in the book? Have you seen the film?

In dance we will be inspired by music, Epic Adventure, and explore movements made by vikings as they went about their everyday life.


Our PE days are Monday and Tuesday, please make sure you have your named kit in school.


DT will involve children researching boats, focussing on different types of boats that the vikings used and their purpose. Children will then design and make their own boats suitable to carry a Viking's cargo.

 How do the two boats above differ?


Viking Homework

WOW, the homework produced this term has been amazing!

You certainly rose to the challenge and displayed a great love of learning in the work produced. From written work, research and questions to creating hand sewn replicas of Toothless, viking helmets, shields and longboats you all did an amazing job. You chose your challenges from the sheet sent home and added more of your own. As you explained to the class, the passion for your learning was evident and we learnt lots from each other as well as when conducting our own research. Here are just some snapshots of some of the things we produced!





In RE we are exploring people of faith and how they have become well known for their beliefs. Who inspires you? Can you name any famous people of faith?


 Click here to read the Autumn Term Newsletter

  Maths learning is all about numbers and place value. Writing numbers to 1 000 000, sequencing, comparing them and understanding the value of each digit.