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Welcome to the Callum Johnson Class

The children chose their sporting hero and wrote a speech on why they should be our new class name. The top 4 sporting heroes were chosen and a vote took place. We are proud to announce that 5C will now be called The Callum Johnson Class.

Callum Johnson is a local sporting hero from Boston; he has competed in the Commonwealth Games in 2010. The children believe he demonstrates our sporting school values of sportsmanship, leadership, positive mental attitude (PMA), problem solving, competition and a healthy lifestyle.






Term 5 

Welcome back 5C!

We hope you've had a lovely break with lots of rest. Our learning focus this term is 'Through the Decades' sequencing key events in history since 1948. We will focus on a different decade each week looking at key events and the impact they have had on life today. We will also focus both our PE (Dance) and Music on our topic this term.  

Sporting Afternoon

On Friday,  Year 5 had their Sporting Afternoon. We had lots of fun engaging in different challenges. We incorporated our sporting core values (PMA, Healthy Lifestyle, Competition, Sportsmanship, Leadership and Problem Solving) and discussed how we could improve our team performances. The challenges included; Popcorn, Beat the Ball and Score ball.  

Term 4 

Welcome back after what we hope was a restful half term. Our new learning focus for this term is Volcanoes, which we are really excited about. We shall be exploring the structure of the Earth, how volcanoes are formed and where they are located and comparing some of the worlds major volcanoes. 

Poetry Week


The children put in a lot of effort into making their performances look amazing. We were very proud of team 'Poem Busters' who came joint third in the KS2 competition on Friday morning

World Book Day 2017

What an exciting day! The children in 5C came in some amazing costumes which portrayed who their favourite book character was. Miss Webster and I thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as Jessie the Cowgirl and Gangsta Granny. Over the course of the day, the children took part in many different reading activities, we took our books outside to sit under the gazebo to take time to reflect and quietly read our favourite books. 



Term 3

 Happy New Year and welcome back to an exciting term, I hope everybody has had an enjoyable Christmas break. Our topic this term will be The Victorians.

The children investigated the changes in Britain and analysed life during Victorian Britain. They discussed why poeple left the countryside to live in the towns and whether they thought all families left for the same reason.



Our learning focus for Science this term is 'Seperating Materials'. The children identified different ways materials can be mixed together and the processes for seperating them. They investigated what equipment they would need to seperate each materials, for example: paper clips and rice, flour and raisins.


In Music this term, we are learning how to play the recorder, recapping on musical notation that was part of our learning in term 1. We have been practising our hand and finger position to create the notes B, A and G, which creates the tune 'The Treble Clef Boogie'.


5C were very lucky to have a special visitor on Wednesday. Father Steve came into 5C to read a story about Moses, the children asked lots of fantastic questions to gain a deeper understanding into the story. The children discussed the similarities and differences between the Story of Moses and The Story of Jesus.

5C had a wonderful time on our Trip to the Lincolnshire Life Museum in Lincoln, as part of our learning focus of The Victorians. We experienced what it would of been like to attend a Victorian school; learning our TimesTables, reciting poetry and learning how to write the alphabet both on a chalkboard and on paper using ink. The children had a lot of fun dressing up, exploring how laundry was washed and taking part in the household investigation. 

Our homework project this term was to showcase our learning of the Victorians. The children in 5C created some amazing pieces and presented them to the rest of the class. These pieces included; puppet theatres, diary entry's, recipes, Victorian style food, model churches, games and portraits of Queen Victoria. The children worked really hard on their projects, myself and Miss Webster are really proud. 

During RE this term our learning focus has been; Why do people follow Jesus? Jack wrote a lovely piece explaining why people follow Jesus and why they might look for these qualities today. 


During our P.E. lessons this term, we have been running a mile for our warm ups to enhance our fitness, stamina and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Spring Newsletter (click to download) 

Term 2

Welcome back to an exciting new term, we hope you have had a fantastic half term break.

Our learning focus this term will be Space, we will be focussing on the movement of the Earth, Moon and other planets in relation to the Sun in the Solar System.

 This week in Science we explored who Professor Brian Cox was and started to describe the movement of the Earth through investigation. 



 5C have started their new learning focus in Maths this week. The children discussed with their partner what they thought a fraction was and how one could be represented. Using coloured paper the children put together their own fraction wall, explained how it works and by looking at the wall which fractions were equivalent to others.

LO: To explore the features of a newspaper report.

During this lesson the children discussed what a newspaper is and the purpose of a newspaper. They explored a variety of reports, labelling features and their purposes.


Thursday 3rd November 2016

‘Journey of a River’

 A fun successful afternoon was had by all in 5C. The children began their afternoon by exploring the journey of a river, discovering how and where a river begins, its journey along the way and eventually where it finishes off. 5C were able to consolidate their learning from the beginning of the afternoon and show their parents what they had learnt by making a 3D model of a rivers journey from source to mouth. Once their models had been completed, the children used them to support their explanations of a rivers journey.



This terms topics are orienteering and tag rugby, the children have been showing our school sporting values this term.

In orienteering we are working in groupsand following routes around the school, the children are using maps to help them find coloured cones. The cones have numbers on the base; the children must work out the calculation and find the answer to help them to complete the route.

In tag rugby the children are learning and practising skills such as the correct handling position of the ball, footwork and the correct way to pass.

This term 5C have teamed up with the Year 5 children from Wyberton to take part in the Federation inter-house competition.


Class Assembly

Well done to 5C on a successful class assembly. Miss Webster and I are very proud of everyone’s effort and determination that was put into the assembly.

Our class assembly was about Space, 5C presented it to the rest of KS2 and their parents. We were able to show off our learning during Science this term. Facts about the Solar System, the planets within it, the stars and space exploration were shared.


Space WOW Day

What a brilliant day! Year 5 teamed up with the Year 5’s from Wyberton to take part in an out of this world WOW day. During the day, we journeyed inside the Planetarium to look at the positioning of planets in the Solar System and stars in the night sky. We wrote a landing speech and presented it to the rest of our group. We wrote about the journey we had took into space to complete our mission. Applying the skills we have learnt during orienteering, we followed a map to find key dates to create a timeline of space travel. We then created Space themed art using pastels; this was done in the style of Peter Thorpe.





Monet was a French impressionist painter, Year 5 have been exploring his works of art. The children have chosen one of his pieces that inspires them the most. They have studied the painting in order to sketch and paint in the style of him, creating the same brush strokes and detail.



Welcome back to Autumn Term 2016 

The children in 5C have had a fantastic start to the Autumn term.

 Our learning focus for this term is…


Vikings: Vicious or Victorious?





On Tuesday 13th September, we had a Roald Dahl Day. We celebrated Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday with lots of fun activities. These included Dahl maths challenges, finding out more about Dahl, inventing chocolate bars, making dream jars and learning and taking part in an ‘Oopma Loompa’ dance routine.


This term in Maths, we have been recalling our knowledge on Place Value. The children put their skills of partitioning numbers into practice on the playground during a Viking Scavenger hunt.

Miss Webster and I are looking forward to what this term will bring.

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday.  




Monday 17th October 2016

LO: To divide whole numbers by 10.

5C explored ways that they could divide a whole number by 10 using different equipment (counters, bundling sticks and paper). They applied different skills learnt to exchange objects so they could be shared equally.  


Tuesday 18th October 2016 

Viking WOW Day

A lot of fun was had on Viking WOW Day; the children participated in various games and activities throughout the day.  The classroom was set up to look like a history museum, the children walked around the classroom examining different sources to prove that Vikings were not all vicious and that they had come here to settle with their families, not just to raid and cause destruction. In the afternoon the children explored the raids on Lindisfarne: Why did they happen? Who was involved?


Book Reviews

During this week the children explored different book reviews, the features and what a good one looks like. They then had the opportunity to write a book review based on their favourite book.