Welcome to 'Bethany Hamilton' Class

Summer Newsletter (click to download)

Term 5

 Welcome back term Easter! This term our learning will be focused around our topic "All Around the World". We will be comparing different countries, exploring polar regions and utilising our Maths Skills investigating longitude and latitude and calculting the number of day light hours.




Perfect Pizzas

To tie in with our geographical topic term, we have been learning about food from different countries. This week to master our understanding of carbohydrates we created our own pizzas.

Publishing Recounts

This week we read the Snail and the Whale, and then wrote an imaginative recount from the perspective of the Snail! Today we have been publishing our final pieces in celebration.



Exploring Food Chains

In our Science learning this week we have begun to explore food chains, and how energy is transfered between animals. We created food tubes of different sizes to explain the chains.

Investigating Seeds

To master our understanding of seed dispersal, we ventured outside with Miss Brittain to investigate the different seeds that we could find.

Sporting Skills Afternoon

This term we participated in a sporting skills afternoon with 3M to develop our sporting skills of teamwork, leadership, communication and healthy living. We worked as a team to identify what we was needed for a healthy lifestyle, and then collected the pieces to show our balanced diet.

Term 4 Learning:

Reflection on the Easter Story

4S spent some time in the Reflective Garden, thinking about the events of Palm Sunday. We reenacted the moment Jesus entered Jerusalem, and thought about how the peple would have felt.



4S are realling excited about their Easter celebrations! As part of our music and RE learning, we have been practising for our performance of 'Roll Back the Stone' - a musical adaptation of the Easter story. We hope that parents can join is at 9:05 for our final performance on Wednesday 29th March.


This term is English we have based our learning about the books by Lynne Cherry - The Great Kapok Tree and The Shaman's Apprentice. We have we thinking about reading as a wrter, analysing the language and text features within, and thinking about how Lynne Cherry uses readers' emotions to keep them hooked. We applied our maths skills, drawing an emotions line graph to demonstrate the changing emotions within the story of The Shaman's Apprectice. We are now starting to plan our own rainforest themed stories.



This term in mathematics we have been busy applying our learning on division and applying this to learning about fractions. We have learnt how to find fractions of shape and numbers, as well as learning about equivalent fractions. Recently we have even been learning to add and subtract fractions.

Welcome back to the Spring Term! We hope you had a fantasic Christmas break. 4S have been superbly busy since their return from the holidays and we have been having lots of fun with our learning. We launched our new topic, 'Eureka!', where we have begun learning about significant inventors and how they have impacted modern day society.

During maths this week, we went out onto the playground to practice counting in multiples of six. We had to draw the multiples on the playground then hop up and down our multiples. We are getting really good at counting in sixes!

In RE, we have begun learning about Islam, and its links with Christianity. This week we learnt about the significance of the art of Calligraphy and its links to the Qu'ran. We practised this art whilst reflecting on the six main beliefs of Islam.

We applied our mathematical skills in music, counting beats and learning to follow sheet music as we played an instrument. We concentrated on notes C, D, E and F.


22.11.16 Talking homework: This week we will be writing the story of the Bear and the Hare. We have watched the video and thought of key vocabulary we might include when telling this story.  We also thought about how we might structure the story.  Our opening sentence will be: There was once an animal who had never seen Christmas... You can watch the video here and discuss how you might retell this story. 





We are very excited to announce our new class name - The Bethany Hamilton Class. As part of our speeches curriculum day the children researched inspirational athletes and thought about how these athletes demonstrated our school's sporting values. They then wrote some fantastic persuasive speeches to persuade the rest of the class why they should vote for their chosen sports-person. Bethany Hamilton was the winner! We thought she demonstrated great determination and resilience.


Welcome to 4S!

Term 2 Weeks 2 and 3 

What a busy couple of weeks we have had! Last week we had our very exciting Speeches Curriculum Day. We based our day around writing to persuade the rest of the class who we feel is a really inspriational athlete. We used out persuasive writing skills to write our speeches. We were then confiendetly able to present them to the rest of the class demonstrating high levels of oracy and articulation.

We have also begun work on developing our calculation strategies. We have practised our skill of exchanging when adding, and have begun to apply this to the formal written method.

In science we have learnt about particles and how particles react when materials change chape. We performed a really exciting experiment, looking at how temperature melts chocolate and ice.

In our art lesson we have began to learn the skill of weaving. We are looking forward to applying this skill when making our Christmas crafts.

In RE we have been reflecting on what it means to be a Christian and Christianity as a religion. We wrote prayers to God asking Him to help us be better Christians.


Term 2 Week 1

This week we have had a really busy first week back. We have spent time in mathematics learning about the Roman Numeral system, and using our problem solving skills to investigate using Roman Numerals in different contexts.  It was also the launch of our new topic, 'Vive la France', where we were lucky enough to be joined by some of our parents for the lesson during the Open Afternoon.

In PE we learnt our first skill set for our new PE unit - Table Tennis! We demonstrated a positive mental attitude when learning the new grips 'Pencil' and 'Shake Hand'. It was a little tricky but we perservered and rose to the challenge. Some of us also demonstrated good sportsmanship when helping others complete the task

We were fortunate to be joined by so many parents during our Open Afternoon. We showed many of our sports values when learning new skills in Table Tennis. We have been learning 'Les animaux' in our French sessions. Demonstrating our super mathematical skills when learning about Roman Numerals.

Being Reflective 20.10.16

Today during RE, we have reflected upon the parable of The Sower. We thought about the symbolism of the seed within the story, and how we as Christians can continue to spread God's love and the word of Jesus through our daily lives. We spent time in the Reflective Garden completing a seed walk and choosing the best place to plant our seed.

Mrs. Smith’s termly update!

Well what an exciting term we have had! We have learnt so much about the Stone Age, discovered how to build an electrical circuit, become masters of mathematics when working with place value, as well developing our French speaking skills.  

Thank you so much all who attending Parents’ Evening, it was lovely to meet you all and share how well the children have been getting on.

Next term, our learning will continue to be very exciting! Our topic changes to ‘Vive la France!’, within which we will be learning all about France as a country, it’s culture, history and geography. Any half term research your child can do will be most beneficial! PE lessons will continue will Miss Glasel on a Wednesday, and in Friday’s PE lesson, the children and I will be turning our hands to Table Tennis – how exciting!

Well done 4S for a very successful first term and positive start to the year!