Welcome to Andy Murray Class

"Andy is definitely number one in the world. He deserved to win. He is the best player, " Novak Djokovic. 

As a class we wrote researched different athletes who we found inspiring, and then wrote speeches to try and persusade the rest of the class that our athlete was the best option. Niamh (with some editing help from Korey and Evita) wrote an excellent and very persuasive speech about Andy Murray. Click here to read it.

Important Information

This term we will have PE on a Wednesday morning and Friday morning. Please ensure that you have the correct indoor and outdoor PE kits in school ready. For safety reasons, please remember that earrings are not allowed to be worn during PE, and that hair should be tied back.

Summer Newsletter (click to download)

Term 6

Javelin Masterclass

We have been very lucky to have been invited to participate in a Javelin throwign workshop lead by British Olympic Athlete Goldie Sayers who won a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Summer Games. Ten children from years four and five participated in the workshop who saw them develop their javelin throwing skills, before having a chance to talk to Goldie herself and of course have a photograph.




Lincolnshire Show

What an amazing time we had at the show! Here is a snap shot of the activities we got up to.



African Dance Workshop

As part of Sports Fortnight, Year Four have participated in an African Dance Workshop.

Term 5

Welcome back term Easter! This term our learning will be focused around our topic "All Around the World". We will be comparing different countries, exploring polar regions and utilising our Maths Skills investigating longitude and latitude and calculting the number of day light hours.


Longitutude and Latitude

As part of our geography unit this week we have been investigating lines of latitude and longitude.


Perfect Pizzas!

To tie in with our geographical unit "All Around the World", we have been discussing foods from different countries. This week we have been learning about food groups, and made pizzas to master our understanding of Carbohydrates.


Reading Morning

Celebrating reading!


 Sporting Skills Afternoon

This term we participated in a sporting skills afternoon with 3D to develop our sporting values of team work, leadership, communication and problem solving. We have to work together in groups and travel over the trim trail. It was made trickier as we were not allowed to break the chain whilst maneuvering the obstacles.



We have started developing our composing skills this term with the recorders.

Term 4


Welcome back everyone! This term our learning will be focused around our Science Topic of Habitats. We will also be exploring the Geography of the UK, learning how to program our own quizzes, and discussing betrayal and atonement faced by Jesus and the disciples.

Check out the QR codes to find out more information on different habitats.


Fantastic Fractions

This week in Maths we have been exploring equivalent fractions.

Classifying Animals

In our Habitats Science topic this term, we started by exploring how we could sort living things. We were able to master our Maths skills as we applied our knowledge of Venn and Carroll Diagrams. This week we have progressed onto understanding how we can classify animals using questioning. We played a 20 question game with our partner and then created our own branching diagrams to demonstrate our understanding.



Creative Computing

This term in Computing, we have been using the software Scratch and learning how we can program algorthims to create our own quiz. We have already been able to create a sequence of questions, program answers to say correct or incorrect, and change the colour of our Sprite. Some of us have even been able to progress on to programming our Sprites to flash different colours. How cool!



In PE this term, we have are learning how to Zumba. Whilst we have been exploring how to link different movements we have been able to master our Music skills by applying our knowledge of rhythmic sequences.



World Book Day

For World Book Day, we all dressed up as Book Characters. Can you guess who we all are?

We also participated in a Stop, Drop, and Read where we all stop what we were doing when we heard the bell and read our books together for 15 minutes.


Poetry Week

For Poetry Week, 4C chose the poem The Pig by Roald Dalh. We participated in several activities throughout the week aimed at developed our oracy and articulation. We then competing against in each to see whose group performed it the best. Nicola was so inpspired, she even wrote her own peom based on a pig.



Shrove Tuesday

Term 3

Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

This term our topic is based our Inventors and Explorers, in which each week we will be learning about how someone overcame challenges and aversity to fullfill their dreams and goals.

Can you name any inventors and their inventions?

Sporting Skills

To develop our sporting skills this term, we have taken part in a special activity named Ships Ahoy! The Captain's mission was to transport his entire crew from England to the Americas without getting eaten by sharks. The children demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and communciation skills as they negotiated the obstacles.


Fantastic Factors

This week we have been investigating factors and mulitplies. We had fun by drawing factor maps on the playground and playing a Four in a Row Factor Activity on the I-pad.


Explorers of Faith

To support our understanding of the Islamic Faith, we named ourselves explorers of the faith and dedicated a Wow Day to exploring lots of activities based on Islam. We utilised our Maths skills to help us measure and weigh ingredients for Crescent Moon biscuits, created our own Islamic Art work, researched Islamic celebrations and festivals, and even made our own Mosques using junk modelling.



4C Class Assembly - Inventor's Got Talent

Interhouse Competition

This term's interhouse competition was a perfect opportunity for the children to demonstrate their newly learnt gymnastic skills. It was also  great opportunity for some of our children to lead a warm up activity.


Publishing Perfection

In English we have been applying our history knowledge to write biographies about Neil Armstrong. To finish our learning we published them utilising our computing skills.



Jumping in with a splash!

This term, as part of PE,  we have started our swimming lessons. The children have been really enjoying them and are making fantastic progress so far.

Comic Wizards

In our computing topic this term, we have been developing you skills using publisher. We have been learning how to crop, resize and edit photos in order to create our own photo story or comic. Check out what we have learnt so far!



Excellent work by Poppy and Dimitar

 I-pad Innovation

This week we have been learning about the inventor Thomas Edison. After a discussion as class, we used the I-pads to demonstrate our Computing skills by researching more facts by ourselves. We then mastered our understanding by appling our skills in writing a non-chronological report about the inventor.


Showing Fellowship in the classroom

We are always thinking about ways in which we can challenge ourselves to further our learning, and sometimes this can be tricky. Today we have demonstrated excellent examples of fellowship as we partnered up to help other children to esnure that everyone achieved their goal.



Term 2


We hope everyone has had a lovely half term and is ready for term 2. This term our main topic is called Viva La France as we will be exploring the physical and human geography of France compared to the United Kingdom. We will be learning about States of Matter in Science and the relationships between solids, liquids and gases.

Christmas Fun

This week we have been enjoying our Christmas Party. We played games and even managed to get  a lovely treat from Mrs Claus. We were even lucky enough to go to Blackfriars to enjoy a Christmas Pantomine.



Exploring Diversity

Today we have been thinking about what is means to be different. We know that we are all special in our own ways and that is what makes use unqiue. 


Scientific Observations

As part of our learning in Science we have been exploring the different states of matter. Today we asked the questions, "Can a solid changed into a liquid?". We were not sure, so to find out, we conducted an experiement involving ice and chocolate. We observed the changes to the solids as we added heat from our hands. Can you guess what happened?


Spelling Games

To help us learn spelling patterns and rules, we play lots of games in the classroom. This week we played the shape block game, where you have to draw the shape of the word for your partner to guess, and a game where we wrote three spellings and our partner had to guess the incorrect spelling.


Hopskotch Fun


For Children in Need, we had a special visitor pop in to see us.

Wonderful Weaving during our Open Afternoon

Thank you to all our Parents and Carers that were able to pop in and see us this afternoon.

This afternoon we started to learn the art of Weaving and we learnt that that the two elements of weaving are the warp and the weft. Check out out final webs that we created using paper and wool.



Exploring Roman Numerals

As part of our Maths learning this term, we have been exploring how numbers were recorded and used in the Roman times. We learnt that the number system that Romans used was very different to ours. Look at the clocks we made using the Numerals from I to XII.


Are Zoos exciting places to visit or terrible prisons?

What do you think? This week we have been learning how we can articulate our own opinions with jutification. We have been using contrasting conjunction such as however conversely and alternatively.


Term 1

What an excting term we have planned! Our first topic this year is titled 'Yabadabadoo' so we will be learning all about the Stone Age and creating our own settlements. What do you know about the Stone Age? What was it like to live then?

We will also be investigating electrical circuits, exploring the parables from the Bible and learning how to write algorithms in computing. Keep checking for updates and photos of our learning this term.

Science Investigations

To complete our Electricity unit for this term, we completed a range of investigations where we had to observe changes within a circuit when we either added more power or different materials.


Conflict Resolution

This term in PSHE we have been exploring good and bad relationships. We discussed how we know that relationships can be bad and how we can resolve conflicts with other people.


Fun with Spelling

This term in Spelling we have been exploring lots of different fun ways to help us learn our spelling patterns, for example speed writing (how many times we can correctly write the word in one minute) and hangman.



 For or Against

To help kick start the new debating society this term, we thought we would have our own debate in the classroom. The motion was "This house believes that Primary School children should not get homework". As you can imagine, it became a very interesting debate.


Ready, steady, chop!

As part of our English unit exploring instructional texts, we started by creating our own fruit salad. We were able to articulate the steps and made a list of all the imerparive verbs we used, ready for our writing the following day.


Interhouse Competition

This term we competed against each other in a range of different activities. We counted how many step ups, skips, and jumps in and out of the hoop we could do in a minute. If you could do 50 you achieved 20 points, 30 to 49 you achieved 10 points and 0 to 29 you achieved 5 points.

The points were added up and in 4C Canterbury won with 245 points.



This term in Computing we are learning how to write algorithms to produce different polygons. This week we learnt how to program repeating algorithms in order to produce patterns.


Exploring Number

We have been exploring the value of four digit numbers in Maths. We had fun on the playground finding 1000 more and less than a four digit number. We then applied those skills in a game with a partner.


Reading Morning

Friday 30th September was National Grandparents Day. So to celebrate we invited our grandparents in to participate in the first Reading morning of this academic year. We had lots of fun reading our favourite books together. What is your favourite book? We are currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together.


True or False

Building on our skill of finding 1000 more and less in Maths, we were challenged to sort a range of statements into true and false. It was tricky because some times we disagreed with our partner and had to explain our reasoning.



Adventure Playground

In PE this week we have been exploring how we can move and balance in different ways and at different heights. We were able to use the Adenture Playground to demonstrate these skills.


Oh what a drama that was!

To help us explore the text Ug: The Stone Age Boy Genius in English we read it with our partners and then acted it out. We tried really hard to think about how the characters were feeling and would be acting. It was very amusing!



Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds

This week in French we have started learning the names of parts of the body. We sang tête, épaules, genoux et pieds and then drew around our partner on the playground to label the parts.