Welcome to 3P

Miss Pask and Miss Jeffery

 Year 3 Autumn Newsletter


We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and are excited to be back at school!


Important Information:

PE is on a Wednesday and a Thursday. 

Please make sure earrings are removed or covered with tape before the sessions. 

Reading books will be changed once a week on a Friday.


Term 1 


 Celebrating Diwali!

Today the children worked together to look at Diwali and how it is celebrated. The children then created a prayer about thanking God for being a part of such a diverse world.



This week the children consolidated their learning on three digit numbers and place value. We went outside and sorted ourselves into three groups with different coloured bibs. 

  • Green bibs represented ones

  • Red bibs represented tens

  • Yellow bibs represented hundreds

Can you work out what numbers we created?


Reading Morning


Thank you to everyone who came to the reading morning on Friday. The children enjoyed sharing their favourite books with you and answering some guided reading questions on their tables. 




The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Romans over the past few weeks. They have discovered what Roman life was like and how they would have lived. We have also began to practise our lines ready for our class assembly next week! The children are really excited to show you what they have learnt.