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We are delighted to announce the new name of 3M to be Dame Sarah Storey. After researching many sporting athletes, writing speeches and delivering them, the children then voted for the most powerful one. They conlcuded that Dame Sarah Storey was not only an inspiration on the track but off it too. They liked how she was a role-model and had been truly successful in not just one sport but two! What a super choice Year Three!

Summer Term

Sports Fortnight gets off to a flying start

Over the next fortnight, the children will investigating the life and culture of Russia. Everything from statistics in Maths, newspaper report wriitng in English, creating gymastic routines, trying out various sporting skills aswell as having an amazing experience is a flavour of the fortnight ahead!

opening ceremony

PE  pE

routine outside

Challenge Twenty raises money for charity

challenge twenty  challenge twenty

 All or our children like to demonstrate the school values - especially of 'Compassion'. As part of our Sports Fortnight we have been raising money for Cancer Research. It was hard work, especially in the warmer weather too. The children had so long to try and complete the twenty activities in the circuit style set up. The giggles, huffing and puffing could be heard by everyone involved.

'That was brilliant! I am so impressed I managed to keep going,' explained Rikku.


Rocks and Soils

As pasrt of our Science this term the children have begun reading 'A Pebble in my Pocket' as part of their research into rocks. Outside they investigated what rocks they could find in the school grounds and in groups used Expalin Everything to prodcue their own information posters about their learning so far!



French days of the week


To support the children's understanding of the days of the week, the children have been reading 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. It has been fun to consolidate our French food knowledge alongside the days of the week.

Fathers into the classroom

reading morning  reading morning

What fun 3M had! Last Friday, Dads were welcomed into the classroom to explore the reading activities that occur on a daily basis. Everything from information books, reading comprehensions, iPad word games and story spine narratives, the children showed off their knowledge and understanding well/. The fathers all had a great time and enjoyed being in the classroom.

Game, set and match

The wonderful children in Year Three went off to represent lower key stage two in a tennis tournament. Considering they haven't had much experience in tennis, it was brilliant to see how the sportsmanship and competition came into action. Some of the children returned with medals too!


Funny Bones

The Dame Sarah Storey class welcomed Mr Morris from Tonic Health into the classroom to learn about the skeleton. They learnt some names of the bones and the function of the skeleton too. The children were fascinated about the functions and asked some interesting questions. To challenge the children Mr Morris asked them to draw their hand but in the style of an x-ray. it was harder than they first throught!

visitor  visitor


Can you locate right angles in the environment?

right angle  right angle

In pairs the children hunted inside and outside to locatye the right angles on regualr and irregular shapes. It was a very successful session and all the children could talk about right angles.

'Look - this has a right angle. It is 90 degress.' Shared Louie.


Children across Year Three had a day visit to the outdoor and adventure centre at Caythorpe. Using many of their sporting skills such as PMA, problem solving and leadership, the children were able to climb to great heights, drive and steer go-karts, orienteer around a course and swing in the air. The day was a huge success and many giggles were heard throughout. It was so impressive to see children climb so high up on the Jacob's ladder as well as many of the children using the accelerator on tbe quad bike but knowing when to break too.

quad biking  quad biking

quad biking  jacob ladder

swing  jacob ladder

jacob ladder  jacob ladder

Designing and making

fruit and vegetable crumbles

crumble making

crumble making

After exploring the recipes of Dehlia Smith the children learnt how to peel fruits and vegtables to prepare for a fruit crumble. They learnt to use the skill of the grip and claw grip to then cut and slice the fruits. It was great to see maths links with weighing involved and children then designing a savory dish too.

Ukulue playing takes hold of the class

ukulue playing  ukulue playing


Scratch makes shapes

In pairs the children have explored typing in algorithms  to make different shapes on the screen. Some children have linked their knowledge of angles to assist with this. To show their routes they understood how to use 'pen up and pen down'. They also did this without any prompt cards or clues.



reading morning  reading morning 

We welcomed many parents into the Dame Sarah Storey class to share many of the reading activities that happen in the class. We had reading and performing of plays, word games, painting scenes and finding factual information. It was brilliant to see the parents joining in and having fun too.



Cooking in DT will be a focus of the term, while thinking about animals and their habitats. The children will have the opportunity to comapre Christian celebrations such as Baptisms and weddings with Hindu ones, continue to learn the ukulae and embed their knowledge of the subtraction column method. We look forward to the children applying their sporitng skills through Athletics and in English we will be reading, analysing and writing our very own plays. What an exciting term ahead!

healthy diet  healthy diet

healthy diet

Spring Newsletter (click to download)

Homework Projects dazzle

project  homework

Easter cards linked to Mackintosh

easter card  easter card

easter card

Children have been learning about Mackinstosh and the work that he did so creatively and successfully. They learnt how he was famous for architecture as well as painting and working in Scotland and London. To link nicely with Easter the children then produced their style Easter card.

Chicks pop into Year Three

Leading up to the build up of Easter, the children welcomed six visitors into their classroom. Looking at their movement, size and how they ate and drank the children then wrote their own diary entries, imagining that they were the chick. They thought about what it would be like cracking out of the egg and breaking free, roaming around the box and being with their friends. Wonderful expanded noun phrases and similes were used in their descriptions too.

chicks  chicks

chicks  chicks

'I cannot believe how fragile they are. I have never held one before,' shared Wiktoria

Year Three visit Boston



To conclude the topic of Boston UK, the children had a school trip into the town. They had to research and locate key buildings aswell as find out information about them. They lead spontaneous prayer at the Cenotaph and then they went to the Stump. Father Steve led the children on a very interesting tour and Reverend Jane started an art competition about The Little Green Man.

'I can't believe the Pilgrims were trapped in the Guild Hall, it's so interesting!'

Explained Lucy.

What is Scatch?

As part of the Computing activities in class the children have been exploring using the programming skills to develop a character and begin to make it move around the page. Whilst giving instructions from an algorithm, which has included 'pen up and down' the chldren are gaining in confidence and accuracy.

programming  computing



Palm sunday acting  Palm sunday acting


As part of Year Three's RE lessons leading up to Easter, the children re-enacted the story of Palm Sunday before writing newspaper reports about the event. The children waved palm leaves, shouted and cheered for Jesus who was led in by the donkey. The children reflected about what it was like to see or be a part of the parade.


'I tried to imagine what it would have been like if I had seen Jesus for real,' explained Leon.


Measuring in cm

measuring  measuring

3M have been working hard to ensure their measuring skills are precise. Using a ruler they have investigated the lengths of various objects and found objects that are shorter and longer than measurements provided. They then began to think about measuring is important and which jobs may need to use this.


Reverend Jane visited the Dame Sarah Storey class to share the story of Abraham from the Bible.  The children had to think about 'trust'. They learnt how God kept asking Abraham to move, travel and set up a new home. They discussed and suggested how he may have felt. 'I think he would have felt confused and worried,' suggested Ollie. 'I believe he would have been emotional,' explained Lucy.  They learnt about new words of descendants and hospitality. The children expressed ideas in various voices while trying to imagine the reactions of Abraham and Sarah

.reverend jane

Faith expressed that, 'He would have been puzzled.' 

Spring Term 2

3M are excited to use a spelling intitiative linked with Read Write Inc. They will be learning what they already know and how to improve it on it further. In Science they will progress on to the use of magnets and the force they use and create. In French we are progresssing onto colours as well as continuing counting beyond twenty. In English we will learn how to create a letter and tell the time in Maths.

Following in the footsteps of Dame Sarah Storey

The attendance trophy was awarded to 3M after their committment to healthiness and attitude to learning was the highest. After discussing how sometimes we need to try to come to school when feeling a little off colour, they have pulled together to win this terms trophy.

attendance trophy

Children celebrate the festival of Holi

To conclude some exciting work in R.E. abotu Hinduism, the children threw themselves into dancing and throwing coloured flour at one another after learning the meaning behind the festival. It was an exciting opportunity to learn about another culture and experience some of the lifestyle. Everyone had something positive and exciting to share about the event.

'That was so interesting... Now I understand why they light a bonfire and throw coloured flour and water at each other,' shared WIktoria.

prayer  holi festival

hili festival  holi festival

holi festival

Diary writing in Science

After completing an investigation to measure how far a car would travel down a variety of ramps, the children then wrote a diary as if they were the car. The children had to refer to scientific language as well as thinking about the emotive langauage that might be needed. Have a look at some of their work.

Keep on running

To promote a healthy lifetsyle the chidlren have been running a mile once a week, inside and outside. It is important that we recognsie the benefits regular exercise can have on our bodies and the feel good factors we obtain as benefits.

'I like this because my time gets better each week. I get faster.' Explained Louie

running a mile  running a mile

Wyberton mix up with Year Three

Exciting times were had last Friday. The Dame Sarah Storey class mixed up with Y3 from Wyberton in their House teams to play a game of netball. The children showed a great PMA to support one another and problem solve to work towards the goal. Several exceptional shots were made and scored, while defensively the childen were very successful. It was fantastic to see the children working together and gaining so much.

netball  netball

'Can we visit Wyberton and play a game of football?' suggested Ollie.

Children lead their own Collective Worship

      collective worship  collective worship

It was wonderful to see and hear pupils leading their own Collective Worship today. Using a new resource the children have been successful in welcoming the pupils, selecting a Bible story, leading a prayer and then saying a small blessing. We are already looking forward to next week.

'Let's say the Lord Prayer together now,' they suggested.


Gold Medalists in the making

  hockey hockey


 Working with Mr Melson, the children have been learning how to hold the hockey stick, dribble the ball and complete a push pass to one another. Linking to their sporting the values - the children enjoy using their leadership skills when coaching one another and their sportsmanship skills when attacking and defending.

'I had solve a problem when learning how to hold the stick. I realised I kept hitting it with rounded part, the back of the stick and not the flat side. I now know how to do this correctly,' identified Lucy.

Adding and subtracting fractions

Adding and subtracting fractions with a twist. The children using a clue sheet had to locate the anwers outside to solve the problems. It showed how confident the children were when adding and subtracting the fractions using the same denominator. Well done Year Three.

adding fractions outside  adding fraction adding fraction


Grouping and ordering objects

grouping objects

As part of the drawing and publishing topic in Computing, the children learnt how to group the objects and send them backwards or bring them forwards, depending on the challenge. They discovered that although the objects were hidden at times, they still remained.

Leon was very excited to provide instructions to others about how to do this successfully.

'First you must launch Word and then quickly draw a building with shapes. Then select a shape and right click on it. Next you must choose send backwards or bring forwards.'


Story crime scene  outside

crime scene  crime scene

crime scene

Year Three became detectives this week through investigating clues left outside. Measuring footprints, material hanging on a branch and trampled down hedging, the children were fascinated about what they saw. In pairs they then created simple descriptions. Later in the week they will create more formal descriptions while up levelling their work with better choices of vocabulary and conjuctions.

'Oh my goodness, there is the piece of grey flannel from the story. I can't believe it is all out here,' exclaimed Faithe

WOW day kicks off the new term


orienteering  cooking

To begin the new term, the children aross Year Three particpated in a WOW day that involved being engineers (designing and building buildings from Boston USA, baking pumpkin pie and learnign facts about Boston through orienteering outside. Further photos are in the gallery.

'Some of their buildings are very modern and some are old. You can decide this by the appearance of the designs. i like the shapes of the older buildings,' identified Demi.


Drawing on the computer

As pasrt of the Computing topic this term, the children have linked their Maths knowledge of 2D shapes and their geographical knowledge of Boston USA in a mastery challenge. Identifying some of the buildings in Boston they have then had to recreate them. Many had to link triangular, circular aswell as rectangular shapes into their drawingsa.

'I had to insert a shape and then drag with the cursor. This made it larger,' said AIvars.

drawing   drawing


'When, where - how?'

To further develop the childen's writing, they have begun work on understanding what adverbs are and how they are used, particularly linked to our adventure and msytery story this term. After listening to a song to the children quickly began to recognsie which category the adverb belonged in.

adverbs  adverbs


'Look 'anxiously' is an adverb. it is from the how box because it is describing how the verb is being,'

explained Lucy

Happy New Year to you all

Exciting new term ahead with brand new topics. The children will be comparing Boston locally with the Boston in the USA, sadly we will not be visiting the USA but with a WOW day coming shortly we will try to imagine what it is like. From line dancing to forces, felting to drawing on the computer, the chidren are sure to be enthused about the weeks ahead. We look forward to deepening our understaning  about the way Hindus worship and we will explore and learn how we can repsonsibility for pour own actions too.

Homework Projects - Roman style

To conclude this half term the children were asked to submit a homework project. This involved designing and making a sculpture of something linked to the Romans, writing a report about a theme in the Romans and then presenting the information to the class. It was incredible to see the variation in information and creativity, As the class teacher I was very impressed with the quality including the presentations themselves. It was excellent to see the impact of Speeches Day and all our work on vocabulary and oracy. We enjoyed hearing and learning about the Roman Gods and buildings - as this was all new to the children.


   homework  homework


DT - Pops up in the Dame Sarah Storey Class

After a process of researching pop up books and cards, the children designed their own pop up card linked to Christmas. They spent time thinking about what others like to see on a card at Christmas. The children were quick to want to add leavers onto their cards to take it that one step further. Using their folding, scoring and sticking techniques the children were then able to work hard to produce their final product just in time for Christmas.

 pop up card  pop up card

pop up card  pop up card

House Competition in action - Netball


 Mastery through Computing (E-Safety)

email safety poster email safety  email safety

After reading many scenarios the chidren decided which route they would take in order to ensure they kept themselves safe. Much discussion took place about why and how. We looked at how to delete emails if we didn't know who they were from aswell as reporting them to. To show the children's secure understanding and mastery of this element they were asked to design their own e-safety poster linked to emails.

'I didn't know you could report something like this, that's really important isn't it?' Shared Declan

Shadow making

'I discovered that as I got closer or moved the object closer, the shadow got larger,' explained Jenson

While exploring shadow making inside and outside the children discoverd for themselves through their own investigative work that the closer they got to a shadow the alrger it became and vice versa. Some were able to reocrd these observations in diagram form as well as written.


Out and about - a visit to Peterborough Roman Museum

To embed the skills and information learnt about the Romans Year Three travelled to Peterborough Museum to experience what life in Roman times would ahve been like. They were treated to everything from Roman mask making, interviewing a soldier, exploing and researching about authentic Roman artefacts aswell as handling Roman money at the market. It was interesting to watch the children have to use their 4x table to calcuate the changen and various coins they could exchange with. The children certainly knew their facts about the Romans. This was desmonstrated when quickly answered questions with reasons and beliefs too. Lots of positive comments were shared by the children and the staff from the Museum about our wornderful learning attitudes.

  trip  trip

trip  trip


Crafty Calendars

Over a series of lessons the children have applied their previously developed skills of painting, collage and drawing to create four different images linked to the four seasons. From real leaves, glitter and colourful papers, aswell as specifically mixed coloured paint the children are on track to create a stunning calendar for 2017.

'I like the autumn image because the colours of orange and brown blend nicely, also I like how we have used real leaves to add texture to the picture.' Shared Nicola

calendar making  calendar making


calendar  calendar


 House Competition - Netball

netaball  netball

The Sarah Storey class took great delight in demonstrating their competitive side and skills when battling it out in their interhouse compeititon. They were successful in showing how to use their various passes - chest, bounce, overhead and shoulder to reach their team mates. Goals were successfully scored for all four teams and defensive moves were crucial in preventing ,mnay more being scored.

'I learnt how to stretch up and try and tap the ball away when I was defending,' explained Demi


email email

The children of the Sarah Storey class have been learning how to compose, send and reply to emails. Using the appropriate icons and language related to emails and  e-safety the children have all been successful. It was always a surprise to them when an email popped up in their inbox from their friend.

'I just click on the huge paperclip to attach my document,'

explained Ollie


Investigating Light

investogaying light  investigating light

light  light

With a range of equipment you investigatedf whether light could travel around a bend, Working with a partner you experimented positioning the mirror to see what would happen to the angle of the light. It was excellent to see the trial and error approach working and you being successful. The challenge on the internet observed you direct the light to particular objects.

'Oh look, I can see the light against the wall now. That's fascinating, I never knew this could happen,' shared Rikku.

jump  jump


After a few weeks of learning and perfecting a variety of travel movements and jumps, the children took to the apparatus to demonstrate their skills. After working hard with their PMA the children showed bravery to perform some jumps and use a squashy knee landing. It was great to see some children linking their travel movements before a jump and tarvelling away again.

'I can now land properly on my feet. I used my arms to balance too. If you keep your head up then you stay up,' learnt Declan.

Special treat to inspire musicians of the future

woodwind trio

woodwind trio

 What an exciting sight for the children today. The Woodwind Trio Comapny came in and entertained and taught the chidlren about the woodwind instruments. The beautiful music created was wonderful and the children were all discussing afterwards which instrument they would like to try.


Speeches Day

The children who were inspired by various sporting atheletes from aroudn the world, listened to and read various speeches to explore the features and persuasive language that had been included. After providing them with challenging scenarios the children then prodcued their own before learning how to perform them in front of an audience

.   speech  speeches 1


3M linked their History to their Maths last week. They had the challenge to work out how long it would have taken Julius Casear to walk a distance of 18 miles. So off they went outside using some armour to try and recreate a scene of Julius and his army marching forwards. They decided to walk 1 mile first. At the end of this the children used their smart thinking skills to decide they would need to add this time 18 times. Great job Year 3.

   marching  marching

'The armour is so heavy. How did the soldiers carry it and fight using it ?' asked Ricards



Mastery with Maths

To show mastery with 'Mass' in Maths the children designed bread rolls for Julius Casaer's dinner party. The children had to weigh and design a style of roll for Julius Casaer. The children were busy calaculating missing quantities and using scales carefully.

   cooking  cooking


'I have designed a sword for Julius Casear as he was so powerful. I had to double my measurement of flour to make sure we had enough for the number of people Julius had at his dinner party.' Explained Declan.

open afternoon open afternoon

Look who popped into our Open Afternoon

What a lovely afternoon having some parents and grandparents visit 3M. The children used the opportunity to write their own poems and apply many of the stratgeies and features we looked at last half term.

'Ihave used onomatopoeia in my poem - 'the crying of a newborn baby,' explained Jessica

What's happening this term?

This half term is a very exciting and busy term with the inclusion of a trip to the Roman Museum in Peterborough, a carol concert led by Year 3, a Remembrance Service and oh of course lots and lots of learning! We will continue our exploration of the Revolting Romans but we will focus on Roman life and Julius Caesar himself. Light will shine down on us during Science and RE (Diwali). We will continue to progress with our ball and gymnastics skills but thinking about how the skills of sport support our daily lives. During English - non-narrative will take hold, learning how to write reports linked to the Romans and focusing on how to use subordinate and embedded clauses. Maths - we will be thinking about the strategies and methods required for solving multiplication and division problems. I look forward all of 3M mastering the skills and objectives.

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Poem Detectives on the look out

3M have been acting as detectives to analyse the features of poems. This enables them to explore and discuss how the features have been used and give opinions as to why. Children were heard discussing the use of verses, rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia.

analysng features of potery  analysinf features of poems


Mastering Mosaics

mosaic  mosaic

The children in 3M have been researching the use of mosaics in Roman times. They looked carefully at the images they created and have been learning how they were made. Before the children use the ceramic tiles similar to the Romans they have used foam tiles to create a design. To ensure they understand the spacing element of the technique they will compare to real moasics beforehand.

'This is exciting. I undestand that the Romans used mosaics for different reasons,' shared Nicola.


Aspiring Footballers

Working closely with Mr Melson the children have developed their dribbling skills including at pace whilst moving towards and away from a target. To conlcude the learning the children applied their established skills in small sided games duiring the Interhouse competition and during their PE lesson thsi week.

football  football

'I know to look up to pass it to a team mate. If I want to score I use a harder kick,' Louis explained.


Music through poetry

During English and Music this week the children have investigated how they can create the examples of 'onomatopoeia' with the support of instruments. Taking it in turns to read and perform verses from the poem it was evident the children were able to express themselves confidently.

'The instruments make sure the poem sounds real,' shared Julia

poetry performance  poem

performing poem

Parents and children reading outside

An exciting visit from parents and carers was had this afternoon. Along with the children they were taken outside to listen to the curent novel 'Starring Grace'. The children were questioned about the meaning of words such as 'blunt' and 'advancing'. They demonstrated their meanings through conversations and actions. It is always wonderful welcoming people into the classroom and I look forward to the next event.

reading outside  reading outside

Science through drama

To explain the importance of the leaves linked to our plants topic the children decided on a way to present it to an audience. So, with either a conversation, news report, school teaching or actions the children all expressed their knowledge creatively. Lots of key words were used and shared.

   science act     science act

science act


3M perform to the school and parents

On Wednesday 3M performed their own Collective Worship demonstrating their acting skills, singing talents and revealing all the exciting knowledge they have gathered this half term about the Romans. The crowds were entertained with short plays and children sharing their work. Every child projected their voices and artiulated their words beautifully. A huge hit was Ollie's game show 'Invade or Settle' - supporting the evidence of improved vocabulary in the scurriculum.

   assembly  assembly

   assembly  assembly

'I was nervous at the start, but it was ok in the end. I really liked it when Ollie was the game show host. He made everyone laugh.' explained Harley.

Publishers at work

After completing our very own stories of Krindlekrax the children in pairs then read through each others work to then offer advice about how to edit and improve it. It was wonderful to listen to the positive comments and the feedback offered to improve their work. Children pointed out punctuation errors, encouraged the use of similes and suggested adding expanded noun phrases in. Well done 3M - you will make super authors when you are older.

        edit work edit work

Maths and Gymnastics mix together

In small groups and partners the children have used their mathematical knowledge of symmetry to create symmetrical and assymetrical balances. With and without visual prompts the children have been very creative.

symmetry PE  symmtry balance

symmetry balance


Hindu Gods help 3M reflect

Image result for hindu god ganesh

(copyright -

The children have been learning about some of the Gods from Hinduism. We have been particularly interested in Ganesh and learning about what the different features signified. Look at our paintings and labelling of features. We now know what they mean. We liked the how the crown meant having big ideas, the ears signified listening carefully, His small eyes meant how we should concentrate on the big things and details in life and his large tummy signified how we should digest the good and bad that happens in life. We used these ideas during Circle Time. 

painting hindu god painting hindu god

painiting hindu god


Reading takes over 3M

Grandparents and parents skipped into class Friday morning, excited to read with their children. Books and objects available, iPads for research and word bingo games in action - time disappeared quickly.Lots of positive converastaions including questions linked to reading in the classroom were answered.

word bingoreading morning  reading morning 


Attack, invade and settle

romans  romans

The children in Year Three and Year Six from Wyberton joined forces to explore the life of a Roman Soldier. Listening carefully the children learnt about the lifestyle and role of the soldiers in Roman times. They were able to take to battle and defend themselves from spears whilst imagining they were invading a country. As a result of the vsiit 3M then went on to write instructions for being a soldier creatively.

'Did you know a Roman soldier (in the lower rank) was not allowed to be married?' wrote Jacob.


Words and their meaning are very important in 3M - we have been exploring the meaning 'invade' and 'settle' in connection with the Romans. The children debated where the words should fit and were introduced to some new vocabulary such as 'conquer, alliance, defeat'. The children were very animated to share their opnions.

sorting words

Scientists have been hard at work dissecting and make observations of plants. They have been identify the different parts and investigating the functions they do. The children are all thrilled to become doctors each session.

  observations obsrvations

  obsravtions science poster

'The roots are as thin as spaghetti and are very flexible,' explained Jack.

Welcome back and welcome to 3M. The children have made a delightful start demonstrating dedication and enthusiasm for everything they have been doing. Miss Heighton and myself are so very proud already. Keep it up Year 3.


We began by visiting the beautiful Reflection Garden to help us talk to God and guide us in making important decisions about the rules we should follow and adopt in the classroom.

'We will show kindness to all those around us,' shared Ola


Maths takes over

numeracy wall

 2 digit numbers  2 digir numbers

 writing numbers writing numbers

The children have been busy investigating and exploring the value of two and three digit numbers, They have used number cards, dice, bowling skittles and popped outside to demonstrate their understanding and mastery of place value.

'I can read and write a 3 digit number at speed. I can tell you what the value of each digit is too,' shared Mollie.


Krindlekrax comes to visit 3M

Our new class novel is Krindlekrax, which is also inspiring our English lessons. Today we popped outside to create out own sculpture out of natural materials to replicate the character. Some of the children also painted their own image too. They have become experts in analysing the text and using a tool kit to identify descriptive language. We look forward to the writing they will produce too.


'His teeth are rotten and discoloured. He is huge and terrifying,' explained Maximus