Lionel Messi Class

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We are delighted to announce that the new name of 3D will be The Lionel Messi Class.  After researching many sporting athletes, writing speeches and delivering them, the children then voted for the most powerful one.  They concluded that Lionel Messi was an inspiration and his footballing career and achievements demonstrated many of our own sporting values, such as sportsmanship, competition and positive mental attitude.  They also decided that he promotes a healthy lifestyle.


As part of the sporting skills afternoon the children explored keeping a healthy lifestyle whilst solving problems. They were organised into different relay teams, who then were able to run and collect a food group for their healthy plate. They soon realised that they had too much of particular foods so they had to run back and swap it. It was an excellent activity and the children pushed themselves hard to design a plate for a vegetarian, child and grown up.

‘Wow – I didn’t know there were other foods for protein,’ Lucy

‘We were a brilliant team. We knew if we had too much of a food group,’ shared Declan

healthy diet


Easter Bonnets

We had some lovely hats on parade today!



As part of our learning around Easter, we had a visit from the chicks who had hatched out in our very own Reception classroom.  During the morning, we were able to observe them and then handle them.  This showed how caring and responsible we were.




Spring Newsletter (click to download)

We have an exciting new term ahead with brand new topics. The children will be comparing Boston locally with Boston in the USA, sadly we will not be visiting the USA but with a WOW day coming shortly we will try to imagine what it is like. From line dancing to forces, felting to drawing on the computer, the children are sure to be enthused about the weeks ahead. We look forward to deepening our understanding about the way Hindus worship and we will explore and learn how we can be responsible for our own actions too. 

Using a drawing program

As part of the drawing and publishing topic in Computing, the children have learned how to draw lines and shapes to create an object.  During a subsequent lesson, they grouped the objects they had drawn and sent them backwards or brought them forwards, depending on the challenge. They discovered that although the objects were hidden at times, they still remained.


After completing this activity, they created instructions to help others to use the grouping and ordering function.

In order to show mastery of this skill, the children created their own picture of a Boston Skyline.


Wants and needs

During our PSHE lessons, we began to think about items we needed and items that we just wanted.  This led to amazing discussions about what we needed to survive and what we wanted to keep us entertained or comfortable. 




This week, we used our class text to help us explore paragraphing.  After identifying paragraphs in part of the text, we then took a series of sentences and grouped the ones with the same theme together.  




In music this term, we are exploring a variety of genres of music and learning how to sing as a group.

During this process, we have learned about the importance of warming up our bodies so that we can perform well.  As you can see, we have great fun getting our muscles ready for singing!


‘It’s just like when we warm up for PE.  It is important to try and prepare our muscles so that they work properly.’  Emaan


Hot Seating

During our exploration of our class text in our English lessons, we have been demonstrating our ability to ask appropriate questions.


As the session went on, we realised that we needed to be specific with the questions that we asked and link them to what we wanted to find out.

How did you feel when you found the foot prints in the mud?

Who do you think the prints belonged to?

What did you notice about the size and shape of the print?


Running a mile

During our outdoor lessons, we are also developing our ability to run a mile.  We eagerly set off around our field.  To begin with, it has taken us over five minutes to complete this task.  By the end of term, we hope to have improved our performance so that it takes less time for us to complete this distance.



'I really enjoyed that, but my heart is beating really quickly.'  Zachary

'I’m hot now and my body is sweating.'  Finley

'I think I can beat the time I have just taken if I keep practising.'  Aiste


Map work

In class, we have been exploring globes, atlases and maps.  After using an online map program, we correctly located Boston (UK) on a map.  After this, we used our knowledge of continents and our learning in the Wow day to help us locate Massachusetts and found its capital.  This is also Boston.


‘I can see a label for Massachusetts. It is pointing to this state.’  Gabby

‘There is Cape Cod!  That is the land that the Mayflower sailed around when it was on its way to a new land. Boston must be quite near.’  Jay


Forces - pushes and pulls

To begin our topic on forces, we went outdoors to explore the movements our own bodies made.  We found lots of imaginative ways to manipulate our arms, legs and heads.  After this, we observed members of the class using the equipment in our adventure playground and verbally explained how they were moving.


‘Neve is pulling the rope with her hand and pushing her leg forward.’  Martha

‘Gerrard needed to twist his hips so that he could climb over the net.’  Daneel

In the classroom, we searched for equipment which could be manipulated by applying a push or pull force.  We found a few items which needed a push and a pull force to move them. 




This week, we learned all about spontaneous prayer.  As a follow up to this class collective worship, we created our own prayers as we thought carefully about what we were thankful for.  We have compiled these into a book that is displayed in our RE area, which we will use at the end of each day.  


All in a line

Working with Miss Glassel in their dance lessons, the children have been learning how to line dance.  Linking to our topic on Boston, they have learned line dancing first originated in the USA in the late 1970s.  Fellowship is being demonstrated because they needed to work together to coordinate their movements during the dance.  We look forward to seeing the final dance at the end of term! 



Adverbs – Where, When, How?

During our English lessons we have been learning about adverbs.  We went outdoors to find adverbs, which had been hidden under cones.  Once we had found them, we placed them under the headings where, when and how.  We will be using these words in our writing this term.



Un, Deux, Trois!

In French this week, we have been learning how to read, say and correctly write French numbers to ten.  After completing our classroom based learning, we headed outside to incorporate physical movements to help us use and apply our knowledge.  Here we are performing a variety of movements to get our team members to count in French.  We then needed to write this number and check we had written it correctly.   Some of us even linked our learning from Science about how we could move our bodies so that we produced different movements during the task.



Adding and subtracting fractions

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy learning how to read and write fractions.  This was a challenge at the beginning, but we quickly learned about numerators and denominators which helped us to write the fractions we looked at.


Once we had learned how to read and write fractions, we applied this knowledge when we compared and ordered fractions with the same denominator.


Using this newly acquired knowledge, we then learned how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

To demonstrate our mastery of our new learning, we went outdoors on a cold and frosty morning to embark on a fractions trail.  When adding fractions, we were challenged to locate the pair of fractions which would add up to equal a whole.  As we subtracted fractions, we needed to use our answers to crack a code and discover a key word which linked to our humanities topic.  These words included ‘Massachusetts’, ‘navigate’ and ‘pilgrims’.  In addition to this, we used our skills in Reading, to find out what the words meant using a dictionary and internet search engine.




Inquisitive members of the class asked why frost was still on some parts of the ground in our adventure play area.  This led to people offering up answers and justifying what they had said.


I Have a Dream!

During our assembly, we learned about who Martin Luther King was and the impact his actions had on society.  After watching this speech called ‘I have a dream’, we spoke about how he helped change the way people thought and the impact it had on their behaviour.

You can learn more about Martin Luther King’s speech here –


Crime Scene Investigators

Year Three became detectives this week through investigating clues left outside. Measuring footprints, material hanging on a branch and trampled down hedging, the children were fascinated about what they saw. In pairs they then created simple descriptions. Later in the week they will create more formal descriptions while up levelling their work with better choices of vocabulary and conjunctions.



WOW day kicks off the new term

To begin the new term, the children across Year Three participated in a WOW day that involved being engineers (designing and building buildings from Boston USA), baking pumpkin pie and learning facts about Boston through orienteering outside. Further photos are in the gallery.




Term 1 and 2


3D have been having a go at creating their own mosaic patterns using tiles, linking their work to a Roman theme. The children learned that the Romans loved to have mosaics in the public baths as a decoration and many houses contained them, especially if you were rich! 


 Class Collective Worship

3D demonstrated some amazing acting, singing and performing skills during their Key Stage 2 collective worship. We had a Roman Emperor who owned a herd of elephants, a very bossy Roman lady and a poor browbeaten husband! There were soldiers galore plus slaves who had to do their bidding. It was a horrible time to be poor or from another country during the Roman Empire!




Run! Run Away........

Well.....remember when we mentioned Krindlekrax earlier in the term? We think he may have visited our school! When 3d arrived at school, they saw green slime all around our drain covers. We became detectives to try and work out who it was. Signs had to be placed for safety around the drain cover and we were unsure whether the slime was toxic! Come and look at what we discovered.....


 Krindlekrax returns???


 Our sporting talent through Gymnastics!

 3D have practiced a number of skills in gymnastics and we have learned how to complete a forward roll safely. We have used some large apparatus to inspire us to develop different ways of travelling using our whole bodies. We even linked it to our SPAG and English through the use of prepositions, using words such as underneath, on top of, next to, inbetween and above!


As you can see, it was very dificult to capture the children standing still!!


Look who came to visit.....

Today we had a Roman soldier come to visit us. He taught us how heavy the armour was, how Roman soldiers survived and the weapons they carried. He also taught us Roman army formations such as the 'tortoise.'




Following this, 3D used this information for writing instructions about how to survive as a Roman soldier in our 'Big Write' session. We used the image of a marching pack and a Roman soldier to gather a new range of vocabulary to use. We were able to apply this vocabulary in context and demonstarted how we can write across the curriculum linking to our history topic.


Class 3D posing for a photograph....

Welcome back everyone!

Class 3D would like to extend a warm welcome to our page. Please feel free to browse and smile at all we have got up to so far!

Our first couple of weeks has flown by. We have managed to enjoy the beautiful weather by spending time in the Reflective garden, thanking God for our wonderful world and enjoying the creation of plants and trees. We also came across a very sleepy cat which was hiding in the undergrowth during our Science investigation about plants.  We used our art sketching skills by observing a variety of flowers and then drawing the detail of what we could see on our whiteboards. What a wonderful way to spend a glorious, sunny afternoon.

Can anyone spot the expanded noun phrase?



This term we have begun to read and listen to the story about Krindlekrax, a crocodile who lives underground in the sewers. The story begins with a charcter called Ruskin Splinter who is a nine year old boy. The children have used expanded noun phrases, similes and descriptive language when writing about this story.  We have visualised and painted the crocodile and spent time describing him. Be careful.......Krindlekrax may be lurking!!


SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Our children have been busy learning about what an article is. We have used opportunities for outside learning to help us to learn what an article is. Do you know what an article is? Ask your child to find out or read the picwall below.....



So far this term, we have been learning about Place value and how important it is to our number system. The children have had fun rolling dice, manipulating digit cards and creating a host of 3 digit numbers to discuss and compare up to 1000.

Come and have a look at just how busy we have been.......