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Welcome to Ellie Simmonds Class!






Year Two are learning about England for Sports fortnight which links to our London learning.  The children completed races where they had to estimate their time, record their time and then try to order them from first to last.


Thank you to all those that attended our reading monring, Year Two really enjoyed The Three Billy Goats Gruff story sack!


Welcome back! We hope you had a brillaint Easter break!

Year One and Two played crocodiles in the swamp.  They worked in teams to use paper to get across the swap without falling in but they had to ensure all their team were off the island before anyone reached the other side.  Children were able to model their leadership, sportsmanship and problem solving skills as well as maintain a positive metal attitude (PMA).



Father Steve visited today to remind us how we all need to help each other just like Jesus did when he washed the twelve disciples feet before the Last Supper.  Sam felt very privileged to have been chosen for this special  event in the Church calendar.


Year Two really enjoyed the visit from the farm.  They learnt about herbivores, carnivores and ominivores.  Did you know pigs and dogs are ominvores?  We also learnt about the Jerusalem donkey and that this was a simialr donkey Jesus rode on before the Last Supper.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning their tongue twister this week for poetry week.  They worked hard to produce their own props independently, they showed their PMA and leadership values throughout by supporting each other and appreciating each other's strengths.  


The children were very excited about our new arrivals making an appearance! The children showed
great care and compassion towards the new born chicks.  They were shocked how much resilience the chicks had as they fought to get out of the eggs.






Mazie was chosen to be Ashed today as part of Ash Wednesday Collective Worship.


The children had the opportunity to make pancakes and then were able to eat them, they weren't all a success, but we tried!

 The children then mastered their instruction skills by writing up their own as well as leading a Collective Worship to model and explain why we celebrate Strove Tuesday.


 Welcome back! This term Year 2 are exploring plants, growing, countries around the world, exploring fruit smoothies and invesitgating honey.


This week children have explored matierals in Science and investigated their properties.

In computing, children have used the laptops to research Polar Animals in preparation to create their own information page using Word or PPT.

In English we have worked in groups to begin to plan our own Quest Story based on our experiences of Lost and Found.  We spent lots of time talking about setting and character choices.






Welcome back!


This week Year 2 have explored 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers.  We role played key scenes, retold the story and investigated the authors intent.  The children developed their vocabulary and have tried to use a range of punctuation.  They produced amazing work this week so Miss Cross was able to construct this great display!


In PE children have developed their warm up skills and they are beginning to lead warm up's themselves.  This is helping to underpin our sporting values.  In the photo we can see leadership, positive mental attitude and healthy life style being embedded.


A great week Year 2 well done!

Term 3

Spring Newsletter (click to download)


Have a very Merry Chrsitmas!!


Next term our topic is: Pole to Pole, where we explore the two poles.  We also explore Andy Goldsworthy's artwork as well as investigate materials.


Year 2 worked really hard to show their problem solving, sportsmanship and leadership skills today by completing the cup stack challenge.  They had to move the cups together.  We then evaluated our skills.



We have had a super week! We celebrated our Polar Express Day! We all came to school in our PJ's.  We then made some "delectable divine hot chocolate" (Maja) which we got to drink whilst singing along to the hot chocolate polar express song! After we created instructions, explaining how to make hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and sprinkles.  How marvellous it was! 



The whole Key Stage One then went to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol at the cinema!  We had a great time all 182 of us!



This week Ellie Simmond's Class have been very excited about the recent events around school.  We have finished creating our amazing Robins that we sewed for the hoops.  We have also continued to develop finding fractions of shapes, measures and quantities.  In Engish we have explored the Polar Express story, we have created inspiring character descriptions, where we tried using captivating adjectives to engage our readers.  We are very excited about next week: PJ theme day and our Christmas Trip!  Keep looking to see what we have been up to! Ho Ho Ho!



This term we have shown resilience and determination, we are trying our hardest in all aspects of our learning.  We have been inspired by the athlete Ellie Simmonds.  We created our own speeches explaining why she is an inspiration and why we want our class name to be after her.




We have been developing our maths knowledge and understanding of multiplication and division.  We started using pasta to helps us, then we moved to drawing the groups and arrays.  Lastly we started to use the written calculations.




In PE we have progressed with our dribbling skills, now we are able to dribble around comes with greater control.



During speeches week, we explored the famous speech by Martin Luther King, "I have a dream" we were moved by his speech which helped change human rights.  We then created our own dream speeches and presented these to the class







We have learnt the story of Rama and Sita as well as understand what traditions Hindus have.


Our parents helped us create our own Diva Lamps, we used clay and water to manipulate the ball of clay to create a thumb pot.  Then we explored creating Rangoli patterns, this required us to use our maths skills.





We have been trying to retell traditional tales by using Pie Corbetts actions.




We have discovered why we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night!  We were shocked to hear of Guy Fawkes plan.  We have also been learning how to keep safe on this special night!


We are starting to get ready to move on to recalling x10! 
























Thank you to all the parents that attended the Reading monring, it was great having a full classroom and seeing you all enjoy the books! 

Lily: '' I love these new books you brought in Mrs Stockwell!''





 Welcome to 2S.  We have had a great start to the new term.  We are very excited about our new topic 'Who do you think you are.'  We have started to learn about Florence Nightingale.

We have spent time outside making the most of the lovely sunny September weather!