Welcome to Tom Daley class 

Tom Daley


Welcome back! I hope you have had a wonderful Easter break. This term PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday but please make sure your child has their PE kit in school at all times. This term we are learning about plants in Science, so we started the term off by planting our own beans, we are excited to see whos grows the tallest. In Geography we are learning about Barnaby Bear and different locations, so far we have learnt about France I wonder where we will go next. we also have our meercat friend Olaf a distant cousin of Barnaby who will be staying at each childs house at some point over the term. In DT we are learning about moving vehicles, In RE we are learning about Bible stories and in computing we are using the ipads this term which is exciting.

We also started off our term concetrating on our sporting values and had an afternoon where we had the opportunities to work around different teachers from different year groups who had planned activities to support our values.

In PE we have been working hard on throwing and catching and the technique to do it accuratly. We have been throwing different equipment and seeing how important it is to catch with both hand and look at where you are throwing.

This week in maths we have been looking at finding the fraction of a number, we have been looking at sharing amounts into two parts to find half and four parts to find a quarter.

Term 4

Our topic this term is 'Under the Sea'.

In science we will be learning more about animals including animals which live in the sea. In History we are going to become explorers and begin to look at Christopher Columbus. In Art we will be looking at papier mache and colour mixing with paint and in RE we are going to be looking at the amazing Easter Story.


In English we have been looking at 'The Gruffalo' its been great fun! We have been on a Gruffalo hunt- 'we wern't scared! ', we have been looking at the rhyming words in the book and trying to match them up, we have looked at describing the characters in the story and created our own 'Creature' we have gone from a Catapuss to a Tunkey (Can you guess the animals which inspired them?


In Maths we have been doing lots of work on our number bonds, we have been recaling our number bonds to 10 and moving on to learn about our number bonds to 20! we have found it really interesting becasue we have noticed a pattern using our tens and ones knowledge!

In Science we have been looking at animals and the different groups they can be sorted into, we were shocked to find out that humans were in the same group as animals like elephants (Mammals). We have also begun to look at different diets that animals have or need, we have learnt about the words omnivore, carnivore and herbivore.

We have started DT this term and we are going to be making a fruit smoothie! We are having lots of opportunities to feel, smell, look at and taste fruit! We are especially enjoying the tasting part!


In Geography we have been looking at the different kinds of farms and of course we are looking forward to our trip!

In Computing we are using the programme paint, we have been looking at how to create an image using differnet shapes, colours, sized brushes and lines.

In RE we have been looking at the story of Moses, we are really enjoying retelling the different parts.




Year 1 Newsletter - Term 3 (click to download)

Term 3

Welcome back! We are going to be looking at the topic of 'Down on the Farm' this gives us the opportunity to look into, animals, different types of farm and maps giving different directions.

In RE we are moving onto looking at the Jewish community and in DT we are cooking and looking at what we can make with different foods. Our PE will be on  Monday (gymnastics) and on a Friday (Dance).



Week 6


Wow this term is flying! This week we have looked at writing invitations in English, we found it really interesting looking at different invitations for different events and seeing what they had in common.

Its getting closer and closer to christmas so we had great fun making the christmas trees to go on our classes hoop. We wound lots of the different coloured thread around a tree which we had painted and we threaded on beads and a bell.

Week 5

This week we have been concentrating really hard on our Nativity performance and ensuring that we are learning our lines and using big voices to say them.

We have been looking at capacity in maths, this was great fun as we had big bowls of water to explore with. We used words like full, empty and half full. we compared different quantities of water and began to order them from fullest to emptiest.

We have begun to look at non fiction books and how they tell us information about different things. We had to look at the differences between a fiction book and a non fiction book and then sort them.


Week 4

This week we have been contintuing our measures theme in maths and looking at weight, we have been comparing and weighing different objects using weighing skills we have used words like 'heaver than' and 'lighter than' to describe different objects.

In English we continued looking at instruction writing. We had lots of fun instruction Mrs Shepherd in how to make a marmalade sandwich! We also began to write instructions about building different models using lego, it was tricky becasue we had to think of any details that you may need to know.


Week 3

What an exciting week, which begun with a visit from a very special bear!

Yes, Pudsey came into our classroom

Pudsey BearWe have been looking at length this week in maths, measuring the length and height of lots of different objects and going on a hunt to find objects which were longer, shorter or taller than a metre.

In English we decided that Paddington Bear needed a little help using his toothbrush correctly (not to clean his ears with) so we wrote him some instructions to follow.

In Computing we are working on why it is important to turn the laptops on and off correctly and safely, we also looked at how we log on to a laptop independantly and tried to find the internet icons.

We also looked at which sportsperson we'd like to be named after, we all agreed that Tom Daley's characteristics suited us as a class.




Week 2

This week we have been moving forward with our Nativity practices and we now know where we are meant to be standing, its getting very exciting!

In maths we have been moving on from 2D shapes to looking at 3D shapes and their proeprties, weve been on shape hunts around the school, playing guess my shape and matching properties to the shapes picture.

3 D shape hunt

We have had our curriculum day on speeches. We looked at Neil Armstrong and his 'This is one small step for man, One giant leap for mankind' speech. We found it all very interesting to think that he was the first man on the moon and that nobody had done it before. We thought that it would have been Niel Armstrong achieving his dream so it made us think about what our dreams are for when we grown up.

' I want to be a builder' -Ethan

'I want to be a swimming teacher and stop people from drowning'- Imogen

'I want to ride a quad bike becasue I want to do big jumps'- Theo

Some of us also acted the scene on the moon out and considered what it must have felt like.

Speeches Day



Week 1

What a fabulously, chilly first week back. This week we have been looking at 2D shapes in maths, we have been naming circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons, We have been very busy labelling them with how many sides they have, making them and searching around the school for them, we were amazed at how many shapes there are around us.

shape huntshape hunt 2

In English we looked at the story The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We have retold the story and put actions to it and then we worked in small groups to retell the story acting out the different roles.3 billy goats

In Science this week we have been starting to look at Materials, we started by trying to decide what different things were made from. We then sorted different objects into the materials they were made from we looked at metal, wood, plastic, glass and material.


Here is a lovely video and song t help your child know their 2D shapes.

I hope you have had an enjoyable and safe half term.

Term 2 is about to start and we are coming up to my favourite time of the year. This term is a very busy term and we will be doing lots of work on our Nativity which I am sure you will all be very excited to see, please help your children learn their lines at home aswell as reading their book with them.

Along with all that we are going to be looking at the topic of Toys and how they have changed over the past. We will also be investigating Materials and looking at their uses and what different materials are particulary good for.

Remember PE day is Tuesday so please ensure your kit is at school and earing are out.




The last week has flown!

In our English we have been looking at Autumn and all of the fabulous things that happen at this time of year. We have looked at Harvest, leaves changing colour, animals which hibernate and store food, this inspired us to create some incredible works of Art and create some poetry.


In Maths we have been working on subtraction, we have been looking at how to solve subtraction questions using pictures, using cubes and counting backwards.




We have an exciting year ahead of us!

The children have made a fabulous start to year 1 we are all very proud of them, theyve settled in well with beaming smiles and lots of enthusiasm to learn new things. This term we are looking at 'Familes' in our topic work, this means we are going to concentrate on looking at the Royal Family, we are going to learn about who they are, what they look like and a some fact about them too. In science we are looking at humans and animals, the children are very excited about this particulary the animl part as we are going to be handling some animals as part of this subject.

In maths we have been looking at finding one more and one less we have been using different objects to count, computer programs and stickers to help us show how the answer increases or decreases by one. We are working hard on our number bonds to 10 and counting in 2's 5's and 10's.


In Art we have been concentrating on an artist called Matisse, the children loved looking at his artwork and talking about which parts they liked and disliked, when looking at a picture called 'Icarus' and 'The fall of Icarus' the children came up with fabulous interpreatations of it e.g ' it looks like a man who has fallen from the stars'. We are going to be using Matisse's approach in tearing coloured paper to begin to create our own pieces of artwork. 

In Music we are looking at pitch and duration. We had great fun creating actions to demonstrate when a pieces of musics pitch changed. We stood tall and strethed up high to show when the pitch went up and crouched down low when the pitch dropped. Some children also showed how they can sing in a high pitch or a low pitch. We are going to be looking at differently pitched instruments and listening to see if a sound is long or short.

Our PE is going to be on a Tuesday so please remember earings out for PE. We are working with Mr Melson using ball skills.

Its great to see so many of you reading at home and telling us about the stories you've read at home, just remember to bring your reading diaries and books into school every day too.

We can see its going to be an exciting year!!