Welcome to Lewis Hamilton's class (2016-17)

"Three times Formula One World Champion"



The children have decided that our class will now be known as the 'Lewis Hamilton Class'. After researching different sporting athletes they decided that Lewis Hamilton never gives up and always works well as part of a team to succeed, which is something that as a class we all do very well.




Welcome back to our final term of this school year. We have a fun filled term ahead, including sports fortnight and a fantastic trip to 'Woodside Falconry Park' our topics this term include 'Fruits around the World', 'Minibeasts' and 'Puppets'. Your child will be having their phonics screening check at the beginning of term so please support your child in learning their sounds.



The next two weeks are going to be fun filled, with events linking to sport and our chosen country 'Poland'. Today we have begun by writing our own questions and making our own Polish flag using the technique of collage, we shall be parading with these in our opening ceremony. 






Today we have been measuring time using a stop watch. We took part in running races and then timed how fast we ran. We then recorded the times on white boards and worked out who came first, second etc using ordinal numbers.

African Dancing


Today we had lots of fun participating in African Dancing. We enjoyed learning about this different dance and learning how to move our bodies correctly.

Polish Art


Today we have been learning about the traditional Polish paper cutouts. We began by discussing how this art began in the 19th century and the reasons for this tradition. We then practised folding paper and cutting it to make our own paper Gwiazdy.


Challenge 20 Activities


Today we took part in a range of sporting events in order to raise money for the schools charity. The children had to move around different stations and count how many activities they could do within one minute, the activities ranged from skipping, jumping, hopping, clapping, sit ups and throwing and catching.



The children had lots of fun today learning the new skill of Taekwondo.



Today we have been learning how to skip correctly. We began by just using the skipping ropes to jump over and then we learnt how to travel forwards whilst skipping. Some of us even moved our learning forward by skipping backwards and travelling faster.



Today we have been learning about the importance of stretching our muscles and warming up our bodies before participating in a sport. We then participated in an aerobics work out session.



Reading Morning

The children were all very excited to share stories with an adult. They really enjoyed choosing books and demonstrating their reading skills.



Today we had lots of fun painting our own minibeasts, we can't wait to bring them home when they are finished.




Today we have been learning about different minibeasts. We have been matching pictures with descriptions of the minibeasts, making collages of butterflies and sketching observational drawings of different minibeasts. We really enjoyed watching the slugs and snails slither around.




Term 5 : Around the world

We hope you all had a lovely Easter. Take a look below at our new displays for the term which the children all helped to create. This term your child will be performing in their own class assembly, they have chosen to perform 'The Three Little Pigs'. Your child will also be bringing home 'Joshua Bear' who will have lots of fun with everyone, please help your child fill in the diary which they will then read to their class friends the next day.
  We shall be travelling around the world with Barnaby Bear this term in our Geography lessons and we will be trying different foods and learning about different cultures. During Science we shall be learning about trees and plants and we will all be growing our own plants. In DT we are going to be designing and building our own vehicles so please save any empty boxes and containers for your child to use. As you can see we are going to be having a fun filled term!



Design and Technology 

Today we have been finishing our vehicles by ensuring they move accurately and can travel along the ground on the wheels we attached to the chassis. Some of us had to make improvements to ensure our vehicles moved forwards and backwards. We had lots of fun testing our vehicles.



Today we have been learning how to perform a forwards roll accurately and safely. We now understand how to bend down and tuck our heads in correctly before we attempt to roll forwards.



Today we had lots of fun dressing up in our country flag colours and learning all about our home countries. We had the opportunity to try different foods and talk about the culture of the country. Some of us even taught the rest of our friends how to speak in our fluent language. A big thank you to all of the parents  who provided the children with some delicious foods to taste.



Today we went on a walk around the local area. We were given a map and we had to identify the landmarks that we could see and then place them in the correct place on the map. Whilst we were walking we had to use the vocabulary of left and right to give directions. We would like to say a big thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their time to support the class.


The 3 Little Pigs

The children had lots of fun today performing in their class assembly. I was very proud of how well they all learnt their lines and spoke clearly, well done year one. Can I also say a big thank you to the parents and helpers who provided costumes and helped learn the lines.


Today we have been using the magnifying glasses to observe and record changes in our bean plants.


Today we have been reading the book 'Room on the Broom'. We listened carefully and identified the words that rhyme. Some of us then made the jigsaw puzzle and had to post-it note the pictures that rhymed, whilst others had the book and had to highlight the rhyming words within the text.



Today we learnt how to measure an object accurately.

We looked at how 100cm is the same as 1 metre and we recapped our learning on longer or shorter than 1 metre.

We then worked together to accurately measure objects using cm's and then recorded our measurements on whiteboards.


Today we have begun to make our own vehicles. We had to think carefully about which materials we would be using, measure accurately to ensure the wheels moved freely and joined different materials together using a range of products.



Today we have been learning how to make a short pass and understand the ball has to be kept low to the ground so the control of the ball is maintained. We have learnt how to stop and defend the ball with control and how to safely tackle another player.


Today we have been learning how to rock on different parts of the body. We had to travel in different directions on the apparatus and find space to perform different rolls.


Today we have been using the iPads to help us learn how to programme. We went on Scratch Jn application and then we had to choose a character and a background. We then had to choose certain blocks to make our characters grow and shrink.


Today we looked at different types of trees, we explored deciduous and evergreen trees, we now know that Evergreen trees don't loose their leaves whereas Deciduous do.  We explored the school grounds on a tree hunt to see how many different trees we could find on our tree identification sheet. We then collected any leaves, seeds and blossom that we could find and brought them back to the classroom and tried to sort them into Evergreen or Deciduous trees. 

Design and technology

Today we have been looking at how vehicles move. We explored a range of vehicles and looked closely at how they move, talking about their axles and chassis. We then had to investigate a range of materials to see which would make the best axle and chassis for our own vehicles.



Today we have been learning how to dribble a ball with control. We had to ensure that we kept the ball close to our foot to control it with accuracy. We tried really hard to dribble the ball around cones and in a straight line.


Look who came to visit us today! We have found out lots of interesting facts about baby ducks, which we then wrote about for our Big Write today. The children really enjoyed observing and handling the duckling.

Reading Morning

We really enjoyed sharing our books with our parents and carers today. We read to and listened to lots of lovely books.


Story of Moses

Today we had a visit from Father Steve. We really enjoyed listening to Father Steve tell us the story of Moses. We all listening very carefully and asked questions. 


Today we have been using the iPads to help us learn how to programme. We went on the Scratch.Jn application and then we had to choose a character and a background. We had fun choosing different characters and changing the backgrounds.



Today we have been learning all about France with Barnaby Bear. We tasted different French foods and found France on a map. We each coloured in the French flag and talked about the different activities we did in France.


Today we took part in KS1 sporting skills afternoon. We worked with different adults to participate in different sporting skills. These included, hockey, tennis, crocodiles in the swamp and beat the clock



Today we begun our learning on plants, we discussed the different parts on the plant and the function of each part. Then we each planted our own bean seed, ensuring it had plenty of compost and water. We then placed our seeds in the sunlight so that hopefully they will grow.



   Welcome back! 

This term our topic is 'Under the Sea'. The children are going to continue learning about animals including fish in their science lessons, they are going to have lots of fun being explorers in history lessons learning all about Christopher Columbus. We will be looking at the importance of the Easter Story through role play, art and cooking and during our art lessons we shall be looking at the technique of 'paper mache'. 



PE will now be taught on a Monday and Thursday and the children will be continuing with gymnastics and games.

Sponsored Bunny Bounce

Today we had lots of funny competing in our sponsored bunny bounce.


Easter Story

Today we have been learning about the Easter Story. We listened to the story, retold it and used our art skills to show new life through observational drawing. We also talked about Jesus being placed on a cross and the significance of hot cross buns. We then baked our own version of hot cross buns whilst talking about the feelings Jesus must have felt during the Easter period.

Skegness Aquarium

Today we had an amazing time on our school trip to Skegness Aquarium. The children learnt lots of facts about different fish and their diets and habitats. I would like to say a big thank you to all of the parent helpers who gave up their time to help the children enjoy this fantastic trip.


Today we had the opportunity to handle and learn all about chickens. We talked about where they live, what they eat and the structure of their body. We can now describe chickens using the appropriate vocabulary. The children all really enjoyed this hands on experience and all showed a lot of care when they were handling the baby chicks.


Today we have been reading and following instructions. We were given the instructions for making a pizza and we had to read them and then follow them step by step. As we were making the pizza we had to use time connectives and bossy verbs and tell a partner what the instruction was.


Wow! The baby chicks are beginning to hatch. The children watched in amazement today as our baby chicks began to hatch out of their eggs. The children will use this opportunity to write some amazing factual sentences on these birds and hopefully use their art skills to create some beautiful observational drawings.


This week we have been learning about positional and directional language. We have participated in a range of activities to help us use the correct vocabulary. Some of us have been pretend pirates and have been giving directions to get to a treasure chest.




Today we learnt that Christopher Columbus sailed the sea's in exploration of new lands. The United Kingdom is an island and today we learnt about the different seas and oceans which surround it.


Today we have been learning about animal body parts. We talked about and identified the different parts of animals and then we worked with a partner and we had to describe an animal to each other using the correct vocabulary.


Today we have been identifying 3D shapes using  everyday objects. 


Today we have been learning about safer strangers. We talked about who a safer stranger is and the difference between a safer stranger and a stranger. We then had to identify and match together the safer stranger.


This week we have been shipwrecked on a desert island. Today we have been developing our vocabulary to help us write fantastic descriptive sentences about the setting. We will then be writing letters to place in bottles because we are lost at sea!


We had lots of fun today learning all about primary and secondary colours.Using the water colours we painted our own colour wheels mixing our paints carefully.

World  Book Day

Wow! Look at our amazing costumes. We had lots of fun today listening to stories when ever we heard a loud cow bell during 'Stop, Drop and Read'. We participated in various reading activities throughout the day showing our Love of Reading'.



Today the children had lots of fun making their own props to go alongside their poem. They used a range of art skills, including cutting, painting and collaging to make their different animals and their own face masks to wear. The children will then use these when they are performing their poems to an audience.

Ash Wednesday

Today during our collective worship Father Steve placed the symbol of a cross on a child's forehead to symbolise the beginning of Lent.


Shrove Tuesday

Today for our collective worship we learnt all about the significance of Pancake Day. We talked about the significance of the different ingredients and then we all wrote down what we would like to give up for Lent and placed it into our special box.


Today we have been finding 1/4 of an amount. We had to choose a number card and then count out the correct amount of cubes. Next we had to share  the cubes equally between 4 circles to find the answer.


This week we are focussing on poetry. We have chosen to use the book 'Doing the Animal Bop' and we will learn to recite and perform the poem using props and instruments. Follow our progress and then come and see our final performance on Friday



Today we have been historians. To begin with the children were given a puzzle to solve and as they placed the pieces together as a group they had to try and predict who the explorer was and what he did. After that the children discussed what information they already knew about Christopher Columbus and what else they would like to find out.



Today we have been listening to the Easter story and discussing the significance of different Easter symbols. We then participated in different activities relating to the symbols : making Easter nests, collaging a cross, completing Easter zigsaw puzzles and sorting different symbols.


Today we talked about our class trip to Tattershall Farm Park. We looked at lots of photos from our trip and the exciting things we looked at and experienced such as grooming a pony and handling reptiles and small animals. We talked to each other about different parts of the trip such as our favourite part, what we learnt, how we felt and other things which we felt were important. We also asked each other questions to really make us think hard about the details of our trip. We then had to order pictures and verbally recount our trip.


This week we are learning how to halve and quarter an amount Today we have been finding 1/2 of an amount. We had to choose a number card and then count out the correct amount of objects. Next we had to halve the objects between two circles to find the answer.


Today we have been working with a partner to throw and catch balls and bean bags. We had to throw with accuracy to enable our partner to catch it successfully.



Year 1 Newsletter - Term 3

 Tattershall Farm Park

To help support our Geography and Science topics this term we visited Tattershall farm park. We had the opportunity to handle a range of animals and got to learn lots of facts about them. We learnt about their diet, habitat and structure.


Today we have been learning about the Jewish festival of 'Sukkot'. We decorated cakes with a 'Lulav', made a zigsaw of the 'Star of David' and we even make our own Sukkah huts. We now understand that Jewish people celebrate Sukkot to thank God for keeping them safe whilst they were in the desert.


Lost and Found

Look at our amazing display year one have made. We have spent the week watching the film 'Lost and Found' and writing speech from the characters, we used our art skills to create collaged pictures and we also created penguins using the art application during our computing lesson.






Today we have been learning how to travel on different apparatus keeping our balance. We also had to learn how to jump and land safely.


Today we have been using foods to help us understand what a half is. We had to use a knife and carefully cut the food into a half, which we now know means two equal parts. 


Today we have begun to look at halving. We began by discussing what half means and found out that it means splitting an amount or object into two equal parts. We then took part in a range of activities which all involved halving.




Today we have been making our own fruit smoothies. After researching and tasting different fruits and smoothies, we each decided which fruits we would use and then we had to wash our hands before carefully cutting up the fruits. We then placed them in a mixer with either milk or fruit juice to make our own fruit smoothies.



Today we were posed with a problem and we had to use our knowledge of number and addition to help us solve it. We had to work out which animals a farmer could see in a field that totalled 10 or 20 legs. We had to find as many possibilities as we could.



Multi-Sports Event

Today we had a fun filled activity day with Connect Sports Partnership. We all participated in a range of sporting activities, competing against each other, working as a team and showing great sportsmanship through out the day. We used many different sporting skills, including balancing, throwing, catching and dribbling a ball.



Today we competed in our sporting event. We spent the morning working with each other to problem solve and compete in different activities. We had to move around the apparatus attached to another person, use our maths skills and direct our friends around a race track and we all showed fantastic leadership skills.



Today we have been looking at farming in the past and present. We began by looking at photographs and discussing if they were from the past or present and giving reasons. We then were given pictures of objects used in the past and present and we had to match them together. To show our mastery skills we then each wrote a letter explaining if we would like to be a farmer from the past or in the present and give our reasons why.



Today we began looking at different animals homes - their habitats. We decided that a habitat had to provide everything that an animal needed to survive. We (humans) have habitats too e.g home, classroom etc.
We went on a walk around the school grounds and used magnifying glasses to look closely for evidence of animal habitats, we could hear, smell and see a variety of things.


Today we have been logging onto the laptops and opening up the painting application. We then used the shapes to make a picture and added colour. We then learnt how to add text into the document and some of us even managed to change the text size and font.



The children really enjoy Tuesday mornings when adults can come into their classroom and help them learn their phonics. They have lots of activities which help them with their reading and sounding out words.


This term before our P.E lessons we have been working hard and having a positive mental attitude to help us work towards running a mile. This is helping us understand how to have  have a healthy lifestyle.


Today we competed in our inter-house sports competition. We used the skills we have been taught this term to help us compete in different ball games, competing against each other. We all showed good sportsmanship by supporting each other and celebrating with the wining team.


Today we have been reading the story of 'The Tiger that came to Tea'.
We discussed the different events which happen throughout the story, we looked at where the story was set, the different characters involved and what happened at the different stages of the story.
We then worked in different groups to act out our favourite part of the story, we then looked at pictures from the story and put them in order.


Today we have been learning what verbs are. We began by doing different actions and identifying the verb, then looking at verbs in sentences before finally matching up verbs to objects. 



Today we have been reading and solving number problems using practical resources to represent the numbers. We began by sorting vocabulary into addition and subtraction. Then we choose a number problem and using different resources we found the answer.



Today we have been looking inside a Jewish Synagogue and learning about the importance of it to individuals and the community. We explored the different artefacts that can be found inside a Synagogue.


DANCE: Leadership : Sportsmanship : Positive Mental Attitude

Today we have been dancing to 'Doing the Animal Bop'. We began by warming up our bodies to different actions which were led by three children. We then listened to the music and decided how we can move our bodies like the different animals whilst keeping to the beat.




This week we have been using the iPads and non-fiction books to help us research facts about animals. We then created posters and booklets all about these animals ensuring we used our English skills previously taught.




Design and Technology

We had a fantastic time today tasting a range of fruit smoothies. We then evaluated them and decided which fruits we shall be using to make our own fruit smoothie.



Today we have been reading the story of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. We discussed the fruits that he ate during the week and then we spent some time discussing how we could describe the different fruits. Finally we worked with a partner to show good sportsmanship and to help each other decode words using our phonics. We had to read descriptive vocabulary and place them onto the correct fruits.



In music today we looked at dynamics.

We now know that dynamics is a term used to describe the volume of a piece of music. The effect that dynamics have on a piece of music can be dramatic! We used the webpage 'Charanga' to listen to different pieces of music to hear the change of dynamics and considered how this made us feel.

We then thought about different animals which are loud and quiet.

Bats, dolphins, crickets and mice are examples of quiet animals. Lions, bears, elephants and dogs are all examples of loud animals.



Today we have been learning about the importance of being individuals and understanding that everyone should be treated the same. We listened to the story of 'The Ugly Duckling' and then discussed how the duckling felt and why he felt that way. We then spent some time taking it in turns to speak about what makes us special and individuals.



Today we opened the software 'Paint'. First of all we recapped our learning of drawing on paint using different brushes and colours, we then explored auto shapes again. When we had selected a shape from the menu we drew it and then used the auto fill option to fill the shape with colour.



We had lots of fun today tasting different fruits and then we developed our vocabulary by using adjectives to describe the fruits.



This week we have been using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to help us learn our number bonds to 20. We have been using cubes, counters and people to help us find our number bonds.



Today we have been learning how to select different colours and paint a picture. We used different shapes to make the picture and then we had to choose different colours to fill in the shapes. Some of us moved our learning forward by selecting different brushes to paint with.



Today we have been learning how to use a tennis racket. We began by just throwing and catching a ball with our hands and then we walked around with a ball balancing on a racket. We next moved our learning forward by slowly hitting the ball upwards whilst moving forward. We found this a little tricky but we were showed our sportsmanship by encouraging our friends.



Today we have been finding out about each other's likes and dislikes. We had to talk about our favourite colour, animals, food etc and then find out if our friends like the same as us. We realised that we don't have to like the same things as our friends.



In music today we looked at beat.
We learnt that beats helps us keep in time with music, without timing music would not be very pleasant to listen to. We went onto the webpage 'Charanga' we listened to 'There was an old lady who swallowed a fly' we then sung along and clapped along with the beat.




This week we have begun to explore the paint application. We had to turn on the computers, log on and open the correct application before drawing a picture using shapes. We talked about the importance of keeping safe on the Internet.



This week we have begun to explore different fruits. We have been looking at and feeling them to help us think of lots of different words to help us describe them. We then drew the different fruits and used key vocabulary to describe them.




We are continuing with our learning on number bonds to 10 this week. Today we have been showing our number bonds using peg boards and some of us went outside and had to mentally recall number bonds. We had to find two cones that showed a number bond and record it on white boards.




This week we are reading the text 'The Gruffalo'. We have been finding the rhyming words within the text. We had to find two words or pictures that sounded the same and match them together.


Today we have been having some exercise by going on a Gruffalo Hunt. We had to walk around the playground looking for clues. Once we had found the clues we had to work as part of a team and use our problem solving skills to help us identify which character from the book these words were describing. We had to use our phonics to help us decode and read the words correctly.



We have been learning how to skip and dribble a ball using our hands and feet. Some of us used our leadership skips by modelling to our friends how to successfully use a skipping rope.


We have been learning about what makes a good friend. We discussed the qualities that a good friend needs to have and discussed experiences and friendships that we already have. We then all made a friendship flower.



This week the children have begun working towards making their own dance. They began by looking at the different ways they could move their bodies and how music can make them move their bodies in different ways. The children showed good sportsmanship skills by encouraging their friends when it was their turn to show the class how they could move their body to different music.



This week we have begun to look at number bonds to 10. The children have been using numicon, stickers and cubes to help them find all of the number bonds to 10.The children will be applying their knowledge of number bonds in different contexts to help them solve problems. Please support your children in recalling their number bonds.



This week the children have been composing their own descriptive sentences using nouns and adjectives. We have been working really hard to ensure our sentences have capital letters, full stops and that we have used our phonics to help us spell words correctly.


We have begun our topic of animals by looking at the different classification of animals and then sorting them into the different groups. We are now beginning to be able to identify if an animal is  a mammal, bird, reptile,fish or amphibian.


Down on the farm has begun with the children looking at the different types of farms and being able to talk about the main differences between an arable and pastoral farm, the children are now beginning to be able to  talk about how  some farms only have animals, some grow crops and a mixed farm has both.



Welcome back everyone! We have a great term planned ahead.
Welcome back to school, we hope you had an enjoyable half term.
We are now leading up to the excitement of our Christmas nativity. Please support your child in learning his or her lines. This term we have lots of fun activities planned and our topic is 'Toys', where we shall be using our historical knowledge to find out lots of information about toys from the past. We shall also be using our investigative skills to explore a range of materials in our science lessons.





We had lots of fun cooking with our parents and friends and the end results were delicious!




This week we are learning about capacity, we really enjoyed filling up different sized containers until they were either full or half full. We began to develop our mastery skills by discussing why 1 full cup of water can then be poured into another container and be only half full.       


English : Instructions 

We have really enjoyed writing instructions to Paddington Bear this week and explaining to him how to make a marmalade sandwich, we all used bossy verbs and time connectives. We have continued our learning by having to carefully read and follow instructions to build our own Lego structure and we then wrote instructions for our friends to follow.


Science : Investigative skills


This week we have been building on our previous knowledge of materials and investigating for ourselves which material would make a suitable stable for Mary and Joseph. We had to think about if the material was strong or waterproof and we tested this using water.


Maths : Measures

This week we have been learning all about weight. We have been exploring this measure using cubes and balancing scales and some of us have been weighing different objects using standard measures.   


This week we have been developing our throwing and rolling skills by working together to aim at a target.              




We have been working with our partners this week to help us throw and catch more accurately. We had to show lots of endurance during this weeks lesson because we were challenged to throw at a target to win points.


We have continued to use the laptops this week learning how to log on and off accurately and then open up the Internet browser.


Maths : Measurement

This week we have begun to look at measures using non-standard units.


   Pudsey Bear

   Look who came to visit us this week!



This week we have continued to use the film 'Paddington Bear' to help support our English lessons. We have been making our own suitcases for Paddington and we have been helping Paddington learn how to clean his teeth and make marmalade sandwiches!!

We have had lots of fun learning how to write instructions.





English : Paddington Bear

This we we having been watching clips from the film 'Paddington Bear'. The children have really enjoyed writing their own labels for Paddington bear and retelling  events from the film. They were very excited to receive a letter from Aunt Lucy and then write a postcard back to her! 



 This week in our maths lessons we have continued to extend our knowledge on 2D and 3D shapes. We have been describing them to each other using the correct vocabulary, making them and going on shape hunts around the school. 





Sport - Problem solving

 This week in our P.E. lessons we have been using our problem solving skills to help us work out how high we can throw and catch a ball and how we can bounce a ball using both hands.


Curriculum Day

Today we really enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong and beginning to decide for ourselves what his own speech meant when he landed on the moon. We then all wrote and performed our own speeches talking about our ambitions for when we grow up.
"When  I grow up I want to be a vet because I want to help animals - Freddie"
"When I grow up I want to be a Police Officer - Noah"
"When I grow up I want to be a fireman - Matas"
"When I grow up I want to be a doctor so I can help people - Lily"


Today we had our own toy museum in our classroom.

We looked at various different toys from the past and discussed how they were different to the toys we have today, we also made our own cup and ball toy from the past.                


Today we have been learning how to throw, catch and aim accurately using different equipment. We had to work with a partner to aim and win points if we hit a target.



The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week for our English lessons we will be looking at the traditional tale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. The children will be retelling the story through role play, drawing the story using their art skills,  planning the story using a story map before finally writing their own story. During the week we will be learning and using new vocabulary linked to this story and working as a team with different class members.


Link for children to listen to the story:

In Maths we are now learning all about shapes. The children will be going on shape hunts, making pictures using shapes, problem solving using shapes and identifying the properties of the different shapes.

If you would like to support your child in furthering their knowledge of the different shapes then the following websites are lots of fun.  


To begin our learning on different materials, this week we have been investigating different materials and then sorting objects into different groups.






We would like to say how pleased we are with how all of the children have already settled into year one. Our first topic is 'Families' and we will be learning all about the Royal Family. In Science we shall be learning all about animals and humans, the children will be given an opportunity to handle and observe different animals to help them with their learning. PE lessons willl be taught on a Tuesday afternoon with Mr. Melson, so please remember to remove earnings and ensure your child has a correct PE kit in school every week.


Week 7


In our English lessons this week we have been writing and performing our own autumn poems. 
 In science this week we had lots of fun exploring our five senses. We had to use our sense of taste to identify different foods, our sense of hearing to identify different sounds on the iPads, our sense of sight to find different objects in an eye spy sheet, our sense of smell to identify different smells and our sense of touch to identify different objects hidden inside a box.


 Today we really enjoyed sharing some of our favourite stories with our parents.



This week in maths we are continuing to consolidate our understanding of subtraction.
In English we are going to be writing Autumn poems, we began today by creating a bank of adjectives.



This week we have been outside exploring the leaves to help us develop our vocabulary. We have begun to draw and write our own Autumn poems.


In maths we have been having fun exploring subtraction using pictures, money and objects. 

Today we really enjoyed participating in our inter house sports competitions. We used all of the skills we have been taught this term to help us play different games against each other. 

We have been using the dice to help us add two amounts together and we have been using the chalks to write our numbers.



This week in art we have been exploring primary and secondary colours. We had to make collections of colours in the style of Matisse.



This week in maths we are learning how  to add numbers together. We have been using conkers, cubes and coins to help us explore addition today.






Wow! Look at our dinosaur eggs hatching !!! The children have really enjoyed using their imaginations this week deciding what would be inside the eggs.



Reading morning!
We all had a lovely time this morning sharing our favourite stories with our families and friends.


We are really enjoying reading "Squirrel's busy day". We have been retelling the story today and drawing it and soon we are going to be writing it. Next week we are going to have our own autumn themed tough spot to support our learning. If you go walking in the woods please collect some rustling leaves or shiny conkers and bring them into school.       


In Maths we had lots of fun showing a number using paint! Some of us are now using bundling sticks to show the place value of a number.


 This week in music we have been exploring long and short sounds using the ocarinas.


   This week in P.E we have been learning how to pat a ball correctly.



We have been learning all about the Harvest Festival. We used our art skills to create observation drawings of some fresh vegetables.




This week in maths we are looking at the place value of a number. We have been using coloured pasta, numicon, and cubes to represent the tens and ones.




This week we have been reading about The Little Red Riding Hood. Today we had lots of fun working together to draw the story and then re-telling the story to our friends.


We have had fun in maths this week! Using the trim trail and outside area we have been finding one more and one less.



In PE this week we have been improving our ball skills, learning how to roll, bounce, kick, throw and catch a ball correctly.



     This week for our science lesson we had the opportunity to handle 'Nemo' the duck and a tortoise. We were learning all about animal body parts and had lots of fun labelling the animals.



In Maths this week we have been learning how to find one more and one less. We have begun this by practically finding one more and next we are going to be making our own written recordings.



We are also trying really hard to learn the number bonds to 10 and our two times tables. To help us with this we have been singing songs daily.  Please use the below links to support your children.


 We had lots of fun today learning about the artist 'Matisse'. We looked at his work and spoke about what we liked and disliked about it before going outside into the reflective garden to find our own natural materials to make our own collage. Look at what we created!