Welcome to 1M

  Mrs Tiwari and Miss Denby 

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer. The children have already begun to tell us some wonderful stories about their busy summers which are lovely to hear. Mrs Tiwari and Miss Denby are very impressed with how the children have already settled into year 1. Please feel assured we are working very closely with the reception team to make the transition an enjoyable experience for all of the children. 

This term our topic is 'Families' 

Year 1 Autumn Newsletter

WC: 9th October 

This week Year 1 are reading the story of  'Emer'  and looking at why Elmer was still beautiful even though he was different. The children are using this story to help them learn about the  theme of diversity and how the story of Elmer celebrates this. We are enjoying learning about Elmer and looking at how he felt when he realised he was different, the children are celebrating being unique and have shared their own reasons for why they are special.

English - Elmer

Today we have been reading instructions and then following them closely to enable us to make our own biscuits. We had to measure the ingredients carefully using our maths skills and talk about what we were doing using the correct vocabulary of bossy verbs and time connectives. We all made our own unique biscuits which we will decorate to look beautiful just like Elmer.


Today we have been painting Elmer using primary and secondary colours. We now understand that by mixing two primary colours we can make a secondary colour.



Today we learnt that the opposite of addition is subtraction and we can turn the part-part-whole model and use it to help us solve subtraction problems. We used objects to make our whole and took away one part to find out what the left over part was.


WC: 2nd October


This week the children have been developing their historical enquiry. We have begun to look at how homes and families have changed over time and to help the children develop an understanding of what past and present really means they have been investigating for themselves. This week they were presented with a suitcase full of olden pictures, clothes and toys etc. They had to choose different items and then discuss with their friends if they believed it was an item from the past or present, they also had to give clear reasons for their thinking.


Today we have been learning how to control a ball with our feet as we run or walk with it. We found it quite tricky to dribble the ball whilst keeping it under control, but showed lots of endurance and never gave up.



Today we have been playing different instruments to help us understand the difference between long and short sounds.


The children have been discussing how humans change as they grow older. We have looked at the different stages a person goes through during their life and the children talked about what a person is able to do at each stage. 


This week the children have continued to improve their keyboard skills by typing using two hands, we have also been learning what different symbols mean on the keyboard and are beginning to learn how to save a document to our own folder.


This week we are continuing to look at addition and then moving forwards to learning how to subtract numbers. The children have been writing their own number sentences today to show a good understanding of the different mathematical functions and have been drawing pictures to show their representation of a number.


Reading Morning

Wow! A fantastic morning reading our favourite books to our parents and grandparents. The children really enjoyed sharing their special books with their families and it is a lovely opportunity for them to discuss books and characters and make up their own stories. Children's imaginations come alive when they open up a book!

WC: 25th September


Today we explored how adding water to paint changes the thickness and we looked at what this does to the colour. We then used this to create a colour wash as the background for our artwork about respect. We read the story ‘10 little fingers and 10 little toes’ and discussed the importance of showing love and respect to everyone all around the world.

Guided Reading

This week we have been having lots of fun improving our reading and decoding skills. We have been reading with our friends, building words out of cubes, making puzzles and finding rhyming words. 


This week we have been continuing to learn about the place value of a number. We are working really hard to understand how many tens and ones make up a number.


This week we have been learning all about young and adult animals. We began by looking at different animals, naming them and then talking about the name of the young animal. We then had to match pictures together and label the pictures using our phonics.


WC: 18th September

Today we have been looking at texture using body percussion and singing different songs, we are beginning to gain an understanding of basic musical terms.

This week we have begun to look at the place value of a number. Today we have been  using bundling sticks and numicon to show the number of tens and ones that make up a number.



This week we have been sorting the different body parts belonging to humans and animals. We then had to use our phonics to help us label the body parts.


Today we have been learning how to control a ball with different parts of our body. We had to pass the ball with both our hands and feet.


WC: 11th September


The children have worked really hard this week and as a reward they have all had a fantastic fun Friday afternoon. They have been using the iPads, laptops, chalks and paints along with lego and stickle bricks.


Today we have been learning how to turn on the laptops and log in using our own details. We then opened up the Word application and with support typed a simple sentence.


Today we have been learning how to travel in different directions. We began by finding a safe space on a mat and then we moved around the mats in different directions ensuring that we didn't bump into others. We had to decide how we could move either by running, hopping, bouncing or skipping.


In Science this week we have been labelling the body parts of animals.




This week we have been learning how to count in 2s. We have been working together to solve problems, order number cards and count objects. We really enjoyed using the iPads to help consolidate our learning.



 Term 1: Topics



The children will be learning about the artist 'Matisse' alongside using different media and exploring line making to produce their own self portrait. They will have lots of fun investigating the technique of collage to help them produce a piece of art work in the style of 'Matisse'.



To begin our humanities learning we shall be looking at different types of homes and learning about the importance of our personal address. This shall then move on to looking at simple map skills and identifying landmarks. To encourage your child's historical knowledge we shall be looking at homes from the past and how they are different to today. We will then be creating our own family tree and ordering events on a timeline. 



This term the children will be learning how to use the laptops correctly. They will be typing on the keyboard, changing font size and colour, learning how to save files and using a mouse to navigate around the screen.



We are very fortunate to have Mr. Ford teaching the children music this term. 


Physical Education

The children will be having PE lessons on a Tuesday and a Thursday so please ensure your child has the correct PE kit on these days and that their earrings are removed. This term they shall be focusing on ball Skills with Mr. Melson and Gymnastics with the class teacher.



The children have already begun this topic by creating their own list of classroom rules. They will be looking at 'The needs of people and other living things', 'Communities' along with learning about their own responsibilities. 


Religious Education

This term the children will be learning about different Christian celebrations and the importance of them.



During our science lessons this term we will be learning all about  human and animal body parts. We shall be looking at how animals and humans change as they grow older along with learning about the five senses.



This term we shall be focusing on the place value of a number and learning how to add and subtract. 


This week the children have continued to improve their keyboard skills 

by typing using two hands, we have also been learning what different symbols mean on the keyboard and are beginning to learn how to save a document to our own folder.