Class 1A

Year 1 Autumn Newsletter

Welcome to 1A

Mrs Tewnion and Mrs Chalk

Welcome back to a new school year, we hope you have all had a wonderful summer. The children are already settling into year 1 really well and we are very impressed with how they are getting on with their learning.


We started the year by practising our counting skills and we have been learning to count in 2s. Year 1 have also been learning about place value and developing their understanding of what each digit in a number represents.  We use lots of practical apparatus such as numicon and bundling sticks to help us with this as well as applying our learning into activities on the iPad.




This term our unit is all about animals and humans. We have learnt about the similarities between both and we have sorted and labelled the body parts.



Year 1 have started their gymnastics by exploring the different ways they can move around a space. We are learning how to land safely in preparation for using apparatus.



We had a lot of fun exploring the laptops. Year 1 had a go at logging themselves in using their own usernames and password. They also had a go at typing their name and a simple sentence about themselves.



Grandparents Reading Morning

1A were very lucky to have lots of parents and grandparents join us for the reading morning on Friday 29th September to celebrate Grandparents Day.

Have a look at these photos of us sharing story books together.


Child Initiated

We are enjoying the opportunity to explore our child initiated times in the afternoon as we transition from EYFS to Year 1. It is a chance for us to apply our learning from across the curriculum and explore it in our own way.